Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1 Episode 2

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1 Episode 2

Architect Adetutu just came back from the hospital from his regular check-up. He remembered what doctor Oni told him six months ago after he carried out series of test on him and how he had to resign from work. He missed all his architectural designs; he remembered how he sneaks to the office at night to work. He also remembered some of his best designs which include MTN, Globacom telecommunication head office in Lagos and Abuja, all Dangote cement and flour mill companies, most private universities structures in Nigeria and the gigantic Faith Tabernacle church Winners Chapel headquarter in Ogun State which is his the greatest achievement and has made him to be recognized more and brought more fame and business to NICON construction company owned by him and his best friend engineer Okoh. His was given national award by the former president and his name was written in Guinness world record. He was all smiles deep in his thought that he didn’t notice tears were coming out of his eyes and his phone was vibrating. 

He looked at his phone and discovered it was Okoh calling him. ‘’Hello innocent,’’ he said. ‘’Someone here that wants to talk to you’’ said okoh. ‘’Hey uncle, it’s me ooo alex’’ said alex. ‘’Alex how are you, you told me your flight is in two days’ time’’ asked adetutu. ‘’Yes sir, I heard to change it, dad told me come back earlier, so I had to shift it back, came back this morning around 7:15am’’said alex. ‘’Wow, you are specilly welcome my son’’ said adetutu. ‘’Thank you sir, how is your health’’ asked alex. ‘’Am fine, ageing everyday’’ said adetutu. ‘’When am done here, I will come and see you’’ said alex. ‘’Okay dear, I will be expecting you, give the phone to your dad’’ said adetutu. ‘’How was your checkup,’’ asked okoh. ‘’Same old story, dying gradually’’ said adetutu. 

There was silence for five seconds.

‘’Should I be expecting you next week sunday as planned’’
 asked adetutu. ‘’Sure, of cause, be expecting the three of us. Have told adeola about our visit,’’ he asked. ‘No, but will do that today,’’ said adetutu. ‘’I will call her now because I want to invite her to alex welcome party on Saturday and I may chip in on our visit on Sunday, hope it’s okay with you’’ asked okoh. ‘’Yes, how is iya’’ asked adetutu. ‘’She is fine; she is in the kitchen preparing food for alex’’ said okoh.‘’Okay my regards to her, bye’’ said adetutu. ‘’I will, get some rest bye’’ said okoh

As adetutu turned on his bed to drop his phone on d table, he discovered adeola was in room with him. He looked at her eyes and it reminded him of his late wife. Adeola looks exactly like her mother. He remembered the first day he held her, how tiny and cute she was. She has now grown into a beautiful woman. ‘’Dad are you okay, you are staring at me too much,’’ said adeola smiling, it’s because you look more and more beautiful every day plus you always remind me of your mother, said adetutu. You love teasing me dad, anyway, one of the maids said you want see me, asked adeola. ‘’Yes, your small dad is coming over with your small mum, and guess who is coming with them’’ asked adetutu. ‘’Who,’’asked adeola.‘’Alex your childhood sweetheart’’ said adetutu smiling at his daughter seeing she wasn’t as excited as he was. ‘’Really, is he around,’’ asked adeola. ‘’Yes, he came back early this mornig; his dad told me there will be a welcome party for him on Saturday so you have to be there’’ said adetutu still smiling. ‘’Dad, I have planned my day on Saturday, don’t think I will there’’ said adeola. Suddenly adetutu face changed, ‘’you must attend the party. I don’t care what you have planned on that day, you just have to prosponed it that is final’’ shouted adetutu. ‘’Is that all’’ asked adeola. 

‘’They will be coming over on Sunday and they will have their dinner here. I want you to prepare that your delicious egusi soup for them, the maids will pound the yam’’. ‘’Dad why can’t the maids make both the pounded yam and the soup’ asked adeola. ‘’I want yours plus you know okoh always enjoy your soup better than the maids. ‘’Is that all dad, I need to be in the shop in the next 20minutes. One f my customer is coming over’’ said adeola. ‘’You can go but make sure you come back early’’ said adetutu. ‘’Okay sir, how was your visit to the doctor, hope you are getting better’’ asked adeola. ‘’Yes it is getting better’’replied adetutu. ‘’Okay dad, bye I love you’’ she said as she was leaving his room

To be continue.... ...
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