Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1, Episode 6

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1, Episode 6

Has she was three blocks from the okohs house, adeola noticed from distance that the area was filled with fleet of cars; guest where many entering their big compound and she could hear the sound of the music being played. ‘’what a welcome come party’’ she said loudly. On entering the compound, she discovered she was terribly late for the party seeing the amount of guest seated and enjoying the refreshment. Thank God her dad had his chemotherapy treatment this morning, if not, she would have being here earlier than this. She wondered when he will be done with it because the treatment was aging him. She has gone with him couple of times and she sees the pains he endure. 

‘’Ademi, shouted okoh from a distance, ‘’come, we have being expecting you,’’ has she moved closer, okoh gave her a hug. ‘’You look good my princess’’. ‘’Thanks small dad and so do you’’ she said smiling back at him. ‘’Follow me, alex is inside, let me introduce you’’ he said. As they entered the house, she noticed there were guest inside in which most somewhere NICON workers. She knows a number of them during her visits to the company. They greeted her as she passed by them and she replied them greeting with a smile.

‘’Alex I want you to meet Adeola and Ade meet alex, I hope you both remember yourself’’ okoh said looking at both of them. He saw another important guest of his, ‘’let me allow you two to catch up’’ he said. 

He had been thinking of her since all this years. His eyes raked over her body. She was dressed simply in a short fitted cream gown that brought out all her curves. She still maintained her slim stature and her complexion. In his wildest imagination, he never thought she would be so beautiful and that was what made him speechless.

Hi, she spoke softly with a small smile. He returned her smile, hi. There was short silence between them; she failed to meet his stare as she looked around pretending to see someone she knows.

‘’How was your flight back home, and how is America’’ 
said adeola, to stop the tension building between them and was feeling uncomfortable with the way he was staring at her. He was wearing black native attire which blends well with his complexion.

‘’Fine,’’ alex said jerking back to his senses and realising she is the one asking all the questions. ‘’How are you, its being almost two decadeds we saw each other last. You were a baby then, but now you are now a big girl’’ Said alex smiling.‘’Correction Mr, am not a girl, I am a lady,’’ she replied smiling back at him. ‘’I came to your house on Wednesday; uncle told me you went to your clothing store. Hmmm good of you, you now have a business of your own’’ said alex smiling. ‘’Yeah, I started it last year after I finished my program in fashion school with the help of my dad and small dad’’. ‘’Wait, you studied microbiology in the university, why didn’t you just go for a course that is related to fashion’’ asked alex. Adeola smiled, ‘’you think you are talking to a friend in America, hey, this is Nigeria, there is no university offering such course. I would have wished to study over there, but you know, I can’t leave only dad here’’ said adeola. He smiled‘’omo daddy’’
‘’Alex, I want to introduce you to one of my friends,’’
 said okoh, ‘’princesss, he will be back shortly’’ said okoh turning to adeola. ‘’Okay sir, no problem’’ said adeola.‘’Why don’t you get something to eat and drink’’ said okoh. ‘’I wil,l where is small mum’’ asked adeola. ‘’She is in the other sitting room’’ replied alex looking at her beautiful face before leaving’.

Adeola was enjoying her salad and chicken she dished herself. She looked around and saw alex chatting with some guys and ladies which seems to be his friends with the way they were discussing. She was surprised he had made friends within the short time he arrived in Nigeria. ‘’That is not your business’’ said the tiny voice in her mind.

‘’Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, i and my wife Tonia are so happy to have all of you to this welcoming party of our son Alex OkoH’’ okoh said smiling. He signalled to Alex and his wife to join him. ‘’Our prayer is, this joyous celebration will never cease in each and every one houses in Jesus name’’. Everybody chorused ‘’amen’’. To all NICON workers that are here, it is my utmost joy to inform you that alex will be joining the company and proper introduction will be done on Monday. Everybody clapped and cheered them including Adeola who wished her dad was here. Lastly to complet my speech, okoh bought out two keys out from his native pocket turning to his, ‘’On behalf of I, your mother and my best friend, adetutu, I present you with this two keys, one is for the house we built in your name and this other key, is for the brand new ride ‘’range rover sport’’ which is packed outside the gate’’. Alex was speechless all he could do was hug his mum and dad. ‘’Thank you mum, thank you dad’’ he said. He signalled to his friends to join him outside.

The rest of the party went well; adeola was discussed with Mrs Ishola who was a NICON staff and was enquiring about some office wears she would like to purchase from her shop. When it was six pm, she stood up and went inside to bid her goodbye to the okohs in which she told Mrs okoh she will be expecting them tomorrow. As she was coming out of the compound, she noticed alex was know where to be found with the new car.

To be continued. . . 
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