Love Story : Unplanned Love , Season 1 Episode 5

Love Story : Unplanned Love , Season 1 Episode 5

’Hello my love, how are you’’ asked adeola. ‘’I am good babe and you’’ asked segun. ‘’I am fine, did you receive any credit alert yesterday with the sum of two hundred thousand naira’’ asked adeola. ‘’Yes I did’’ said segun. ‘’And you didn’t even bother to call to notify me and thank me for the money’’ asked adeola sounding angry on the phone. 

‘’To thank you, did I hear you correctly adeola, can you recollect since when have being asking you for the money, a week ago and you decided to send it yesterday when the dealer have increased the money to five hundred thousand’’ said segun shouting on the phone. ‘’So you expect me to be praising you, after spoiling my deal adeola, you must be dreaming babe’’replied segun. ‘’I am sorry love, I explained to you about the goods I just ordered for, that made me me to be financially incapable to send the money on time, I even heard to borrow it’’ said adeola sounding guilty. ‘’Can’t you ask your dad,’’asked segun. 

There was silence on the phone. ‘’Its shows the amount of love you have for me’’ said segun. ‘’I am sorry love’’ said adeola. ‘’When should I expect the remaining cash’’ asked segun. ‘’What cash’’ asked adeola. ‘’The remaining three hundred thousand naira’’ replied segun sounding angry. ‘’Give me till the ending of next week’’ said adeola. ‘’Okay, will be expecting it, will you come over today because I need some food stuff’’ asked segun. ‘’No I can’t make it, I am attending a party in small dad house, is son just came back home, you remember alex’’ asked adeola. ‘’I guess, so what about Sunday’’ asked segun getting inpatient. ‘’I will be there on Monday baby, before going to work’’ said adeola. ‘’Okay, love you’’ said segun. ‘’I love you more’’ replied adeola. 

Truly, she loves him, love for segun have waxed stronger. She remembered the first day he met him. She was driving home at night from her fashion school; her car broke down in one of the isolated road that leads to her fashion school. She was about being rubbed and raped when segun showed up and rescued her from those two notorious guys. If not for him that night, it would have being another story. Ever since that day, she loves him and her utmost desire in their relationship is to spend the rest of her life with him. 

She got up from her bed, and noticed it was few minutes to two pm, she as being so grossed into her business account, she was checking all the sales made by her salesgirl, comparing the cost she punched and sold and the profit she made. She checked her wardrobe and check for the cloth she will weae, after few minute she decided to go for the cream short gown in which kemi loves so much the day she wore it to anjola dedication in there church. She went to the bathroom, shower and was back to the room to dress up.

(Guys, I may be poor in my description of Adeola and Alex, I picture Adeola has Genevieve Nnaji and Alex has Ramsey Noah)
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