Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1 Episode 4

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1 Episode 4

’Dad I need to go and see uncle, I promised him to come over when am done,’’said alex. ‘’Okay, but do you know the place,’’ asked okoh. ‘’No sir, but one of your drivers that picked me up from the airport, I guess his name is ebuka, told me he knows the house’’ said alex. ‘’My regards to him, I will be going to the office after I have my lunch, Remember on Monday, you will be resuming working, so make sure you do all your running around before Monday. Also your welcome home party is on Saturday, I guessed your mother have told you and we will all be having dinner on Sunday in adetutu house’’. ‘’Okay daddy’’ said alex as he left the house.

Alex noticed Lagos has drastically change because its being nineteen years since he was at home. He remembered the sudden death of Mrs adetutu who died from a ghastly motor accident on her way back from a function. He remembered how sad and devastated both families were. He remembered the day adeola grandma came to pick her up and it was agreed that she will be staying with her and her dad promised coming to see her once a month. Few month after the burial, his mum lost interest in staying in Nigeria and both her and his father agreed for both him and his mum to move to U.S.A since his mum family resides and his dad always paid them visit especially during festive period when he is less busy. Twelve years later, his mum came back to Nigeria because since he was of age and ever since then his parent only comes for visit. 

He noticed the traffic light and the well tarred road they have being driving on,‘’this past government must have done an excellent work’’ said Alex to Ebuka who was driving the car. ‘’Yes ooo oga, Fashola really tired oooo, Eko done turn to London’’ said Ebuka smiling at Alex. Alex replied with a smile looking outside and allowing his mind to wonder off to Adeola. He remembered how cute she was when they were young, slim and dark in complexion. He always wish he could see one of her pictures but she never uploaded any of her pictures on Facebook and he was too shy to ask for one because they never spoke not until four years ago when uncle came to U.S for a conference and he checked on him. It was then he collected her number from him. Anyway, he is finally back, and he will see how she looks and how much her beauty have increased.

‘’Sir we are there’’
 said Ebuka as he horned to the gateman to open the gate. As he got down from the car, he looked at the structure and notice it has little resemblance with his father’s own. He admired all what his dad and arch adetutu have being able to achieve within the short time they started the company. He was greeted by one of the maids and from her looks, he was sure that uncle have notified them of his coming.

‘’Good afternoon sir,’’ said alex prostrating for adetutu in which adetutu sat up on his bed and raised his hands to hug alex. ‘’How are you my son, its being long have seen your handsome face. That must be four years ago’’ asked adetutu. ‘’I am fine sir. Uncle you have changed, you look older and sick. Is your doctor treating you well with the right medication if not maybe you should go to U.S where we have expert’’ asked alex. ‘’My son, am getting better, assuming you were here few month ago, you will know am getting better. Enough of me, I want to hear more of you? We don’t talk much when either of us calls, so tell me, what have you being upto’’ asked adetutu. ‘’As you know, I have completed my first and second degree in architectecture in which you made me to fall in love with’’ said alex smiling, adetutu did the same. ‘’As you also know I just completed a course in building which was enforced on me to do by dad said alex sounding dull. Anyway have done his wishes and back home to work in the company just as you both wish.’’

‘’All what I and your dad wants, is for you to succeed since you will be the one to take over when we both are gone. As you know your sweetheart is not interested in our line of work’’
 said adetutu smiling. Alex was confused with the word‘’sweetheart’’, adetutu noticed his confusion and quickly added ‘’adeola your childhood sweetheart’’. ‘’Ooooo’’ said alex, ‘’where is she’’ asked alex. ‘’She went to her clothing store, you know she as a clothing store full of different wears for ladies and kids,’’ said adetutu smiling. ‘’Wow that’s good, I noticed some of her collections on facebook’’ said alex.

Alex phone rang, he excused himself and picked his call, ‘’hello, how are you,’’asked alex. ‘’please who is this,’’ asked tony. ‘’It me alex, I called you the other time, you didn’t pick am now in Nigeria if you haven’t notice from the number which you are using to call me’’. ‘’Aaaahhh alex my guy, where are you,’’ asked tony, ‘’am in my uncles house’’ replied alex. ‘’I must see you today, in fact now, can you meet me up at eve guest house, am closer there, will be waiting for you’’said tony.

Okay no problem said alex, will be coming with my driver, I don’t know anywhere here. ‘’Okay, I will be expecting you’’ said tony.
(Tony is a Nigeria guy who graduated from the same university as alex, they meet in their first year in school and ever since then, they have being close friends).

‘’Uncle, I have to take my leave now, there is a friend of mine that is waiting for me, I will see you on Sunday’’ said alex. ‘’Okay dear, will be expecting you’’ said adetutu. ‘’Okay sir, my regards to adeola when she comes back, tell her I will be expecting her for my party’’ said alex…

To be continue ....... 
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