Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1 Episode 7

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1 Episode 7

Adeola washed the vegetables she bought on her way back from the church. She loves cooking and baking. Her late grandma she stayed with after the death of her mum thought her different kinds of soups and house work. She wasn’t the spoilt brat everybody assume she would be because her grandma taught her to do things herself even without being told. Grandma hate lazy people and she always advise her to do every work given to her quickly. She told her ‘’the way to a man’s heart is food and not s-x, because ‘’s-x’’, he can get that from outside but when your food is unique, he will always hunger for it each and every day of his life’’. 

She smiled as she recollected those words. Ever since she opened her clothing store, she hardly have time to cook and her dad that enjoys her cooking and baking most, have lately lost his appetite due to the chemotherapy is undergoing although occasionally she cooks for segun. She prayed in the next two to three years, she will be in segun house cooking for him a Sunday like this, she smiled at her thought. She wondered why anytime she brings up the issue of marriage, segun always shove it aside claiming he hasn’t made his millions. She wondered when he will be done but any which way, she knows a day will surely come when he will pop the question and she will be so happy to say yes.

Few minutes later, she was done with the egusi soup, the maids where also done with the pounded yam and assisted the maid in setting the table. She went to her room to have her bath after which she wore a pair of fitting blue jean trouser with polo that accentuated her burst area. 

‘’Dad are you ready’’ asked adeola as she entered adetutu room. ‘’Yes I am, is the food ready’’ asked adetutu. ‘’Yes dad and I made it as delicious as you remembered’’ said adeola smiling and looking into her father’s eyes. ‘’I guess they must be……. Both of them heard the sound of the horn
After Okoh prayed over the food and everybody started eating. Adeola was sitting opposite alex so also okoh and his wife tonia. Few times alex took a glimpse at adeola in which he was caught twice by his father and he smiled at his son. ‘’Alex how is the vegetale soup; i am you are not use to it’’ said adetutu. ‘’Uncle, I am oooo, I ccassionally eat food like this in one of the restaurant owned by a Nigerian. I have a friend tony, who is also a Nigeria, he introduced me to the restaurant and made me like some the soup cooked there. Back to your question, the soup is sweet, I am sure it is better than the ones I eat in U.S’’ said alex smiling at adetutu. ‘’Guess what, adeola was the one that prepared it’’ said adetutu. ‘’I was about to ask, who can prepare such a delicious meal apart from tonia if not my princess ‘’ademi’’said okoh smiling at adeola in which she replied with a small smile.

Few minute later, they were done with the food, and were all seated at the sitting room watching channels. Adetutu signalled to okoh and told adeola to off the TV.

‘’Adeola alex, we would like to discuss with both of you. Adeola looked at her dad and then her small dad wondering what they wanted they discuss. Alex concluded her mum knows about this discussion with the way she was staring at him.

[b] ‘’ I know you both know us as your parent, and you both know we love you more than anything in this life, even more than NICON said okoh smiling at adeola. You also know the kind of love that exist between this family; the love have being there even before we dreamt of conceiving you and this love has continued to waxed stronger as the year goes by, that is why I, adetutu and my wife have decided we want both of you to become husband and wife. We want you to spend the rest of your life together and have beautiful kids
 said okoh smiling. ‘’Maybe two handsome boys and two beautiful girls’’ said okoh smiling.‘’No no, I would prefer five boys and three girls’’ said adetutu in which both parent laughed. Adeola was so shocked and she concluded ‘’this must be a dream’’. Alex was speechless on hearing what both parent were saying

To be continued..... 
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