Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1 Episode 10

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1 Episode 10

Has adeola drove out of the house on Monday morning, all her thought were on the incident that occurred in her house yesterday. After she excused herself from the meeting, she locked herself in her room and she never opened until this morning despite her dad sending the maids to call her. She is determined to stand on her decision weather both parent likes it or not.

She knocked on segun door but there was no response. ‘’where could he have gone this early morning said adela to herself. This was why she told him to give her one of the spare keys to the entrance door. He always gives her excuses that he misplaced the spare keys and when she told him to duplicate the key with him, he claims he always forget. She kept knocking on the door and suddenly segun opened the door.

‘’I thought I told you to always call before coming’’
 said segun sweating all over his body.

‘’Do you still remember, I told you I will be coming over today to bring the food stuff you requested’’ replied adeola sounding angry and pointing at the food stuff on the ground.

‘’I am sorry; I forgot’’
 said segun standing at the entrance door.

‘’Why did it take you so long to open the door plus why do you always tell me to call you before coming over. Can’t I visit my boyfriend anytime I want without calling first’’
 asked adeola still sounding angry.

‘’I said am sorry babe; I don’t want you to come and be stranded outside’’
 said segun as he carried the food stuff into the house and he was still standing at the entrance. 

‘’By the way, I need the duplicated key before the ending of this week’’ said adeola.

‘’No problem about that’’ replied segun wiping the sweat on his face with his cloth.

‘’Thank you so much love for the food stuff’’
 said segun as he gave her a peck on her left cheek.

Adeola didn’t believe what she was hearing from segun this morning, she wondered if he was okay because the segun she knows hardly apologise or say thank you to her.

‘’You welcome’’
 replied adeola

‘’Are you not going to work, I thought you told me your goods are arriving today’’
asked segun

‘’Yes, like I always do, have sent Haruna to pick them up for me from the airport but I wanted to see you and drop the food stuff you requested’’ replied adeola staring at segun face to read his mind.

‘’Thank you love so thoughtful of you’’
 replied segun extending his hands to hug adeola but she stopped him.

‘’Are you okay segun’’
 asked adeola

‘’Yes baby, I am, why do you’’
 ask asked segun

‘’It’s because you are acting strangely, sweating profusely in this cool weather and saying words I hardly hear you say’’ said adeola still staring at him.

‘’Are you hiding something from me segun’’ asked adeola.

‘’What do you mean, is he because I want to be my romantic and caring like you always suggest that is why you are saying all this words to me’’
 asked segun sounding angry.

‘’If you want you can come in and look at the house if you think am hiding a girl inside’’
 said segun opening the door wider for adeola to pass. ‘’Just concerned about you, your business and customers that is all’’ said segun

‘’Okay oooo Mr romantic, I need to be on my way now. I want haruna to meet me in the shop when he drops the goods’’ said adeola heading to her car.

‘’I love you segun’’ said adeola

‘’I love you too’’
 replied segun as he closed the car door for her

‘’Please try and shower okay’’
 said adeola as she drove off

To be continued...... 

Watch out for Season 2 
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