Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Last Episode

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Last Episode

After two hours of serious prayers by the two pastors in adetutu’s room, adeola and her friends went to her room.

‘’Na wa ooo for those pastors, I swear any witch or person way they follow you and say you and alex no go make am, those prayers done finish am; my two knees are aching me’’ said bukky and all of them laughed. Amina entered the room and gave anjola to her mum
‘’How was the prayer’’ asked amina smiling
‘’Thank God you know come, if not you would have converted to Christianity’’ said bukky and all of them laughed again
‘’When is dammy coming’’ asked kemi
‘’She must be on her way now’’ replied adeola

‘’Go and have your bath now, so that when she comes, you will be ready for her; remember today is not just makeup she will also dress your hair’’ said kemi
‘’Yes you are right, give me a minute I will be back’’ said adeola leaving the room
She entered the last room which was vacant to call segun but he wasn’t picking her calls. She was worried because she has being calling his number since yesterday evening; she remembered sending ronke to buy and deliver the food stuff he requested and when she saw the girl at the hall yesterday, she told her she give the food stuff to him. Suddenly she remembered she hasn’t sent the money he requested and immediately she credited his account using her phone. She tried his number again but still he wasn’t picking. She decided to send him a message when she heard damilola voice. 

‘’Segun how are you and how was your night, have being trying your number since yesterday but you are not picking; I guess you good and ronke gave you the food stuff you requested. I just credited your account with the amount you requested. Am so sorry its came late, I will call you when am done with the wedding. I love you so much’’

‘’Where were you’’ asked bukky
‘’Sorry I had to make a call’’ replied adeola undressing to have her bath
‘’I guess its alex, hmmmm take it easy you will soon be with him’’ said bukky sounding funny and adeola smiled
‘’Damilola good morning, thanks for yesterday’’ said adeola
‘’Morning, you are welcome; quickly have your bath so that we can start’’ said damilola
‘’Okay, please I want the makeup to be minimal just like yesterday’’ said adeola

‘’No problem about that, your wish is my command’’ replied damilola smiling
‘’I want ‘mine to be finer than hers’’ said bukky smiling
‘’No problem about that too’’ replied damilola
‘’Bukky, is everything ready for my departure tonight’’ shouted adeola from the bathroom
‘’Don’t worry about that, we have done the necessary things, kemi is with the key to the box and she will give alex at the reception’’ replied bukky

‘’What about the cloths I will wear to travel’’ asked adeola
‘’It has been picked and is with peace. You will be going to your in laws house immediately you leave the reception right’’ asked bukky
‘’Yes’’ replied adeola
‘’Then you can change over there, the cloth is already in the car that is taking you to the church’’. All your things will be taken to alex house every early tomorrow morning before we board our flight back to Abuja’’ said bukky
‘’Don’t worry about anything, it’s been handled by us’’ said bukky
‘’Thanks you girls are the best’’ said adeola
‘’You are always welcome darling’’ replied bukky…..

‘’Tony is my polo inside the box’’ asked alex
‘’Yes; I wan ask you something’’ said tony
‘’What is that’’ asked alex
‘’E get one babe way I see yesterday for the hall, she is among adeola friend’’ said tony
‘’Is it the bride maid who was sitting behind adeola’’ asked alex
‘’No that one, I mean that babe that is tall, light in completion and am sure she is a Yoruba’’ said tony
‘’You mean bukky’’ asked alex
‘’Yes you got it’’ replied tony

‘’I like that babe oooo, I don’t know if you fit help me get her digit through adeola’’ said tony
‘’You are funny, you want me to give you bukky’s number, and I guess to date her right; you a player tony’’ said alex laughing
‘’Why you they use me laugh; am serious about this’’ said tony
‘’Okay Don’t worry, I will help you talk to adeola and if she agrees, she herself will send you her number’’ replied alex still smiling
‘’Are you not coming here after the wedding’’ asked tony
‘’No I don’t think so, I will be going home with adeola, my dad’s family wants to perform some rite after the reception on adeola and i. I guess it’s from there we will be going to the airport’’ said alex
‘’When is your flight’’ asked tony
‘’By nine but we must be on her way before seven to avoid the traffic’’ replied alex

‘’This one way you they talk like this, you sure say you know go sample this girl before you come back’’ asked tony smiling
‘’I don’t have time for your craps this morning; where are others’’ asked alex surprised he hasn’t seen any of them
‘’I guessed they are still sleeping due to the amount of wine they drank yesterday night’’ replied tony
‘’I hope we won’t be late because it’s already few minute past eight and the service is by ten’’ said tony
‘’Chill my guy, nobody go run away with your wife’’ said tony laughing and leaving the room

To be continued.. . .... 

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