Love Story : Unplanned Love Season 2 Episode 1

Love Story : Unplanned Love Season 2 Episode 1

Few minute after adeola arrived at the store, Haruna drove in with the goods. He, the gateman and the sales girls assisted in packing the goods into the warehouse where adeola was waiting for them. Adeola opened all the eight big boxes that were filledl with women wears and baby wears. She instructed the girls to start sorting out the cloths and she was putting the price tags on the cloths.

‘’Aunty, please I will be happy if you can sell this baby sleeping suit and shoe for me ma; I will like to buy it for my sis who just gave birth’’ said ronke smiling.

‘’No problem dear, you can drop it on my table, so I can check for the original price and give you a discount’’
 said adeola

‘’Okay ma, thank you’’
 replied ronke
Hours later, customers where in the shop in which some were called by adeola to come over and pick up their order while others came to get new wears for themselves or their kids. Adeola just disconnected a call to one of her customer informing her of the new goods when kemi entered her office.

‘’Omo baba olowo, how are you, I see say your shop done full’’
 said kemi placing the car sit on adeola’s table.

‘’Anjola baby, how are you, I can see your dad is taking good care of you and your mum’’ said adeola with a low voice because the baby was about to sleep

‘’What is that supposed to mean, yeye girl’’
 said kemi and both of them smiled

‘’Where is my stuff’’
 asked kemi. Adeola gave her the small box beside her chair.

‘’You are lucky, it’s colour you wanted’’
 said adeola smiling

‘’Wow, thanks love, how much is my bill’’
 asked kemi

‘’Like you will pay the actual amount if I tell you, abeg just give me what you have’’ replied adeola smiling

‘’Thank God you already know, I will creidit your account tonight’’.
 Adeola nodded and breathed out loudly.

‘’Hmmm what is it oooo, because this you breathing signify something is worng; Oya tell mama, let her solve your problem for you’’ said kemi smiling.

‘’Do you remember alex, my childhood friend, small dad son’’
 asked adeola

‘’Yes now, that cute kid I saw in some of your old pictures’’
 replied kemi

‘’Yes, he is no longer a kid but a man; he is back in Nigeria and he will be working in NICON; A welcoming party was held on Saturday’’
 said adeola.

‘’Wow, that is good, you didn’t invite me and anjola so that you can introduce me to anther omo baba olowo’’ said kemi smiling.

‘’Am sure he is very handsome with the way you are sounding’’ asked kemi

‘’How am I sounding kemi’’
 asked adeola pretending to be serious

‘’Hmmmm, don’t worry; so what is the problem with him’’
 asked kemi

‘’He and his parent came over yesterday and after the dinner, small dad told us he had something to discuss with both of us; Guess what the discussion was about’’
 asked adeola

 replied kemi

‘’Both parents want us to get marry and not only that, they want the wedding to take place in three months’ time’’
 replied adeola.

Kemi was laughing so loud that she woke her daughter up and the baby started crying.

‘’What is so funny with what have said’’
 asked adeola giving anjola to the mother.

‘’What you just said, is very funny to me’’
 replied kemi breastfeeding her baby

‘’That was the drama that occurred in my house yesterday’’
 said adeola

Adeola’s phone was ringing, and when she checked she turned the screen of the phone to show kemi the caller’s name.

‘’Hello small mum, how are you’’
 asked adeola

‘’Am fine love, and you’’ asked tonia

‘’I am fine too ma’’ replied adeola
‘’I will love to see you this evening; I need to discuss ├ín issue with you’’ said tonia

‘’I don’t think that will be possible ma’’ replied adeola

‘’Why love’’ asked tonia

‘’I ordered for some goods last week and I just picked them up today, I am sorting them out and many of my customers are here.
I will be leaving the store late at night ma’’
 replied adeola

‘’Okay, that is good, maybe I will come over now’’
 said tonia

‘’Small mum, please don’t come, I am very busy’’ said adeola sounding impatient

‘’Why do I have this feeling, you are avoiding me ade’’
 asked tonia

‘’Am sorry small mum, I promise to come over first thing tomorrow morning’’ said adeola

‘’Okay then, I will be expecting you but I will still come over this week to get some baby wears for my friend’s grandchild’’ said tonia

‘’Take good care of yourself and always remember I love you’’ said tonia

‘’Love you too’ ’said adeola smiling

‘’She wants me to come over’’
 said adeola after disconnecting the call

‘’Wait a minute, are both parent in support including small mum’’
 asked kemi.

‘’Yes, they are all in support because it was clearly written on their faces’’
 replied adeola

‘’Describe him’’ asked kemi

‘’How, what do you mean’’
 replied adeola

‘’I mean his he dump, blind, crippled, disabled or impotent, because to me that is the only condition that will make the two parent to suggest this hilarious idea’’said kemi smiling

‘’With the way I saw him yesterday, I think he is perfectly okay, he was also shocked with the marriage stuff and immediately I excused myself from the meeting, he also did the same’’
 replied adeola.

‘’So what was your response or you just kept quiet’’ asked kemi

‘’I told them it won’t be possible and that I have someone I love and would love to spend the rest of my life with’’
 replied adeola

‘’With who if I may’’
 ask asked kemi

‘’With segun’’
 replied adeola confuse why kemi was asking that question

‘’Ade have told you several times, that guy is useless, gold digger and he is only after your money
 said kemi in a concerned tone

‘’Enough kemi, I won’t allow you to talk about segun this way please
 said adeola sounding angry. ‘’You don’t even have evidence to back all what you are saying, it’s just an assumption from you’’

‘’I don’t need evidence because it is so vivid, you just refuse to see it because you are blinded by the love you have for him’’. ‘’Ade he is cheating on you, my hair stylist who is leaving closer to him told me the last time I went to make my hair’’
 said kemi said in a low tone.

‘’Kemi, I think you need to go’’
 said adeola angrily

‘’Are you sending me out f your office ade’’ asked kemi sounding surprised

‘’I need to attend to my customers’’
 replied adeola

‘’If it is evidence you need that will make you see things in my own way, I will surely get you one’’
 said kemi placing the sleeping anjola inside the car sit. As she was about leaving the room, she turned

‘’I am not sure you marrying alex might be one of the best decision you have ever taken; or he is the man I have being praying for to come your way or maybe he is the man you will be truly happy with; but one thing am sure of adeola, even though I am yet to meet alex, I am sure he is far better than the womanizer you call a boyfriend’’
 said kemi before shuting the door….

To be continued ..... 
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