Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 3

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 3

’Call me ebuka my driver’’ shouted alex at the maid.
‘’what happened’ ’shouted adeola.
‘’I guess heart attacked’’ replied alex trying to lift adetutu up from the bed
Alex and ebuka with the help the gateman, lifted adetutu up and carried him to the car and adeola rushed to her room to change her cloth.
‘’Dad am so sorry, I don’t mean to hurt you, please for forgive me; don’t leave me like mum and grandma; I can’t afford to lose you and be left alone’’ said adeola crying and sobbing

’Don’t worry, he is going to be fine, I can feel his pulse’’ said alex touching her hand which was on adetutu chest.
‘’Ebuka can you move the car faster’’ asked alex
On reaching the hospital, adetutu was wheeled into the emergency room by the nurses
‘’What happened’’ shouted Dr oni staring at adetutu unconscious body and following the nurses to the emergency room.
‘’I think I should call mum and dad’’ said alex who was feeling sorry for adeola
‘’Yes’’ she replied wiping the tears on her face with the face towel given to her by alex.

‘’You should call your dad,I will call small mum’’ responded adeola.
Minutes later, okoh and tonia arrived at the hospital the same time;
‘’What happened to him, his he okay’’ asked okoh but there was no response from adeola and alex
‘’Am I not talking to both of you or are you deaf’’ shouted okoh and breathing heavily
‘’Darling calm down, the dotor is coming’’ said tonia pointing at oni who was coming from a distance 

‘’Oni how is he, is he going to be okay’’ asked okoh
‘’Let me take you to his ward’’ replied oni
‘’I hope both of you are happy with what just happened’’ said okoh as he was following oni.

Adeola turned her back, and started crying and sobbing. Alex couldn’t resist the urge of hugging her and so he did.
‘’Stop crying, don’t allow what dad said get to you; it’s not your fault. I am sure he will be alright’’ whispered alex into her left ear.
She sniffed in the cologne on his shirt and its melted her heart. Are you supposed to be hugging him this tight said her inner voice and immediately, she gentle detached herself.
‘’I need to make a call’’ said adeola
‘’Okay no problem, I will go and have my seat’’ Replied alex
‘’She called segun several times, but he wasn’t picking; she called peace who is her best friend and who just relocated to abuja due to her work, but her number wasn’t available. She was left with no choice than to call kemi because she needed someone who she was familiar with to assure her everything will be okay.

‘’Hey dear, so you are no longer angry with me abi’’ asked kemi sounding funny
‘’Kemi, dad is in the hospital, he had an heart attack’’ said adeola who was crying
‘’What, I will be with you in the next one hour. Is he in DR Oni’s hospital’’ asked kemi
‘’Yes he is, please come qickly; am running out of my mind’’ replied adeola
‘’I will dear; ade am sorry for the way I spoke to you yesterday’’ said kemi
‘’am sorry the way I reacted’’ replied adeola disconnecting the call as she saw dr oni pointing at her
‘’Can I see both of you in my office’’ asked oni
‘’Adeola how are you, and how is your business going’’ asked oni
‘’Fine sir’’ replied adeoa
‘’one of these days, I will come and buy some wears for my wife’’ said oni smiling
‘’Alex do you still remember me’’ asked oni

‘’Yes, you are the family doctor’’ replied alex
‘’You remembered, that is good; I was in your welcoming party on Saturday although I came late and you were nowhere to be found, if not, okoh would have introduced me’’. ‘’I learnt about the new ride’’ said oni smiling in which alex smiled back a little
‘’Back to business, so what did you two devils did to my friend making his blood pressure to rise’’ asked oni staring at both of them.
‘’Dad was discussing an issue with us and me and him had a slight misunderstanding’’ replied adeola and alex nodded his head in agreement
‘’If I may ask, what was the discussion and the disagreement about’’ asked oni
‘’I don’t think we should disclose it’’ replied adeola
‘’Why’’ asked oni
‘’Because it is a family issue and therefore must stay within the family’’ replied adeola
‘’I am the family doctor young lady, so everything that might affect the health and welfare of any member of this two families must be brought to my notice; so spit it’’ shouted oni
‘’Both parent want us to get marry and we both declined’’ said alex
‘’And why If I may ask’’ said oni
‘’Sir, with due respect; I and alex as you can see are matured enough to take marital decision without the help of our parents. We are not in love with each other and besides, I have someone I planned on spending the rest of my life with’’ said adeola.
‘’So this small ade who I took her delivery can tell me she is matured; funny how that sound’’ said oni smiling while he opened adetutu’s file. He handed over a medical paper to each of them.

‘’Ade, your dad is battling with lung cancer for six month now and I am sure you are aware of it’’. ‘’What you don’t know is he has less than two years on earth. I am not supposed to disclose this, because he instructed me not to tell you; but with the situation of things now I think I have to. 

We discovered two month ago that the chemotherapy wasn’t working and the cancer was spreading’’ said oni giving them more medical papers.

‘’All this man wants or rather the dying wish of my friend is to see both of you get marry but instead, you both are making his remaining days on earth more painful’’. ‘’He is leaving in pains already and both of you just added to his pains by increasing his blood pressure. Bravo good of you said oni staring at both of them who were in shock.

Alex never knew adetutu was suffering from lung cancer; ‘’was that why his dad told him to occupy his office’’ thought alex.
Adeola was shedding tears; she was shocked at what the doctor was telling them. Why does God delight in taking away her loved ones she thought.

‘’The reason I called you here is to plead with you both to go ahead with the wedding thereby making my friend have memorable days as his death draws closer’’. ‘’I know you both are in serious relationship and even planning to settle down soon, please I employ you to be patient for just two years’’. ‘’After two years into the marriage and adetutu have passed away, you both can move on with your life; then, you can pretend to be having problems in your marriage after which you will inform your parent about your plans to divorce.’’ ‘’I promise to stand by your decision and I will even persuade your parent to give in to your request and I am assuring you they will’’ said oni

‘’During this two years or rather during the time adetutu will be alive, I want you both to act like real couples who are deeply in love with each other especially when both of you are with your parents’’. ‘’Outside that, you can go about your normal activities with your partners but please be careful with the media.

‘’So what do you think; is my decision acceptable to both of you’’ asked oni
‘’Let’s do it’’ said adeola
‘’What about you alex’’ asked oni
‘’I am in’’ replied alex
‘’Okay I will advise you to discuss this with you boyfriend and girlfriend’’ said oni in which both of them nod their heads in response
‘’Let me take you to see adetutu’’ said oni

‘’The only reason I am doing this, is to see him leave his last days on earth happy and at peace with himself’’ said oni as he stood up………………………

To be continued. ... 
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