Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 2

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 2

Has he got down from the car, he looked at the building and admired its beauty. Two girls were approaching him and he guessed they are the two maids his mum discussed with him.

‘’Oga, good evening, you are welcome’’ sir chorused the girls together

‘’Thank you’’
 replied alex
‘’Ebuka open the booth for them to carry my luggage; take them upstairs to the middle room’’ said alex
‘’Yes sir’’ replied the girls
‘’Ebuka, after dropping me at the office tomorrow you can go home and pick some of your things because you will be staying here for the main time. You will be my driver till am familiar with the city roads’’ said alex
‘’No problem oga, I will be happy to do that’’ replied ebuka who was so excited because he knows what he will be receiving from alex as allowance in a week, which will be more than what he earns per month.
He entered the sitting room, he loved the decorations on the wall, the colours of the paint used on the wall and how the furniture was arranged. His mum did an excellent work he thought.
Most NICON clients hire the services of the company when it comes to furnishing and the decorating the building in which his mum head that section in the company. After surveying the house, he was convinced his mum knows his taste.

He entered his room, unpacked some of his cloth and headed to the bathroom. With the cold water running down his body, he recalled how he spent his whole day. His dad waked him few minute after seven to get ready for work; how he was introduced to all NICON administrative workers of which some where engineers, builders and architect and few of the site workers. His dad took him to adetutu’s office and introduced it as his own office. He asked him why and his response was ‘’it was only for the main time till adetutu comes back’’. He was shown some of the project that had been carried out, those that are currently undergoing construction and those they are still bidding for. Few minutes later his dad excused himself. He looked at some of the architectural designs made by adetutu and admired them all and one of them got him confused. He was brought back from his thought when he heard his phone ring 

‘’Hello uncle, how are you, I was about calling you’’ said alex
‘’Hello son, hope all is well’’ replied adetutu
‘’Yes sir, I went at the office today, and I saw some of your architectural designs and one of the designs got me confused. I will be happy if you can explain to me’’ said alex
‘’No problem, I also want to discuss with you’’ said adetutu
‘’Okay sir, I will come over very early tomorrow morning; hope that is okay by you’’ asked alex
‘’Yes it is; I will be expecting you’’. ‘’Your dad told me you have moved to your house; how is it asked’’ adetutu
‘’It is fine uncle, I love it’’ replied alex
‘’Glad you do, take good care of yourself and have a lovely night rest’’ said adetutu
‘’And you too sir replied’’ alex……………………………………………

After explaining the design to him, adetutu folded it and gave him back; ‘’I know you will be a better architect than I am’’ said adetutu smiling at alex
‘’I pray I can fit into those big shoes of yours’’ replied alex smiling back at adetutu
‘’It’s my turn,’’ said adetutu picking his phone and dallied adeola’s number
‘’Good morning my daughter, please can you come to my room, I need your presence in an urgent matter’’ said adetutu
‘’Okay dad, am coming’’ said adeola sounding sleepy
As she opened the door to her father’s room, the first person she sighted was alex who was staring at her. She quickly adjusted her short nightgown exposing her thighs.
‘’Good morning alex; dad why did you call me’’ asked adeola quicky not waiting for alex response to her greeting.
‘’Have your sit first before questioning me said adetutu in which adeola obeyed sitting at the next chair beside alex
‘’Gosh, she is so hot and beautiful even without makeup’’ alex thought
‘’I called both of you here to speak further on the issue we discussed on Saturday’’ said adetutu looking at both of them
‘’I felt the way okoh presented the issue was too harsh and imposing; that is why you both are here for me to explain better. We all love you and we will never mislead you in anyway. It has being our utmost desire since you both were born into the earth to see you get marry and be happy. And over the years, I and your mother plus your parent promised ourselves to see this desire of us come to pass. we will be glad if………

‘’Dad, wait a minute, what are you saying, did you as a parents in those years think about how we your kids would feel about your decision said adeola rising her voice and standing up. All this shows me how selfish and uncaring both parent are and how you all want to destroy our happiness for you own selfish interest’’ said adeola
‘’Come to think of it, was mum imposed on you or was small dad compelled to marry small mum by his parent. I am sure you all met yourselves at different places, fell in love and got married without your parents tell you what to do right dad’’ asked adeola looking at her dad’s face and alex who was silently looking at her.
‘’I have made up my mind dad and there is nothing you all can do about that’’ said adeola slamming the door
‘’Adeola, is it me you are raising your……..shouted adetutu

She was about opening the door to her room, she heard her name being screamed by alex and he was also calling in the maids. She opened the door to her father rooms and saw her dad’s unconscious body on the bed……………………

To be continued. .... 
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