Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 6

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 6

After they greeted adetutu and have eaten there meals, they all went into deola room.

‘’Where is the wedding gown since you refused to snap the picture’’ said bukky
‘’Sorry dear, it arrived on money and have being kind of busy’’ said adeola
‘’Here is it’’ said adeola opening her wardrobe
‘’Wow this is lovely’’ chorused peace and amina
‘’Yes, I know, so close your mouth’’ said adeola smiling
‘’Girl this is one of the best wedding gowns have seen’’ said Peace
‘’You have to introduce me to this designer’’ said peace
‘’I don’t know her; have never even heard of her, until when the event planner suggested her. I was planning to get gown from one of my designers in U.S. but after she showed me some of the collections she had on her system; I fell in love with this one’’ said adeola smiling

‘’You haven’t seen the beauty yet, wait until I wear it’’ said adeola
‘’You are making us feel jealous ooo’’ said bukky
‘’We envy you dear’’ said amina
‘’Don’t because your own time will soon be here and it will be far better than mine’’ said adeola
‘’What about the traditional wears’’ asked bukky
‘’It’s in the box, am coming’’ said adeola opening the box for them
‘’Wow, were these also picked by your event planner’’ asked bukky amazed at the cloth
‘’Yes she did; she is so talented, even me that I thought am an expert in fashion, whenever am with her, I always sound like a novice’’ said adeola 

‘’You have to introduce me to her; I hope she also knows about northern traditional wears’’ asked amina
‘The three all stared at amina,
‘’Don’t tell us Musa have also popped the question’’ asked bukky sounding excited
‘’No ooooo, not yet but I guess very soon this year’’ replied amina
‘’Wow, am happy for you dear’’ said adeola
‘’And me too’’ replied peace all smiling
‘’I must be your chief braids maid’’ said bukky
‘’Defiantly; know argument about that’’ said amina making eye contact with adeola and peace
‘’Hey, where are you, your friends are here ooo’’ said adeola on the phone and bukky was asking if was kemi
‘’Wetin you still they do for house kemi and neglecting your duties here’’ shouted bukky
‘’I just made love to my husband, it was fun and I enjoyed it’’ said kemi in a seductive voice
‘’Spare me your love story, just be on your way and make sure you pack your wedding cloth because you won’t be leaving here not until Sunday morning’’ said bukky
‘’I hear you; abeg let me talk to better……

‘’Bye bye’’ said bukky deliberately disconnecting the call
‘’So tell us how did yu both meet or let me say how did the love started’’ asked amina who was lying on the bed
‘’As you all know, alex is small dad son and he has being in U.S, Facebook brought us together and we started talking on the phone and chatting during which segun and I were having problems in our relationship’’ said adeola
‘’So after a while, I fell in love with alex and called it quit with segun’’. ‘’I and alex started dating and a few days after arriving in Nigeria, he popped the question’’ said adeola

‘’And you kept all this from us, girl you know try oooo’’ said bukky
‘’Am sorry, but wait oooo bukky, how many times have you ever discussed your relationship life with us’’ asked adeola smiling

‘’Forget that one, when am ready I will tell you all’’ said bukky in which all of them laughed at her
‘’Whop I have to get ready alex must be on his way’’ said adeola getting up from the bed and entering the bathroom
‘’Hey girlfriend, where are the cloths you will be taking to Las Vegas for your honeymoon’’ shuted peace
‘’Have packed them already, they are in the brown box shouted’’ adeola from the bathroom
‘’You can’t do that’’ said peace
‘’Why’’ asked adeola
‘’It is the duty of the chief bride maid together with the friends of the bride to pack the brides cloth’’ said peace
‘’Really; how will you know what I need’’ asked adeola
‘’That is why we are your friends; we all know your taste’’ replied Peace
‘’But the bride must not check the cloth in the box until the day she starts her honeymoon, the box will be locked and the key will be given to her husband said bukky and the three of them looked at themselves and smiled
‘’What about if the bride wants to change from her wedding gown t something casual before embarking on the honeymoon’’ asked adeola who was applying some makeup and her friends checking her cloths
‘’Don’t worry about that, we all are here still Sunday, if you want to change before leaving, you will’’ replied amina
‘’When is your flight leaving’’ asked peace
‘’Saturday, by nine so we have to be on our way before seven because of traffic’’ said adeola
‘’Okay not to worry, you won’t miss your….. they heard the door knocked
‘’Who is that’’ asked adela
‘’It’s me ma; I want to tell you that oga Alex is here ma’’ said the maid
‘’Okay, tell him I will join him shortly’’ said adeola turning to her friends who were getting up from the bed
‘’We are ready to see the handsome Alex that swept you off your feet’’ said peace and all of them smiled
‘’Alex I want you to meet my friends’’ said adeola holding him at his left elbow.
‘’This is Peace my chief bride maid’’ said adeola
‘’It nice to meet you peace’’ said alex smiling and extending his right hand to shake her

‘’Nice to meet you alex; have heard lots of things about you’’ said peace smiling
‘’I hope good things’’ asked alex
‘’You bet’’ replied peace
‘’Meet my gentle amina’’ said adeola
‘’Nice to meet you amina’’ said alex extending his hands
‘’Nice to meet you too alex but I don’t shake men, it’s against my religion’’ said amina smiling and feeling shy
‘’Please pardon me’’ replied alex
‘’And to the most important of all my friends; please meet is majesty bukky
Alex extended his hands again
‘’It’s an honour to meet you bukky’’ said aalex

‘’Hmmmm, finally have meet the handsme alex; you are more handsome than the pictures adeola sent to us’’. ‘’I can see why she was swept of her feet, anyway glad to meet you’’ said bukky smiling
And alex couldn’t help but smiled and wonder what she meant by that statement
‘’Let be on our way said adeola quickly in other to avoid any questions that her friends may want to ask alex
‘’I like your friend especially’’ bukky said alex
‘’Thank you’’ said adeola and smiled a little
‘’What did she meant by that statement of me sweeping you of your feet’’ asked alex
‘’I guess it’s because of the story I told them about I how we fell in love with you’’ said adeola
‘’I wonder what that story is all about said alex sounding funny but adeola seems not to noticed because she was deep in thought. Ever since she met the three girls, she has never lied to them before until today and what pained her more was that they all believed all the lies and even envied her. Her phone was ringing
‘’Hello am I speaking to Miss adeola adetutu’’
‘’Yes, who is this’’ asked adeola
‘’I am damilola, the makeup artist sent from house of tara’’
‘’Okay, have being expecting your calls’’’reponed adeola
‘’Sorry ma, have being kind of busy, I promised to be with you as early has 6:30 am tomorrow’’ said damilola
‘’I will be expecting you then’’ said adeola
‘’Okay ma, bye’’ said damilola disconnecting the call
4:25, adeola and alex where on their way back from church, she remembered the last words of the pastor and it kept ringing in her head. She wondered how her life had suddenly changed within the last three month most of which were filled with lies and pretence. ‘’Is this how I will leave for the next two years,’’ she thought.
‘’Hey we are here’’ said alex who noticed she as being distracted ever since they left home and even during the counselling section.

‘’Okay, I guess I will see you tomorrow bye’’ she said opening the door but she stopped when she noticed alex left palm on the back of her right palm
‘’Hey are you okay’’ said alex in a low voice
‘’Did I do something wrong’’ asked alex adjusting and trying to look into her eyes
‘’No you didn’t’’ said adeola. She was trying to hold back the tears that where about coming out but she couldn’t
‘’Then tell what is wrong’’ said alex
‘’Alex am tired of all the lies and pretence, pretending to be in love with you, pretending to be happy with the wedding, pretending and lying to my friends, my father your parent, to the pastor and outsiders over this ‘’ said adeola crying and sobbing.
‘’I had to lie to my friends today and they all believed all the lies and they even envied me and to make matters worse, segun and have being misunderstanding’’ said adeola sobbing.

Is this how we will be doing for the next two years; lying and pretending to all’’ asked adeola looking at him?
He leaned closer and hugged her tightly. He felt sad and sorry for her and understood all she must be going through.
‘’Don’t worry, everything will soon be over, by Saturday evening, all this people won’t be with us and we will both be ourselves even after the so called honeymoon, you can go and see segun anytime you want and I will always have your back and I know he will come around and both of you will be happy again, remember we are doing all this to make uncle happy’’ said alex staring at her.
The thought of her seeing segun anytime she wants after the wedding made her smile and assured her that they will bth be happy again.
‘’Clean your face, a bride of tomorrow must not be seen crying by her friends’’ said alex teasing her.
‘’Thank you’’ alex said adeola
‘’You are always welcome’’ replied alex
Few minutes later he was on his way back home to prepare for tomorrow wedding and he couldn’t but wondered why adeola was so deep in love with that notorious and irresponsible guy call segun. ‘’Common ade; of all the handsome and responsible guys in Nigeria you picked segun’’ said alex loudlyloudly

To be continued.. ..... .. 
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