Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 5

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 5

As adeola was being driven to the airport by Rasheed to pick her friends; she remembered how she met all of them in the same department. Kemi was also her course mate who was much older than any of them. She came from a poor family who couldn’t sponsor her university education and had to sit at home for six years after which she met wale who volunteer to sponsor her. And immediately she graduated, she and wale got married and after a year, they had anjola.
When they were in school, bukky was the most lousy and talkative followed by kemi and surprising, both don’t get along well. Aminat was very quiet and gentle while Peace was just neutral and that is why she is closer to her. But ever since she relocated to Abuja due to her job, she has become closer to kemi.

‘’Hey girls over here’’ shouted adeola and waving her hands to get her friends attention. They all hugged her and entered the car
‘’Who is this’’ asked bukky
‘’That is the driver imposed on me by my father in law in to be; he doesn’t want me to drive until after the wedding’’ said adeola smiling at Rasheed who also smiled back
‘’So gist us, what being going on with you’’ asked bukky
‘’Chill, be patient; let us reach the house’’ said amina tapping bukky
‘’Why haven’t you done your hair; is tomorrow not the traditional wedding’’ asked bukky
‘’Yes in the afternoon; am expecting the makeup artist to give me a call’’. ‘’She will be the one to take me to the salon and decided the hair to make’’ replied adeola 

Who is the she and how sure are you she won’t disappoint’’ asked adeola
‘’I don’t know her in person, but the event planner told me she is one of top workers in house of Tara and she also assured me she will call me before the end of today’’ said adeola

‘’Wow I can smell millions in this wedding’’ said bukky smiling
‘’Don’t worry about anything because your chief braids maid is here with these two lions’’ said Peace smiling
‘’How is Kemi’’ asked Amina
‘’kemi is fine with her beautiful baby, she must be on her way to the house’’ replied adeola
‘’We are all famished ooooo’’ said bukky
‘’Point of correction bukky, you are famished’’ said amina
‘’Na you sabi with that English, but if they bring food now you go open that your big mouth and put food on it ooo, yeye’’ girl said bukky
‘’We will soon be home, the maids have prepared food for you guys and you will eat to your satisfaction’’ said adeola
‘’Hope the house is not too congested’’ asked Peace

‘’Nope, arrangement have been made for the entire guest coming to lodge at NICON hotel for free’’. ‘’Just my uncle from Canada and his wife with two kids; his daughter is the little bride’’ said adeola
‘’That is better, I need you to myself and I want to know all the juicy details of how segun suddenly turning into alex and why you kept it as a secret from us’’ said bukky
‘’And you know I don’t enjoy gist without taking something so I will need some of your father’s most expensive wines to wash down the gist said bukky

‘’Bukky, you will never change, anyway don’t worry, all your wishes will be granted’’ said adeola smiling
Adeola noticed I phone was ringing and she picked
‘’Hello’’ alex
‘’Hey dear how are you’’ asked alex
‘’Am good and you’’ asked adeola
‘’Am okay, have your friends arrived’’ asked alex
‘’Yes, we are on our way home from the airport’’ replied adeola surprised he still remembered her telling him about their coming yesterday
‘’Okay, my regards to all of them’’ said alex
‘’I will; how is tony’’ asked adeola
‘’He is fine and here with me; he sent is regards’’ replied alex
‘’Okay’’ said adeeola
There was silence on the phone which is always occur whenever they call each other
‘’When should I be expecting you; so I can get ready’’ asked adeola
‘’By twenty minute to two I will be there because the pastor says we will start at two and be done by four’ ’replied alex
‘’Okay, I will be expecting you takia’’ said adeola
‘’Bye’’ said alex disconnecting the call
‘’Was that him’’ chorused all the girls who were all smiling
‘’Yes’’ replied adeola smiling
‘’See the way she is blushing’’ said amina
‘’Where are you both going’’ asked peace
‘’Marriage counselling in church’’ replied adeola
‘’I thought I have you to myself, see tell alex to stay in his house ooooo till Saturday morning’’ said bukky souding authoritative
‘’After which he can have you to himself all day all night doing the hmmmm huuuuunnnnnnn hhhheeeennnn’’ said bukky and all of them laughed even rasheeed couldn’t help but smiled.

‘’How is daddy and how is his health’’ asked Peace
‘’He is getting better, he is at home; you will all him soon’’ replied adeola
As they all got down from the car, the maids took their luggage to the room adeola instructed them.
‘’Wow what a beautiful structure’’ said amina admiring the bulding
‘’That is the advantage of having a brilliant architect as a father’’ said bukky as they entered the house
‘’Ade your house is beautiful’’ said amina moving around the parlour and admiring some of the paintings on the wall
‘’Point f correction amina, her father’s house, in few hours’ time she will be in her own house; then you can pass that complement when you see alex house’’ said adeola and all of them laughed
‘’Bukky you will never change with this your big mouth of yours, anyway amina, thanks for the complement; let me take you all to the person that designed it, I mean my dad said adeola leading the way…………….

To be continued.... . 
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