Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 8

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 8

The traditional wedding started few minutes after two in the afternoon by an elderly man from Okohs family leading the opening prayer and after that, the master of the ceremony also known as the engager introduced herself to the entire guest present and explained to them the reason they were all present. She sang two songs and the crowd also sing along with her. She introduced the groom’s parent followed with their family members followed by adetutu and his family members. She also introduced some family friends and important dignitaries present. And all of them stood up raising their hands and praising God. The MC then introduced the couples starting with alex and then adeola praising each of them using their family names and linage. Alex and his friends were all hearing what the woman was saying and they couldn’t help but laughed.

‘’Hakeem; is my phone still with you’’ asked alex
‘’Yes,’’ replied Hakeem giving the phone to alex.

Alex was a little worried because she called adeola two hours earlier but she didn’t picked her calls; he guessed she was busy getting ready for the event. He dialled her number again but it was switched off. After two minutes, he remembered he had kemi’s number who he was sure will be with adeola
‘’Hey oko iyawo, how are you’’ said kemi sunding funny
‘’Am fine and you’’ said alex
I know you are not calling to ask of me but rather your iyawo’’ said kemi smiling
There was silence on the phone because alex knew she was right but shy to admit it 

‘’Anyway she is here with me’’ said kemi
‘’They are putting finishing touches on her makeup and her cloth; we will soon be there’’ said
‘’Okay, thank you, have to go now am being called in by the MC’’ said alex
‘’Okay, see you soon and make sure you dance well’’ said kemi smiling
‘’I will’’ said alex smiling and disconnecting the call.

Alex was putting on lemon colour of guinea with little embroidering on the neck. Tony and wale assisted him in wearing his agbada which had beautiful orange embroidering on the chest. He looked so handsome in the attire and even his friends complement his looks. The local drummers came to meet them and the MC was waiting for him at the entrance to dance in together. He danced along with his friends and has he was entering the hall, the DJ hired played a song ‘’woju’’ by kiss Daniel and ‘’kabiyesi’’ by dr sid. Most of the guest stood up and started spraying him money including his parent and adetutu who was assisted by Dr oni. The MC later stop the music, and asked alex some questions and he responded well. Later on he and his friends were told to prostrate six times for adetutu and also his parent during which both parents and guest stretched their hands and prayed for him. Some amount of money was collected by the MC from alex, his friends and some of the guest; which she promised will be used to transport the bride to the hall.

While all this was going on, adeola and her friends were around and waiting for her to be called in. All her friends took pictures with her and some of her aunties do the same. She wore an orange lace as top and a lemon green aso ofi as wrapper and her head tie was mixed with both colours. Her face was covered with a transparent veil. She was so beautiful that even her friends and everybody that sighted her gushed over her beauty. Her fingers were trembling due to anxiety and kemi noticed it
‘’It is going to be fine, am here with you, you are not alone’’ said kemi holding her hands
‘’Okay’’ replied adeola forcing a smile
‘’Make sure you don’t spoil that makeup with your tears, that is thousands of naira’’ said kemi teasing her while all her other friends where busy taking pictures. Few minutes later, she was called in her the MC. The DJ played ‘’rewind’’ by tiwa savage and ‘’wedding day’’ by kay Q. she danced along with her friends and she was also sprayed money in different currencies.

The MC told her to wave to her friends after which she was told to kneel in front of her dad and the Mc told adetutu and the rest to stretched their hands and pray for her for ten minutes; during this time she and her dad cried and one minute of silence was held in honour of her late mum. After this, adeola was told to go to the okohs, and the Mc told them and the rest to stretche forth their hands and pray for her. After this, the Mc walked with her to where alex was sitting who had being looking at her from a distance. She was told to remove his cap and kneel in front of him; the Mc also instructed alex to pray for adeola for few minutes. When all this was done, alex removed the veil from her face and behold he couldn’t believe what she saw. She was beyond beautiful; ‘’if this was a real wedding he would have given her deep kiss, kissing those two sexy lips’’ he thought. The Mc instructed her to deep her right hand inside the cap, playing with it and dancing and alex sprayed her with money.

One of the pastors invited gave a brief massage on love, he admonished the couple to ‘’love themselves just as Christ loved the church and he encouraged them to iron out their differences without the help of any third party’’; after which he prayed. Another pastors called the couple and other ministers of God present, and prayers were rained on alex and adeola
When it was time for the presentation of engagement items, all the items were presented by okohs family to adetutus family, she called on adeola to pick her favourite of all the items and she picked the Bible. Shortly after, the couple exchanged there rings and were matched to where the engagement cake was; they cut the engagement cake and were told to feed each other. Adeola bend her kneels a little and gave alex the cake and alex cut took out of the cake, gave it to her and pecked her on both cheeks.

Mc announced to the audience that adeola and alex were married traditionally and she instructed alex to carry his wife to his parent.
‘’Are you ready’’ asked alex whispering to adeola
‘’Yes’’ replied adeola
He lifted her up and carried her to meet his parent, everybody shouted and cheered them and after which it was dance dance dance……………..

To be continued. .. .... 
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