Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 7

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 7

It is a beautiful Friday though adetutu because his daughter was getting married to his best friend son. Adetutu woke up early that morning full of joy and happiness to witness this day. He just finished praying with two of his pastor committing the ceremony into God’s hands.
‘’Grandpa good morning’ ’said Sharon
‘’Morning my princess, how was your night’’ asked adetutu
‘’Fine’’ said Sharon climbing the bed
Adetutu couldn’t help but notice the resemblance of the girl with her father who was his own brother. He was the one that trained Akin in school right from when he entered secondary school till he finished his university degree even to the extent of sponsoring his trip to Canada which has always being his desire. He is married to a Benin woman and they are blessed with two kids.

‘’Where is your brother’’ asked adetutu
‘’He is still sleeping, I want to sleep beside you grandpa’’ said Sharon
‘’No problem, you can sleep as long as you want said adetutu checking the time and seeing it was just few minute after six am.
Adeola woke up that morning feeling anxiety; she studied her Bible which its being long she read and she prayed committing the day in God’s hand and praying the day favours her. She turned and noticed bukky was still sleeping. She remembered how she insisted on sleeping her room while others slept in the rooms given to them.
‘’Hey girl, its morning oooo wake up’’ said adeola tapping bukky 

‘’Okay, I hear you’’ said bukky sounding sleepy and sitting on the bed.

‘’Am happy for you dear, I wish you all the good things of marriage and may you and alex love each other more every day you both spend in your marriage said bukky smiling at adeola who was undressing to have her bath
‘’Amen dear’’ said adeola smiling
‘’I also wish you, peace and amina all the good things of life, and may I also celebrate with you all very soon’’ said adeola
‘’Thanks’’ said bukky
‘’Let me go and have my bath, damilola the makeup artist is coming this morning; are you interested in going with us asked adeola who wanted bukky to be there to make the place fun and interesting, which she needs to stop the anxiety eating her up.

‘’Do you want me to come with you’’ asked kemi
‘’If you want to’’ said adeola smiling
‘’I know you want me to come because am more fun than any of them’’ said bukky smiling and trying to read her face
‘’Yes you got me,, so are you coming’’ asked adeola about to enter the bathroom
‘’Yes, so am your PA throughout this wedding oooo’’ shouted bukky for adeola to hear from the bathroom
‘’PA for what job’’ asked kemi who was carrying anjola
‘’It’s none of your business’’ said bukky sounding funny and collecting anjola from kemi

‘’Sweetie how was your night’’ asked bukky playing with anjola
‘’Where is she’’ asked peace
‘’She is having her bath’’ replied bukky
‘All of them sat on adeola bed,
‘’I guess when she is gone, we can start packing her load’’ said peace
‘’I am going with her’’ said bukky smiling and wanting to make all of them feel jealous
‘’Oohhh I see were the PA job comes in’’ said kemi smiling
‘’Na you sabi oooo’’ said bukky
‘’Hey ladies you all are awake’’ said adeola as she came out of the bathroom

‘’Good morning Iyawo’’ chorused the three
‘’Morning ore iyawo’’ said adeola smiling back at them
‘’What is ore iyawo’’ asked amina turning to kemi
‘’It means friends of the bride’’ said kemi smiling
‘’The makeup artist called yesterday and she promised she will be’’……… there was someone on the door knocking
‘’Who is that’’ asked kemi
‘’It’s me ma, a woman called damilola is waiting for you, she says she is your makeup artist for the wedding’’ said the maid
‘’Okay, tell her I will join her shortly’’ replied adeola
‘’Bukky be fast in having your bath, she is around’’ shouted adeola at bukky who was in the bathroom

‘’Okay, I will be done soon’’ replied bukky.
Adeola excused herself from the room and went downstairs to the room next to her uncle’s room and dialled a number
‘’Hey my love how are you’’ said adeola
‘I am fine where you abandoned me’’ replied segun
‘’Am sorry segun I didn’t call yesterday I was busy throughout’’ said adeola sounding guilty
‘’Busy doing what, busy planning that your stupid wedding and leaving me here abi, no problem oooo’’ replied segun
‘’Anyway I need some cash before you go on that honeymoon’’ said segun
‘’How much do you need’’ asked adeola
‘’Like two hundred thousand’’ replied segun

‘’I will credit you before two pm’’ said adeola
‘’I need another thing from you’’ said segun
‘’I need you to bring some food stuff today’’ said segun
‘’Segun, I don’t think that will be possible, am getting married today’’ replied adeola sounding angry
‘’So now ade, you can tell me you are getting marry ehen; do you want me to show for that wedding when they are join you to that foolish guy’’ shouted segun

Don’t worry I will get it across to you, if that is all I need to go said adeola who heard bukky calling her name
I love you segun and am so sorry for all have caused in this relationship
‘’Love you too bye’’ said segun…….
‘’My guy, you are still not serious with these dance steps, no let adeola win you oooo’’ said tony making fun of alex
‘’I don’t have your time’’ replied alex who was sorting out some of his cloths for tony to help him iron
‘’Instead of you assisting him in packing for his honeymoon, you are disturbing him, abeg which kind best man you be self’’asked seyi
‘’Abeg help me ask him oooo’’ said alex smiling and sounding funny making all of them to laugh
‘’My guy don they hear pidgin small small’’ said tony still laughing
‘’Do I have a choice, after all that is what you all say to me in the club’’ said tony
‘’Talking about club, I hope you won’t forget club when you marry just like Henry who always gives excuses when we call him’’ said Hakeem

‘’Who is Henry’’ asked alex turning to tony who was pressing his native wears he will use for the ceremony
‘’Henry is one of us, we all went to the same secondary school but ever since the guy don marry Ruth, we know they see him break light’’ said tony
‘’E be like say Ruth just charm our guy’’ said Hakeem laughing
‘’How’’ asked alex turning to Hakeem
‘’Guy way like to they go club and way know they commot club till around twelve a times one and most time we they always leave am for club, then suddenly turn house husband’’ said Hakeem
‘’Don’t forget he can drink like twelve bottle’’ said shola smiling
‘’Wow, maybe he changed because of her, does he has kids’’ asked alex
‘’Nope, him never even cloak a year them marry, but he told us, his wife his pregnant’’ said akeem

‘’I guess that is a good reason for him to stay more at home’’ said alex
‘’Hmmmm, hope you won’t do the same’’ asked wale
‘’Chill guys, alex is not like that plus adeola is not the clinging type, when you see her, you will love her’’ said tony trying to avoid further questions from his friend to alex
‘’Instead of that, abeg come help him iron some cloth him they carry go honeymoon’’ said tony
Alex noticed how tony cover up from his friends who were now his friends and meeting all of them within three month he arrived at Nigeria. He excused himself from the room and went to the next room to make a call. Has he scrolled through the numbers on his phone, he wondered why his heart beats faster whenever he was about to call adeola even during the calls and how he was atimes short of what to say.

‘’Hey dear good morning’’ said alex
‘’Morning how was your night’’ said adeola
‘’It was fine, and yours’’ asked alex
‘’Am good, thanks for yesterday’’ said adeola
‘’You welcome; is your makeup artist around’’ asked alex
‘’Yes, am even in the salon with her’’ replied adeola

‘’Okay, let me allow you, make sure she makes the hair fine’’ said alex
‘’Okay’’ said adeola smiling
‘’Talk to you later bye’’ said alex
‘’Bye’’ replied adeola

To be continued.... 
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