Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 4

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 4

‘’So tell me which one do you prefer; the red velvet, the common chocolate and vanilla cake or the white chocolate with raspberry’’ asked Mrs Oluwole pointing at the four cakes that has being tasted by adeola and alex

Mrs oluwole is the event planner of the wedding who is commonly used by the wealthy people in the country. She is a good friend f tonia ever since they met at a conference in Abuja.

‘’I prefer the white chocolate with the raspberry’’ said adeola looking at the woman
‘’What about you alex’’ asked mrs oluwole
‘’I prefer the red velvet’’ said alex smiling at adeola and the woman
‘’Okay, I suggest will use the two for the wedding; since the cake will have five layers. Is that okay by both of you’’ asked mrs oluwole

‘’Yes’’ replied adeola in which alex responded by nodding his head
‘’Good, to other things, the wedding gown, the suit, the ring and the shoes both of you will use arrives from Dubai this weekend and I will be delivering it to you by Tuesday afternoon’’. ‘’All other things are in place for the wedding’’. ‘’By the way, where do you plan on having your honeymoon’’ asked oluwole
‘’One of my aunties sponsored it and it will be in Las Vegas. All arrangement has being made by her’’. Said alex
‘’Wow, I have been there once during my tenth year wedding anniversary, It is a lovely place; Was she the one that picked the place’’ asked mrs oluwole
‘’She loved it and desire to be there’’ said alex smiling at adeola. She remembered discussing with small mum about places she would love to visit years back and how she suggested they go there when her sister asked them. 

‘’I guess you have a lovely taste and I bet you will enjoy the place’’ said mrs oluwole.

‘’What is the latest on your best lady wears, has it being sorted out’’ asked oluwole
‘’Yes it has’’ replied adeola
‘’Okay then, I think we are done here, in case anything comes up, I will let you know’’. ‘’How many section of counselling do you still have with the pastor’’ asked oluwole
‘’Just two and it will take place on Wednesday and Thursday’’ replied alex
‘’That is good; I guess we are done’’ siad oluwole
‘’I need to take my leave now, have lots of work to do’’ said alex standing up
‘’Wait a minute, won’t you hug and peck your wife before leaving asked oluwole
Have noticed you don’t do that whenever am around’’. ‘’I guess you are not romantic’’ said oluwole teasing alex and alex feeling somehow with her statement
‘’We don’t like to display our affection in front of others’’ replied alex

‘’Have not noticed any sparks between you both ever since we have being planning this wedding; Which is not common with couples have worked with; they will be all over each other showing off their affection that even makes me feel jealous times’’. ‘’But it is the opposite with you both; I hope everything is okay’’ asked oluwole sounding concerned
‘’Yes, it is just the stress of the wedding getting to us’’ said adeola who felt it was her turn to cover-up
‘’What stress; I am the one that is stressed up; if you insist nothing is wrong, I will keep quiet but I also insist alex should hug you and give you a peck’’ said oluwole staring at Alex
Adeola stood up, and both hug and alex gave her a soft peck on her left check
‘’Good, you can now take your leave’’ said oluwole
‘’See you later honey and have a lovely day’’ said alex as he was going out
‘’And you too’’ replied adeola
Mrs oluwole looked at her and smiled
‘’It’s your type that will be jealous when other ladies complement your man; anyway, I will also be on my way’’ said oluwole packing the stuffs she came with from the table and adeola assisted………………

‘’Good morning ma’’ said ronke
‘’Morning dear, how are you’’ asked Adeola Abolude fine ma relied ronke
‘’Has anybody asked of me’’ said adeola
‘’No ma, but aunty Bee came to pick up her cloth and she balanced up’’ relied ronke
‘’Okay then, I will be in my office’’ replied adeola
Okay ma

The days are moving fast and her wedding day is drawing closer she thought. She remembered how her father was excited when she and alex told him they have agreed to go ahead with the wedding and how segun gave her a tough time accepting. Alex even intervened by talking to him and assuring him it was just a fake wedding which will end after two month; but segun still disagree until three days later after depositing some cash which he requested in his account that he accepted. She was getting scared as the date of the wedding approached. She remembered how nervous she was during the marriage counselling in church anytime the pastors ask them questions and alex supplied most of the answers. He has being so caring, understanding and supportive ever since Dr oni spoke to them but segun seems not to care about what she was going through. He is always looking for ways to make her feel guilty for going ahead with the wedding. Kemi who she disclosed all want transpired in the doctor’s office have being very supportive and encouraging. She checked her phone and saw peace missed calls;
‘’Hey besty how are you’’ asked adeola
‘’Iyawo iyawo I am fine oooo and you’’ asked Peace
‘’I am good; I saw your missed call’’s said adeola
‘’Yes, I wanted to inform you that bukky and Amina will also be coming n Thursday; In fact we booked the same flight yesterday’’ said Peace
‘’Wow that is good, but Amina did not tell me when we talked this morning’’ said adeola

‘’I guess she wanted to surprise you’’ relied Peace
‘’I am surprise ooooo’’ replied adeola smiling
‘’Have got to go my boss just called me; my regards to that handsome alex’’ said peace
‘’I will’’ replied adeola
‘’Handsome indeed’’ she thought remembering the peck and hug

To be continued..... 
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