Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 9

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 2 Episode 9

On arriving home, damilola the makeup artist helped adeola to removed the make up on her face and remove her cloths. Adeola entered the bathroom while her friends were still talking about the event. As the water touched her body, she felt relieved and muted some words of prayer to God for the success of the event. 

She wiped the water off her face, and noticed the diamond ring on her left hands, she removed it and after looking at it for a while, she placed it back. As she stepped out of the bathroom, she notice it was only bukky in the room

‘’Where are others’’ asked adeola
‘’They are in there rooms, they all went to change’’ replied bukky
‘’Are you done with the bathroom’’ asked bukky
‘’Yes, you can go in’’ said adeola
She opened her wardrobe and discovered all her cloths have been folded
‘’Wow, who did this’’ asked adeola pointing to the wardrobe
‘’I guessed the three of them when we went out; why are you asking don’t you like it’’ replied bukky
‘’I love it, have concluded that when am in Las Vegas, I will call one the maids to do it’’ said adeola
‘’That’s our job or rather that is Peace job and beside your load supposed to be in your husband house the day you marry; you are not to come back to your father’s house to be packing load when you and your husband are meant to be enjoying each other’s company’’ said bukky smiling and adeola smiled back
‘’Let me go and have my…….. They both heard someone knocking 

‘’Who is that’’ asked adeola
‘’It’s me ma, oga wants to see you’’ said the maid
‘’Tell him I will be there shortly’’ relied adeola
‘’Okay ma’’
‘’Am coming bukky, daddy called me’’ shouted adeola
‘’Okay’’ replied bukky
‘’Hey dad how are you’’ said adeola to her father who was sitting in the sitting room because of guest that were coming to greet him
‘’I am good and am very happy’’ said adetutu who was smiling and adeola smiled back. She wished God can lay his healing hands on her father and give him additional years for him to see his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

‘’You made me proud; today is my happiest day and I know tomorrow also will be. All the prayers that were prophesied towards your marriage, I see them starting to work’’ said adetutu

‘’Thanks dad’’ said adeola
As adetutu was talking to one of the guest who came home to greet him, Adeola couldn’t help but wonder the prayers alex was saying when they told him to pray for her. She felt relaxed in his hands when he carried her and she wished for a second for him not to put her down. She was scared he was going to kiss her after giving her the cake, but her fears did not come to pass
She was brought back from her thought when adetutu tapped her

‘’Two pastors will be here tomorrow morning by five am to pray for you which will be done in my room; inform your friends to join us; I told akin and his wife earlier today’’ said adetutu
‘’Okay dad, can I go’’ said adeola
‘’Yes, go and spend the few hours you have left as miss adeola adetutu with your friends’’ said adetutu smiling at his daughter
‘’Okay dad’’ said adeola smiling back
Okoh and his wife were so happy that there joy knew know bound. Okoh was busy attending to some guest while tonia was instructing the maids on how to serve the guest in the house.

Her two sisters Rachael and Jennifer who came from U.S were both checking the pictures they took in the wedding. Alex and his friends were also in the house upstairs waiting to be entertained. Shortly after, the maids brought their foods and they all begin eating. Rachael who is elder sister to Tonia and who sponsored the honeymoon trip to Las Vegas came upstairs and called alex into the room.

‘’Are you not eating’’ asked alex
‘’Eat those craps your maid cooked’’ asked Rachael smiling
‘’Don’t worry, Jennifer and i will get something to eat when will go out’’ said Rachael
‘’I want to give you the papers you will tender at Vadra hotel and spa, it’s a lovely place and you and your wife will enjoyed it’’ said tonia
‘’Thanks’’ said alex
‘’When you get to Nevada, just take a taxi going to the hotel, it’s a very common hotel in Vegas’’ said Rachael
‘’Okay’’ replied alex
‘’And lastly, on behalf of all of us in U.S, I give you this debit card which will cover all your expenses throughout your stay; make sure you spoil her with gifts’’ said Rachael giving him the card
Alex hugged her and thanked her

To be continued ..... 
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