Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Last Episode

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Last Episode 

As they drove back home; adeola was deep in thought and tears were rolling down her cheeks. She remembered the day she met segun and the happy times they have spent together. In the early stage of their relationship; he was very sweet, caring and loving and that made her love him more.

‘’Ade are you okay’’ asked kemi who was driving the car
‘’Yes I am’’ replied adeola cleaning wiping the tears away with the face towel
‘’Am so sorry dear’’ said kemi
‘’Sorry for what; am supposed to be telling you that; not you’’ replied adeola giving kemi a fake smile
‘’I didn’t listen to all your warnings; instead I turned a deaf ear; now I can see the reality’’ said adeola
‘’Don’t blame yourself; its normal for one to behave like that especially when you are deep in love with someone’’ said kemi
‘’I was foolishly in love with him’’ said adeola

Shortly after; they arrived home
Adeola headed straight to the wine cellar in the house; sat on one of the chairs and poured herself a glass of alcoholic wine
‘’Join me; let me get you a glass cup’’ said adeola turning to kemi who was sitting next to her

‘’Am not drinking; remember am b----t feeding’’ said kemi
Adeola smiled and drank additional five cups
‘’It’s okay ade; the wine will intoxicate you’’ said kemi
‘’That’s exactly what I want because that is the only thing that can make me feel better’’ said adeola smiling and she opened another wine 

‘’You know the funny thing; I saw some of these warning signals; but guess what; I pretended they were not there’’ said adeola
Kemi wanted to collect wine from her but she held her hand
‘’Stop it; it’s someone that is passing through the same situation like mine that will understand me’’ said adeola
‘’You know; have being through a lot in this life and for that I need a drink; so cheers’’ said adeola laughing and sounding drunk
‘’Am coming; let me quickly make a call’’ said kemi
‘’Go, go home; go and meet your husband and daughter; I will be fine; am always fine; use to all my loved ones leaving me’’ said adeola shouting and laughing

When kemi got outside she dialled her husband number
‘’Hello honey’’ said kemi
‘’Kemo where have you being since morning’’ asked wale
‘’Sorry love; am with adeola; she is somehow going through a terrible situation’’ said kemi
‘’Which situation is she going through that you left your sick daughter home’’ asked wale
‘’Am sorry honey’’ said kemi
‘’Is her husband with her’’ asked wale
‘’No he is not’’ replied kemi
‘’His he not in Lagos’’ asked wale
‘’He is’’ replied kemi
‘’Have you informed him on what is going on’’ asked wale
‘’Nope not yet’’ said kemi
‘’Then call him, he will be in the best position to console her not you’’ said wale
‘’Okay’’ said kemi
Anjola have being crying ever since you left and she refused to take her cereals said wale
I need you to come home now or is she a danger to herself asked wale

Nope; I think I will call her husband now nd immediately his back I will be on my way home said kemi
Okay, no problem
‘’Bye’’ said kemi disconnecting the call and she dialled alex number………………..

Alex was in the office lost in his thought; he knew why his dad summoned him to his office. It was the design he and his crew produce for the contract they are bidding for and he was not impressed with what they produced. He has not been himself ever since he came back from Vegas. ‘’He was going to iron things out between them today; he can’t keep ignoring her and angry with her because it is affecting him at work’’ he thought. He heard his phone ring
‘’Am done with my calls; you can be on your way’’ said okoh
‘’Okay sir’’ replied alex dropping the phone on the table
‘’What is this nonsense’’ asked okoh turning the system to alex
‘’I don’t understand dad’’ alex said
‘’Are you blind and deaf’’ asked okoh shouting and sounding angry
‘’I ask you again; what is this nonsense you and your crew produced’’ asked okoh
‘’Is this the best you so called architects can come up with’’ asked okoh
‘’Alex after spending millions of naira on you; sending you to the best college and university in the world; so this is the best you can give after all the years of training’’ shouted okoh
‘’You and your crew almost made this company to lose over five billion naira worth of contract with the useless design you all came up with’’ said okoh angrily
‘’All thanks to one of the white men who has a major share in the contract and have heard about adetutu designs; he gave us another short; if not, we would have lost the contract to our competitors’’ said okoh
‘’You are making me regret giving you this job. Just see the nonsense you did’’ said okoh turning the system towards him.

‘’Anyway; we have being given grace of a week to come up with a better one and if you still can’t produce the one that suit their taste; then you all should tender your resignation letter and let me hire professionals’’ said okoh
‘’You can leave; I have to make some calls’’ said okoh

Alex knew his dad was going to talk to him; but he never knew it would be to that extent.
‘’Ahmed I need you and the rest in my office now’’ said alex

Shortly after the four architect were in his office
‘’The boss just called me in and he was totally not happy with the design we came up with and we almost lost the contract but we have being given additional one week to come up with a new design’’.

‘’Therefore, tomorrow being Saturday by ten am, we all will be in the office and until will come up with a much better one; we won’t be leaving here’’ said alex

‘’I believe we can come up with a better one if we can just put our all in it’’ said alex looking at all of them and they all agreed with him.

‘’Is there any suggestion’’ asked alex. He noticed his phone has being ringing;
‘’Excuse me please’’ said alex
‘’Hello kem; how are you’’ asked alex
‘’Am good alex; where are you’’ asked kemi

‘’Am at work’’ replied alex surprised at her question
‘’Can you please be on your way home right now’’ asked kemi
‘’What happened; is adeola alright’’ asked alex
‘’I don’t think so, she really need you here’’ kemi said
‘’Alright; will be with you shortly’’ said alex disconnecting the call
‘’Guys, I need to leave; there is an emergency in my house’’ said alex
‘’Hope all is well’’ asked seyi one of the architect
‘’I pray so; I will see you all tomorrow; please let us all be early’’ said alex
‘’Regards to your wife’’ said ahmed
‘’Thanks I will’’ said alex
As he drove home; his thought was on adeola; is she alright, did she had an accident
‘’God I reject that for her’’ said alex loudly
What could be wrong with her today of all days that he has decided to iron things between them. He was tired of them being casual towards each other; he missed all the fun times they both shared. He missed the way she smiles, laugh and turn her eyes especially when she his saying something funny and her soft touches whenever she is trying to express herself.

‘’Are you in love with her’’ asked his inner voice

‘’No, he is just like her and miss her that is all’’ said alex loudly
Minutes later he was home and kemi came out to meet him
‘’Is she alright’’ asked alex
‘’She is not’’ replied kemi
‘’What happened’’ asked alex
‘’Do you know segun’’ asked kemi
‘’Yes; I do’’ replied alex
‘’Both of us went to his house today; and we both caught him s------g another girl’’ said kemi

‘’What’’ said alex shocked
‘’Yes; he has being cheating on her all this while but his cup was full today and could you believe the son of a b---h; instead of feeling sorry and apologising to adeola, he ended up blaming her’’ said kemi

‘’What’’ said alex sounding angry. He wished he was there with them; he would have beaten life out of him he thought

‘’How is she feeling’’ asked alex
‘’She has being drinking ever since we came back; I dropped anjola with her dad since morning, I never knew I would stay this long; I need to be on my way’’ said kemi entering the house with alex

‘’Alex the prince charming is here; come come have your seat’’ said adeola sounding drunk

Alex felt sorry for her; he had never seen her like this

‘’Ade I need to be on my way now; I will see you tomorrow’’ said kemi
‘’So you will leave me alone’’ asked adeola
‘’Nope; you are not alone; alex is here with you, remember anjola is not feeling too well, I need to go and take care of her’’ said kemi giving alex a look and she was sure adeola was completely drunk
‘’Okay bye’’ said adeola laughing
‘’Alex please take god care of her; see you tomorrow’’ said kemi leaving the house
‘’I will and thank you for all the help rendered’’ said alex
‘’Prince charming; join me’’ said adeola weaving at him
‘’I think you have had enough’’ said alex and he was about taking the bottle of wine when adeola held his hand
‘’Stop it, if you really understand what am going through you will join me; if not leave me and ignore me like you have being doing ever since we came back from Vegas’’ said adeola
‘’You were a fun, caring and gentle alex then; but you changed and left me’’ said adeola collecting the bottle from her and pouring herself another drink.

‘’You are not a good friend; a good friend wont judge me but will join me’’ said adeola laughing
‘’Kemi is a good friend, she wanted to join me but she is breastfeeding’’ said adeola
‘’I am passing through lots of things right now; and I need to drink it out’’ said adeola laughing
Alex took the wine from her and pored himself a drink

‘’Good; you are gradually becoming my good friend; but you have to drink like’’……..she counted her fingers six cups before I call you my good friend.
So are you ready asked adeola
‘’Sure’’ said alex and as adeola poured the drinks for him; he took them
‘’Welcome on board’’ said adeola shaking his hands
‘’So tell me; what happened between you and prince charming’’ asked alex

He looked at her and she was still beautiful even at her drunk state
‘’Prince charming was cheating on princess charming and princess charming got to know today; cheers’’ said adeola laughing and raising her glass cup towards alex
‘’So your turn’’ said adeola
‘’My turn to do what’’ asked alex
‘’Your turn to share’’ replied adeola
‘’Dad insulted me today because of the design I and my crew produced for the contracting we are bidding for and we almost lost the contract’’ said alex
‘’Cheers’’ shouted adeola laughing raising her cup again towards alex own
‘’My turn; everybody I love end up leaving me; first my mum; my grandma; my dad and segun cheers’’ said adeola laughing
Alex felt for her; he understands what she is passing through.
‘’Why are you staring; it’s your time’’ said adeola
‘’I don’t have anything more to say’’ said alex
‘’I win I win’’ she shouted rising her cup up and laughing
‘’Why are you staring at me’’ asked adeola
‘’It’s because you are beautiful’’ said alex
‘’You want to kiss me or am I making up assumptions again like in Vegas’’ whispered adeola

Alex smiled and looked away; he knew she was drunk
She touched him
‘’I want you to kiss me’’ said adeola staring at him
‘’What’’ asked alex shocked at her statement
‘’I want you to kiss me repeated adeola
‘’Are you sure’’ asked alex
‘’if I wasn’t, I won’t…… he didn’t allow her to finish her statement, his lips met hers in a soft kiss, he stood up from the high chair he was sitting on and pulled her from her chair also. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. He kissed her lower lips and she kissed him back.

Suddenly, alex broke the kiss and looked into her eyes; he knew she wanted more and he also wanted more but he didn’t want to take advantage of her. She moved closer to him and kissed him placing her hands on his shoulder and he also kissed her back.
‘’Alex take me to your room’’ she whispered into his left ear
He carried her in his hands and they both headed to his room; as he was about opening the door; he looked into her eyes

‘’Are you sure’’ he asked
‘’Yes absolutely’’ she replied

To be continued... . .
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