Love Story : Unplanned Love : Season 3 Episode 1

Love Story : Unplanned Love : Season 3 Episode 1

They arrived at the church few minute to six with her dad and sharon sitting next to her, while peace and Rasheed sat at the front.

‘’Iyawo see your prince charming’’ said peace pointing to alex direction

Adeola spotted alex who was wearing cobalt blue suit, white shirt and red tie. She couldn’t help both noticed how handsome he was and how the colour of the suit blended well with his skin tone. She also saw tony who was wearing the same suit with alex and she conclude that the suit fits alex than him. She noticed the church premises was filled with fleet of cars and uniform met

‘’Do you know four kings and two governors are inside the church for this wedding; just to mension a few’’ said adetutu
‘’That is good dad’’ replied adeola still looking around
‘’I was the one that designed the royal palace of those kings’’ said adetutu smiling
‘’Wow that is awesome sir’’ said peace
‘’I want to be an architect like you grandpa’’ said Sharon
‘’No problem about that princess; just work hard in school’’ said adetutu smiling at the girl and holding her hands
‘’I guess they are ready for us’’ said Peace point at alex direction who was entering the church with his friends
Adeola got down from the car and peace assisted her in adjusting her gown and veil. Adetutu was also assisted by rasheed to come down from the car and he handed over his walking stick.

Both father and daughter entered the church both holding themselves at the elbow. As they entered the processional hymn ‘’o magnify the Lord with me’’ was sang by the congregation with the help of the organist playing the piano. When they got to where the pastor and alex were standing, adetutu handed over adeola hand to the pastor and adeola and alex both faced each other. 

Innovation was done by the pastor followed by the opening prayer after which he gave a short exhortation on why matrimony was ordained by God. This was followed by charge and declaration after which the pastor blessed the rings and told each of them to recite the vow after him holding the rings in their hands.

Prayers and blessings were showered on them by all the ministers of God present. Alex was told by the pastor to open adeola’s veil and as he did he whispered into her ears
‘’You look so beautiful’’ said alex
‘’Thanks’’ whispered adeola
They were further instructed by the pastor to face the congregation holding their hands. He then official announced to the congregation that they were no longer alex and adeola but rather Architect and Mrs okoh raising both of their hands up. The entire congregation clapped shouted and cheered them up. After which, a brief message was given by another pastor followed by signing of the marriage certificate with thanksgiving and an hour later, the closing prayer was given by the pastor from okoh church.

All the guest, friends and family members all took turns to snap with the couples and the couples also took pictures together and individually after which they all headed to the reception ground. Tony drove the car with peace siting next tohim and adeola and alex siting at the back sit.

‘’Adeola you are looking so beautiful in this gown and yesterday wears to the extent that I didn’t recognized you’’ said tony smiling and looking at both of them
‘’Thanks tony, you are also not looking bad yourself’’ replied adeola
Alex couldn’t help but feel jealous about her complement on tony instead of him
‘’So am I the one looking bad’’ asked alex looking at adeola
‘’You are also looking good’’ said adeola shyly
‘’Don’t mind him, he is always jealous of me because am finer than him’’ said tony and all of them laughed
Shortly after, peace arrived with two disposable plate of rice and two drinks and gave each one to tony.

‘’Bukky is bring yours with one of the servers’’ said peace turning to alex and adeola

‘’She insisted she will be the one to bring it’’ said peace
Adeola imagined the drama that must have occurred between bukky and peace which made smiled. Alex was happy on hearing bukky will be coming over and looked at alex face and both of them smiled. Shortly after, bukky arrived with the server carrying a plate of rice that was covered and a bottle of wine with a cup.
‘’I felt since it is your first meal as husband and wife, you both should eat together in the same plate and drinking from the same cup and bottle of wine’’ said bukky.

‘’It’s an honour to be the first to serve you couples’’ said bukky trying to open the wine. Peace imagined the wine splashing on her face and cloth, she smiled at her thought
‘’Let me help you with that’’ said tony collecting the wine from her
‘’Thanks’’ replied bukky

Am tony, alex best friend and best man said tony stretching his hands and smiling at her
‘’I know who you are because I can see you are wearing same suit with alex plus I know your name from the church program’’ said bukky

Alex was speechless and all he could do was smiled at her

‘’Eat your food quickly because you will soon be called in’’ said bukky
Adeola and alex both ate in silence, at first she was a little shy, but after a while she loosened up.
Shortly after, they were called in by the Mc and the DJ played songs like olomi by tosin matins and wedding day by patoranking. The couples danced with their friends as they entered the hall. Alex noticed that adeola knows how to dance very well even more than her friends.

Later on, they were ushered imto there seat.
‘’Do you need anything’’ whispered alex into adeola ears
‘’Just water thanks’’ replied adeola.

She could see the entire guest from where she was siting and was amazed at their population. Minutes later, the M.C. announced that it was time for them couples to cut the cake. On getting to where the cake was, adeola loved the cake; its colours and the way the layers were arranged. After the cutting, they were told to feed each other with the cake and wine and again after alex gave her the cake, and wine he pecked her on both cheeks and after this, they were ushered into the dance floor were they danced and danced………

To be continued..... . 
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