Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 3

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 3

The moment they arrived in Vegas, adeola fell in love with the city and its environment and she was smiling and happy to see the city at last.
‘’I guess you must really love this place’’ asked alex

‘’Yes, have read about it a lot and have seen ‘lots of pictures of some places here’’ said adeola smiling
‘’On my sixteenth birthday; when dad asked me what I want as my birthday gift, I told him I wanted to go to Vegas, and he promised me after am done with my university education I will come here’’ said adeola
‘’Wow, even though a little bit late, your wishes came to pass’’ said alex checking the road to find a taxi that will take them to the hotel
‘’Don’t tell me, throughout your stay in U.S, you never wished for one day to come here’’ asked adeola
‘’Nope’’ replied alex
‘’Why’’ asked adeola
‘’Because I was busy with school and a girlfriend that would have love to visit here, I did not have’’ said alex. Adeola wanted to ask if in all his stay in U.S he never dated any girl but she was silent when she saw a taxi stoped for them

‘’Leave the box, I will carry it, just enter the car’’ said alex
‘’Hey, good afternoon beautiful people welcome to Vegas’’ said the taxi driver smiling
‘’Thanks’’ both chorused
‘’Newly married I guess’’ asked the driver looking at both of them through the mirror
‘’Yes’’ said alex
‘’Wow congratulations, you are here for your honeymoon’’ said the driver 

‘’Thanks’’ replied alex
‘’My name is James, and I leave here and I was born here’’ said the driver
‘’That means you know a lot of places here’’ asked alex
‘’Yes’’ replied James
‘’I will have to get your number then, I hope you will be of help in showing us around’’ asked alex
‘’Call it anyway where; I will take you there and I bet you and your wife will love this place’’ said the driver said the driver smiling at adeola through the mirror
‘’Where are you from; Kenya’’ asked James
‘’Nope, Nigeria replied alex. Adeola was busy looking at the city structures and not paying attention to what alex and the man were discussing.

‘’She was going to enjoy her stay here’’ she thought
‘’Wow the largest Black race Country in the world; that is good’’ said James
‘’Your wife is very beautifu’’l said James
‘’Thanks’’ replied alex who was now looking at adeola; he was happy she loved the place
‘’We are here’’ said James. They all came down and the driver assisted alex in carrying one of the boxes
‘’Welcome to Vegas and welcome to Vadra Hotel and Spa’’ said the receptionist
‘’Thank you’’ chorused both of them
‘’How can I help you’’ asked the receptionist smiling
‘’We are from Nigeria, and my aunty booked this hotel on our behalf said alex giving the receptionist papers and him checking the system to confirm and after he did he called two of the customer care workers to address them
‘’Welcome to Vadra Hotel and Spa; Mr and Mrs alex; am Vanessa Edward, here to accommodate your every need during your stay with us’’ said Vanessa smiling at them and giving them a small booklet
‘’Let me take you to your suites’’ said Vanessa smiling and both followed her to the elevator
‘’If you take a look at the small booklet, you will see some of our features; we have the casino which is the second floor, then the club which is at the third floor and there is the pool outside said Vanessa
‘’Your suites is on the nineth floor and it has adequately been prepared to suit your taste’’ said Vanessa
‘’There are different carnivals being held at night outside and other fun activities you will love in case you and your beautiful wife are interested’’ said Vanessa smiling at adeola
‘’Here we are’’ said Vanessa. Opening the door and carrying the boxes inside. Adeola and alex were so speechless when they entered because the room was so beautiful, big and spacious. The bed was enough to contain five people to sleep on

‘’You can see the pool from your window’’ said Vanessa opening the curtains wider for adeola to see
‘’we also offer door to door services like foods and dry cleaning, just ring us through the phone, and within seconds we are here to cater for your needs. I hope you both enjoy your stay’’ said Venessa smiling as she walked out of the room
‘’Wow this room is beautiful’’ said adeola still checking it out
‘’I never knew this was what she planned for us’’ said alex
‘’Can I have the key to my box now’’ asked adeola smiling
‘’Sure’’ replied alex giving herthe key
‘’I am coming’’ said alex carrying his box
‘’Where are you going’’ asked adeola who was about entering the bathroom
‘’To the receptionist to get another room’’ replied alex
‘’For who’’ asked adeola confused
‘’For Me; you understand right ‘asked alex
‘’We can sleep on this bed together, its large enough to contain five people; we just have to set boundary using those small pillows’’ said adeola who was shy saying those words and she couldn’t look at alex
‘’Besides where do you want to get money to pay for another room’’ asked adeola
‘’She gave us a debit card remember’’ replied alex
‘’She opened the account in her name because it is her name written on the card’’ asked Adeola
‘’Yes’’ replied alex
‘’That means at the end, when we are done, all our transaction would be sent to her. What do you think she say when she discovered we had another room’’ asked adeola
‘’Let just stay here, after all it’s just for a week, remember you told me; it’s just a vacation between a sister and a brother’’ said adeola smiling
‘’Okay, I heard you’’ said alex placing the box on the ground
‘’Let me go and freshen up, after which we can go and eat, am famished’’ said adeola entering the bathroom
‘’Alex can I use the phone to call Nigeria’’ asked adeola
‘’Sure I guessed’’ said alex checking the phone

As she opened her box, she did not believe what she saw; the wears her friends packed for her. It was then it dawn on her why they insisted she mustn’t open the box and the key was given to alex
‘’Alex I think we have to make use of that debit card now, you wouldn’t believe what those girls packed for me’’ said adeola……………………….

To be continued .. .. 
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