Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 2

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 2

As the couples arrived in Okoh’s house, the family women started singing their native song and tonia went over to adeola and held her hands and both walked to where the women were. A bowl of water was brought by one of the maids and was collected by the eldest among the women. She prayed on the water and the women chorused amen in their native language. After this tonia told adeola to adjust her wedding gown up and was assisted by her, and the old woman poured the water on her legs and prayed again for her; after which she was told to enter the house and the women followed her. Then the youngest among all of them gave adeola six wrappers and told her to always wear any of them any time she and alex visit okohs home town and thereafter, each of the women hugged her including tonia welcoming her to the family.

‘’Hey small mum, I need to change my cloth and shower’’ said adeola
‘’Sweetheart, this is now your home, you can go to any room except me and my husband’s room’’ said tonia smiling
‘’Okay go to the first room on your lright hand side, that was alex old room’’ said tonia
‘’Thanks small mum’’ replied adeola who noticed alex was busy with his dad outside
‘’Hey peace, help me remove this gown, heat is killing me’’ said adeola turning her back to peace

‘’Okay, am coming’’ replied peace looking for the zip
‘’Where is bukky’’ asked adeola
‘’She is down stairs; I told her to move your box to the car you are taking to the airport’’ replied peace

‘’Kemi have you given the key to alex’’ asked peace
‘’Not yet, as soon as am done here, I will do that’’ said kemi who was about changing her baby diaper and cloth

Adeola made an uncomfortable sound
‘’Holdon I will soon unzip it’’ said peace
As she unzip the gown to her waist exposing; adeola moved the upper part to her waist exposing her burst which was half covered by the bra

‘’Wait, I think the zip is stuck at the waist’ ’said peace
‘’Am a little bit relieved’’ said adeola
‘’Kemi abeg help me on the fan’’ said adeola

As kemi opened the fan, alex entered the room standing by the door and looking at adeola who was half Unclad
‘’Am so sorry, never knew you girls where here’’ said alex
‘’Alex why are you sorry for seeing your wife UnCloth, abeg stop the pretending; if you haven’t seen it before, I guessed by tomorrow night you will see a full picture’’ said peace smiling
‘’And why are you covering your burst’’ said peace to adeola who was using her hands to cover her burst area and staring at alex, who was now looking away
‘’I have to go, I will come back when you are done’’ said alex closing the door
‘’Wait alex’’ shout kemi opening the door
‘’I want to give you the key to adeola box, you mustn’t give her not until you both are in Vegas’’ said kemi giving him the key and staring at his face
‘’Okay’’ said alex
‘’You love her don’t you’’ asked kemi
‘’I don’t understand’’ replied alex
‘’It written all over your face alex, you are in love with adeola’’ said kemi
I ………

‘’Shhhhhhh’’ sounded kemi lacing her two fingers in her on her lips
‘’Don’t say a word; i am so happy, just make sure she falls in love with you before coming back to Nigeria. It has being my desire for her to leave that nonentity called segun’’ said kemi smiling. Alex wanted to talk but she stoped him again
‘’Have a lovely honeymoon alex’’ said kemi laughing as she was leaving
Adeola couldn’t still believe the incident that occurred few minutes ago of alex walking into the room while she was undressing. At that moment she felt like the ground should swallow her and thanks to him, for looking away while bukky was saying those craps. She came out of the bathroom
‘’I hope you brought me another bra and pant from home’’ asked adeola facing peace
‘’Yes of course, here is it with other things you will need’’ replied peace
‘’Thanks love’’ said adeola
‘’You are always welcome’’ replied kemi trying to fold the wedding gown
‘’Am seriously hungry’’ said adeola on seeing bukky entering the room
‘’Your husband is waiting for you down stairs to eat with you’’ said bukky. Adeola wanted to ask why, but she wasn’t ready for talks from her friends giving her advice on why she and alex should it together
‘’Let me do your make up for you’’ said bukky collecting the small bag from her
As alex saw her coming down from the stairs, he couldn’t but stare at her and the lovely dress she was wearing showing her upper curves and her gorgeous hot legs, she was indeed beautiful he thought. Both their eyes met and he turned back to face his friends who he was shocked to see that they were also staring at her
‘’Guy you all can see a ring on her left fingers, that is to tell you she is taken’’ said alex sounding funny and jealous and they all laughed including adeola
‘’Sweetheart, let us go and eat and then embark on our honeymoon’’ said alex stretching his hands towards adeola
‘’I am sorry for the other time, I never knew you girls where there, I wanted to change’’ said alex
‘’No problem’’ replied adeola forcing a fake smile

Minutes later, as all of them were gisting; her friends with alex, adeola noticed they were all carried away by the Boko haram topic raised by one of alex friends, she excused herself.

She enter the same room she changed and dialled segun number
‘’Hey my love how are you’’ asked adeola
‘’Am fine babe and you’’ asked segun
‘’Am good’’ replied adeola
‘’So how was the wedding, I guess you are now marry to that a-----e’’ said segun
‘’The ceremony was okay; I miss you segun’’ said adeola to avoid him going further in insulting alex
‘’Miss you too’’ replied segun
‘’Did you get my message earlier today’’ asked adeola
‘’Yes I did; are you know longer going for your honeymoon’’ asked segun
‘’We will soon be on our way’’ replied adeola

There was silence on the phone for few seconds
‘’I promise you segun, nothing is going to happen there’’ said adeola
‘’Okay have heard you’’ said segun
‘’I need to go now, talk to you as soon as I get there’’ said adeola
‘’Okay, take care’’ replied segun
‘’I love you segun’’ said adeola
‘’Love you too babe’’ replied segun
She was to relieved that her conversation with segun just now did not lead to disagreement; so now she can go to Vegas she has always dreamed off with rest of her mind, she thought. She opened the door, to see alex coming her way
‘’Are you okay’’ asked alex
‘’Sure I am’’ said adeola smiling at him
‘’So are you ready’’ asked alex who was surprised at her present mood
‘’Of course I am’’ replied adeola smiling again

Few minutes after the plane took off, alex looked at her
‘’This is just a vacation involving an elder brother and a younger sister’’ said alex smiling
‘’Wait you are saying you are my elder brother; if I hear’’ said adeola sounding funny
‘’Even if it’s one day, I use to senior you, am still your elder brother’’ said alex and both of them laughed and shortly after, they both slept off……………………..
To be continued...... 
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