Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 5

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 5

‘’Hey dear good morning; I will be back shortly, going for my regular exercise and when coming back I will get us coffee and tea’’ said alex who was surprised to see her still sleeping.

‘’Okay’’ replied adeola turning and sitting up. she wasn’t feeling well. ‘’It was that time of the month again’’ she thought. She managed to stand up and headed for the bathroom
Few minutes later, she was done, dressed and laying on the bed. Shortly after, alex entered the room with two cups on his hands.

‘’You are still on the bed; are you okay’’
 asked alex moving close to her
‘’Am not feeling too well’’ replied adeola
‘’Is it headache’’
 asked alex
‘’Nope, my tommy’’
 replied adeola
‘’When did it started’’
 asked alex
‘’Few hours ago’’
 replied adeola
‘’Are you reacting to the food we ate yesterday’’
 asked alex
‘’No, let me just say it’s a sickness I experience every month’’
 replied adeola

‘’Have you seen the doctor concerning it’’
 asked alex

‘’It does not require seeing a doctor’’ replied Adeola and alex looked more confused

‘’Alex am having menstrual pains’’ said adeola feeling shy

‘’Am so sorry, I didn’t know’’
 replied alex

‘’No problem, I understand’’
 replied adeola smiling

‘’I guess because I never had a sister’’
 replied alex smiling

‘’What can I do to help reduce the pain’’
 asked alex
‘’I was about calling the customer service to get a sanitary pad when you came in’’
 replied adeola

‘’Okay, let me quickly have my bath, what else do you need’’
 asked alex
‘’I will need more of this hot tea with no sugar, it helps reduce the pain’’
 replied adeola

‘’Okay give me ten minutes I will be done’’
 replied alex entering the bathroom

Minutes later, he came back with two cups of hot tea and giving her it to her. She placed it on the table beside the bed

‘’Here is it’’
 said alex giving her the sanitary pad

‘’I hope you like it; I was confused when I got there because there were so many brands and the sales girl assisted me in picking this one. She told me lots of girls make use of this brand’’
 replied alex

‘’Have never used this before but I guess it is okay’’
 replied adeola placing the pad on the table

‘’Are you not going to use it now’’
 asked Alex feeling very shy saying those words and he couldn’t look at adeola face and adeola smiled

‘’Don’t worry, I will use it in few hours’ time’’
 said adeola laying on the bed
‘’I wish I can do more to help reduce the pain’’
 said alex

‘’You can be of help with your gist, and in a couple of ours, I will be much better’’
replied adeola adeola

An hour and few minutes later, they were both talking and laughing. Adeola was sitting on the bed in front of alex and she was so engrossed in the discussion and alex was laughing at what she was saying; telling him what happened between her and her new friends when they went out yesterday

Alex saw a red feather hanging on her hair and he guessed it must have been from the cloth she wore yesterday. As she was talking, akex moved closer and bent and there were few inches between them. He was about to raise his hands when adeola slapped him.

‘’What are you trying to do alex; to kiss me then s£duce me to have s-x right’’
said adeola who was standing and shouting angrily.

‘’I knew it, I knew all your behaviours were just pretence; pretending to be nice, gentle, pretending to care for as a brother just to sleep with me’’. ‘’Let me tell you boy, your plans will never work because I am not that girl and I am in love with Segun’’…
 Adeola said angrily.

Alex was so confused with all she said, ‘’what could I have done to have deserved these words?’’ he thought. He got up and moved towards her, held her hands, removed the red feather from her hair and placed it on her right hand.

‘’This was what I wanted to remove from your hair; I wasn’t trying to kiss you nor force myself on you’’
 he said. ‘’And please, I never for once pretended to care about you’’ said alex opening the door and shutting it very loud

To be continued..... 
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