Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 7

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 7

Adeola was surprised at what she heard alex say to her. She remembered him promising her to extend the vacation for another three days when she told him some pleases she was yet to visit. ‘’Why the change of plan’’ she thought and shortly after he came out of the bathroom fully dressed.
‘’I remember you telling me we can stay for another three days, why the sudden change’’ she asked looking at him
‘’I have lots of work to do and dad called me today telling me of a new contract NICON is bidding for and he needs me there’’
 replied alex. He knew if not for the disagreement they had today, he wouldn’t mind stay for those three days and okoh did not specify the day he wanted him in the office; but he felt the best thing for him and adeola is to go back home.

‘’You can stay, if you are not ready to leave’’
 said alex feeling a little guilty. He couldn’t bear the thought of hurting her

‘’Don’t worry, since you have booked my flight; we will be leaving together’’
replied adeola

‘’What time is the flight so that I can be ready’’ asked adeola

‘’Eight am’’
 replied alex

‘’Am going out’’
 said alex
She wanted to ask where he was going when the time was few minutes after nine; but she cautioned herself

 she replied.

After alex left the room, she stood up from her the bed and opened her box and started packing her cloths. She was worried about alex; behaviour towards her have changed. He was now sounding casual and ‘’all thanks to her’’ she thought.

By tomorrow she will be seeing her father which is her major priority for now because it is because of him she is doing all these. She picked a polo shirt and admired the cloth for few seconds; she remembered it was alex that persuaded her to pick it for segun. She folded her cloth neatly and put it in the box, she prayed segun likes it because he mostly doesn’t appreciate things she buys for him instead he always tells her to give him the money to buy it himself.

Tell me boo am coming home she shouted and smiled………………..

9:15 am Nigeria time, alex and adeola were already in Nigeria and were both on their way home

‘’Ebuka how are you’’
 asked alex
‘’I good o oga’’ replied ebuka
‘’How was the honeymoon’’
 asked ebuka

‘’Fine thank you’’ replied alex
‘’How was your visit to your family’’
 asked alex

‘’Fine ooo oga, my wife say make I greet you and madam well and she say make I give you bush meat way I don tell the maids make them put for freezer’’ replied ebuka
‘’Oga, hope you they chop bush meat’’
 asked ebuka

‘’Have never eaten one before’’
 replied alex smiling and he was happy the driver enjoyed the short vacation he gave him
‘’Madam I no say you go sabi am’’
 asked ebuka looking at adeola through the mirror but adeola was lost in her.

She kept wondering were alex could have slept two days ago after informing her about their trip back home and coming to the hotel six the following morning and she smelled alchol on his breath when he asked her if she was done packing.

‘’Could he have slept with a woman in another hotel,’’
 she thought.

She remembered the way ladies were always admiring him in her presence and some will even throw themselves at him. That wasn’t her business she thought but what surprised her was when they entered the plane and he was sitting far away from her. She was sitting next to an elderly man while he was sitting next to a young lady about her age and both of them were so engrossed in there discussion; a times they even laugh out loud. She suspected he must have known her before that day; ’’ maybe they both met when she was shopping with the girls’’ she thought. She wondered if the girl was blind to see him wearing his wedding ring. When they were both looking for ebuka, the girl approached them and greeted her casually and she collected alex number in her presence and he couldn’t see anything wrong with that she thought

‘’Madam are you okay’’
 asked ebuka who noticed she wasn’t answering his question

‘’Sorry, what were you saying’’ 
asked adeola

‘’I they ask ma, if you don chop bush meat before’’
 asked ebuka

‘’Yes, while leaving with my grandma’’
 replied adeola

‘’That means you go sabi cook am ma ‘’
asked ebuka

 replied adeola confused to why the man was asking her those questions

‘’Oga no worry, madam go use am cook correct vegetable soup for you and you go they bite your fingers said ebuka and both him and alex laughed

‘’What is so funny that is making the two of them to laugh’’
 she thought
‘’Anyway its not of her business, her business is her father and segun both of which she was eager to see’’
 she thought……………………

Minutes later, they were home and the maids assisted them in carrying there load.

‘’Where do you want to stay; the first or the third room’’
 asked alex pointing to the rooms

‘’I will take the third room’’
 replied adeola and alex instructed the maids to clean to the room for her

‘’Your loads her in my room’’
 said alex and shortly after he brought all of them to her room

She was so surprised to see her loads which were packed by her friends. She opened each of the boxes and discovered they helped in folding her cloths neatly;‘’they really tired for her’’ she thought.

She unfolded her towel and headed to the bathroom

Minutes later after making calls to her loved ones informing them of her arrival and was fully dressed; she headed down stairs and she saw alex sitting and watching ball. He was were a black vest and a short jeans

‘’Can you borrow me your car, I need to go and see my dad’’
 said adeola
‘’Let me change so that we can go together; I also want to see him’’
 replied alex standing up and heading for the stairs

‘’Why did he want to come with her, he should just leave her and continue s------g his new catch’’
 she thought

Minutes later they were in the estate were adetutu leaves and since they left the house, they were both silent. Alex phone was ringing

 he answered

‘’Hi it’s me moji’’
 replied the caller
‘’Hey moji; how are you’’
 asked alex sounding surprised

‘’Am good and you’’ 
asked moji

‘’Am fine, are you now home’’
 asked alex

‘’Sure; what about you’’ asked moji

‘’Just got home; traffic was much on the way’’ replied moji

 replied alex

‘’I just wanted to hear your voice’’
 replied moji

‘’Thanks dear; is this your number’’ asked alex

‘’Sure, make sure you store it’’ replied moji

‘’Okay I will’’ replied alex

‘’Talk to you soon; bye’’
 said moji

 replied alex

Adeola did not need a pastor to tell her it was the same girl alex sat with in the plane she thought

Shortly after the both entered adetutu large compound and adeola quickly got down from the car and headed straight to her father’s room

 dad she said

‘’Omo mi come come’’
 said adetutu and he hugging her so tightly and praising her using his linage

He released her when he saw alex entered the room and he was about prostrating when adetutu stretched his hands towards him and also hugged him

‘’Dad how are you’’
 asked adeola
‘’Am good and much better now that have seen both of you’’
 replied adetutu
‘’How are you and how was the honeymoon’’
 asked adetutu

‘’It was fun dad, I enjoyed every bit of it; in fact I didn’t want to come but I was seriously missing you’’
 said adeola smiling at her father and adetutu smiled back at her and he saw how happy she was.

‘’How about you alex; don’t you enjoyed the place’’
 asked adetutu facing alex who had been quiet

‘’I also enjoyed it uncle, it’s a lovely place to go’’
 replied alex smiling back at him
‘’Come adeola’’ said adetut calling her to move closer to him and when she did he touched her tommy

‘’I know by the God am serving who has never disappoint me and who gave me success in whatever I do; I know that same God will do it in exactly nine month’s time; I will be carrying my grandson adetutu junior’’
 said adetutu smiling at both of them who were shocked at what he was saying.

‘’This man and his best friend will never cease to amaze her’’
 thought adeola

‘’Wont you both say amen and stop looking at me like am crazy’’
 said adetutu

 they both quickly chorused and giving a fake smile

‘’Dad am famished, let me go to the kitchen and get something to eat’’ said adeola who wasn’t ready for another drama which her dad might have planed

‘’Do you care for semolina and vegetable soup’’
 asked adeola looking at alex

‘’Yes, I don’t mind’’
 relied alex
Minutes later; adetutu and alex were discussing about NICON company and they both talked about the new contract the company was bidding for. Adetutu gave alex some advice regarding the contracts and some of the project the company is undergoing; shortly after adetutu cleared his voice

 said adetutu

 replied alex

‘’Do you know I love you like my own son and I love you unconditionally’’
 asked adetutu

‘’Yes uncle I know’’
 said alex smiling and remembering how he has always inspired him

‘’I would be happy if you can love my daughter like that. The same love that has bound me and okoh together is the same love we both want for the two of you. I know the daughter I have; and I know she might be stubborn a times and say hurtful things especially when she is angry; I want you to assume it is me and forgive her just as you will forgive me’’
 said adetutu

‘’This is how the love between both of you can wax stronger and stronger and no third party will be able to come between you but rather you will both be happy even till your old age’’
 said adetutu.

‘’I love ife my late wife so much that after her death; I couldn’t just bring myself to loving another woman and marry her. This is why I have remained single despite friends and family advising me to remarry but no one can replace her in my heart just like know body friend can replace okoh in my heart’’
 said adetutu

‘’As you spend more days and years together; you will discover how soft and lovely adeola is; her cake is the best cake have ever tasted and her soup; I guess you father can testify to that’’
 said adetutu and both of them smiled

‘’I may say I will leave longer and tomorrow the owner of my life may decide to take it but any which way; wherever I am; I want to always see her happy and full of sprit just like today because she is my major priority in life and I love her even more than all my achievements in life’’
 said adetutu smiling

‘’Thanks uncle; have heard all what you have said and I will do exactly what you want’’
 replied alex smiling…………………………….
To be continued........ 
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