Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 6

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 6

Alex was till shocked on what happened between him and adeola. How could she say those words to him, what did he do to warrant those hurtful words and the slap he thought. As the breeze from the beach touched his skin, he felt relaxed and adjusted his sun glasses. He concluded he would have to distance himself from her maybe that will make her feel better. He was so lost in his thought that he did not notice the lady weaving and approaching him.

‘’Hey are you okay’’ said the white lady who was wearing bikini

‘’Hi, good afternoon’’ 
said alex removing his sun shade to see her well

‘’Am Jennifer and you are’’
 she asked

 he replied stretching his hand to shake her

‘’Nice to meet you Alex; what are you here for, business or pleasure’’ asked Jennifer smiling

‘’Pleasure; and you’’
 asked alex
 said Jennifer sounding seductively

‘’Are you from here’’
 asked alex
‘’Nope, California, just here on vacation, you’’
 replied Jennifer

‘’Am from Nigeria and also on vacation’’
 replied alex

‘’Do you want to leave here, and go have some fun alex’’
 asked Jennifer sounding seductive and touching his neck and alex knew what she meant by the word ‘’fun’’

‘’Am sorry, I can’t’’
 he said
 asked Jennifer

‘’Am married’’
 replied alex showing her his wedding ring which he refused to remove since the day of the wedding

‘’Is she here’’
 asked Jenifer
‘’Yes, she is at the hotel’’
 replied alex

‘’Then let go have fun, she wouldn’t know if that is what you are scared of’’
 said Jennifer whispering into his left ear

‘’Am sorry Jenifer, I can’t and I have to go’’
 said alex standing and was about to leave

‘’Okay lover boy, my regards to lover girl’’
 said Jennifer

As he was walking away, he heard his name being called by her

‘’Alex you are a good man, I wish my ex was like you; anyway continue being faithful to her’’
 said Jennifer smiling and waving at him and he waved back smiling at her.

Adeola sat at the bed looking guilty and unhappy at what she did. Why was she not patient and why say all those hurtful words to him; when all he has done was treated her well and cared for her she thought. She recollected his last statements before leaving the room. He has being so helpful to her, making the vacation fun and interesting. She remembered the place he took her to yesterday and how happy she was and now she has screwed everything up by slapping him and saying those words to him. She picked her phone and dialled kemi number; she is the only one that can understand what she just did she thought.

‘’Hey omo iyawo baba olowo, how are you’’
 asked kemi sounding funny

‘’Am not good dear’’
 said adeola

‘’Are you okay, how is alex’’
 asked kemi sounding worried

‘’I guess he is fine’’
 said adeola checking the time and discovering its being seven hours she saw him last

‘’What do you mean by u guess’’
 asked kemi confused at her response

‘’We had a misunderstanding this morning’’
 replied adeola

‘’What was it all about’’
 asked kemi

‘’I thought he wanted to kiss me while we were duiscussing’’
 said adeola and paused waiting for kemi’s response
‘’And then what’’
 asked kemi smiling

‘’I slapped him and said some hurtful words’’
 replied adeola

‘’Ade why will you do that, I thought you told me everything was good between you two’’
 asked kemi

‘’Yes it was until this morning’’ replied adeola

‘’I will advise you apologise to him and am sure he will forgive you’’ said kemi

‘’Are you sure’’
 asked adeola sounding guilty

‘’sure, alex is a gentle and caring person, he doesn’t have a problem’’
 replied kemi

‘’And please next time, don’t just assume anything, let it happen before you take action otherwise keep your mouth shut and your hand away’’
 said kemi sounding funny
‘’Okay thanks’’ said adeola

‘’Hope you are hearing from dad and your in laws’’ asked kemi

‘’Yes I called dad today and my in-laws called us yesterday’’
 said adeola smiling

‘’How is bros wale and anjola’’
 asked adeola

‘’They are fine’’
 replied kemi

‘’My regards to them, bye’’
 said adeola

‘’Bye, miss you’’ said kemi
‘’Miss you too’’ said adeola disconnecting the call

Minutes later alex entered the room
‘’Hey welcome’’ said adeola sounding gentle

 replied alex sounding casual

‘’Where have you being’’
 asked adeola
‘’Have being around’’
 replied alex
‘’Alex am sorry for what happened earlier today, I do not mean those words I said to you and am also sorry for slapping you’’
 said adeola sounding calm and sorry
‘’It’s okay, am over it’’
 replied alex
‘’Okay; kemi asked of you when I called her’’
 said adeola

‘’I booked our flight back to Nigeria few minutes ago, and we will be leaving tomorrow , so we better start packing’’
 said alex and he entered the bathroom

To be continued .... .
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