Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 9

Love Story : Unplanned Love,  Season 3 Episode 9


Kemi was busy with laundry when she heard anjola’s cry
‘’Honey are you there’’ asked kemi
‘’Yes; I think her diaper needs to be changed’’ said wale her husband
‘’Help me out; the diaper bag is beside her crib’’ said kemi
‘’Okay; no problem’’ replied wale
Kemi smiled as she heard his response; wale is such caring and helpful husband and father who will do anything to make her happy. And that is why God keeps blessing him; he is the youngest PhD holder in his faculty. She smiled as she remembered the day she heard the news.
‘’Kemo your phone is ringing’’ said wale
‘’Who is the caller’’ asked kemi
‘’Mama sherere’’ replied wale
‘’Okay; am coming’’ replied kemi switching off the washing machine
‘’Hello mama sheri; how are you’’ asked kemi
‘’Madam, that girl don show oo, she just enter now now’’ replied mama sheri

‘’Okay, I will soon be with you’’ replied kemi
‘’Abeg come quickly; because show go soon start ooo’’ said mama sheri
‘’Okay’’ said kemi disconnecting the call
She thought of how she was going to get adeola to segun house which was the next street to hers. She prayed she was already in shop because her shop was closer here than her house.

‘’Honey; I will be back; I need to attend to something urgent, will be back shortly’’ replied kemi
‘’Okay’’ said wale
‘’In case anjola is hungry; her noodles and cereals her in the cupboard’’ said kemi 

‘’Okay’’ replied wale
On getting outside she dialled adeola number……………………….

Adeola was in her office; she just attended to three of her customer who was there to buy wears. She needed more goods she thought
‘’Ronke can you come here for a second’’ said adeola
‘’Okay ma’’ replied ronke
‘’I want you to make a list of all will need in the store’’ said adeola
‘’Okay ma’’ replied ronke
‘’Remember the way we do it; ladies wears separate from baby wears and make sure you star the ones with higher demands’’ said adeola
‘’Okay ma’’ replied ronke
‘’Where are bimpe and the other girls’’ asked adeola
‘’They are in there sections’’ replied ronke
‘’Okay’’ replied adeola
She doesn’t know why ‘her affection for ronke is more than the other girls; maybe because of her honesty and the way she relate to customers. The girl has received lots of prises from different customer. She prayed she would be able to trust others when ronke leaves to further her HND program.

Talking about love and trust; she remembered segun who have refused to call her and apologised for his behaviour on Monday and when she couldn’t take the silence anymore; she summoned courage to call him yesterday. When he picked he greeted her casually; she told him of her coming today; but his response was that ‘’he wasn’t in Lagos, he travelled for a project’’.

‘’He was travelling out of the state and he didn’t even bother to inform her’’ she thought. She wondered when the entire project he has being investing in with her money will start yielding him profit and he will stop asking her for money she thought.

The week has being so boring to her; she not seeing segun; kemi kept postponing her visit and she and alex have little to say to each other ever since they came back from the honeymoon. She guessed it was moji he has being discussing with she thought. Even when they went to his parent house he was quiet and casual towards her. He is no longer the fun, caring, supportive and ‘’I got your back’’ alex but now he is the casual, quiet and ‘’mind my own business’’ alex she thought

She wondered what has being going on with him and moji; and what the girl has being feeding him about her she thought.

She was brought back from her thought when she heard her phone ring
‘’Hey dear; you just abandon me here’’ said adeola sounding dull
‘’Ade can you meet me at Adams hospital’’ said kemi sounding serious
‘’Kemi is everything okay’’ asked adeola
‘’Can you be on your way now’’ asked kemi
‘’Sure I will join you shortly’’ replied adeola
‘’Is anjola okay’’ asked adeola
‘’When you come I will explain everything to you’’ replied kemi
‘’Am on my way’’ said adeola disconnecting the call and heading quickly for the door
‘’Ronke; am going out and I may not be back today’’ said adeola
‘’Okay ma’’ replied ronke
‘’Take good care of the store’’ said adeola
‘’I will ma’’ replied ronke
‘’God please protect this girl life’’ said adeola loudly as she drove to Adams hospital. She remembered the hospital is in the next street to kemi street and it is in the same street with segun. She planned on branching at her house today assuming her plan of going to segun’s house worked.

Shortly after; she saw kemi outside the hospital
‘’Open the door’’ said kemi
‘’Are you okay’’ asked adeola who was confused
‘’Yes I am’’ replied kemi as she entered the car
‘’How is anjola and bro wale’’ asked adeola
‘’They are fine; now are you done with the questions’’ asked kemi smiling. She knows it was the hospital address she could use to get adeola down quickly
‘’Why am I here’’ asked adeola still confused
‘’I need you to drive to segun house’’ said kemi
‘’For what, to greet him’’ asked adeola smiling
‘’Remember ade, I told you I was going to get you evidence that will make you dump his sorry a-s; I guess I have’’………her phone was ringing
‘’Excused me let me answer this’’ said kemi
‘’Mama sheri, we will be there shortly’’ said kemi
‘’Abeg come quickly; show done they start gradually’’ said mama sheri
‘’Okay’’ replied kemi disconnecting the call
‘’Kemi you are funny; segun is not even in lag right now; you and these olofofo people that are just giving you fake rumour’’ said adeola smiling
‘’Then let us go to confirm if truly it is fake rumour; abeg start the car’’ said kemi
As adeola was driving; her hands were trembling, ‘’could kemi be right, is segun cheating on her, is he in Lagos’’ she thought.

‘’God please don’t let it be true, please, can’t afford to lose another loved one please’’ she prayed silently.
‘’Three years of her dating segun and her utmost desire is to be married to him; will all her dreams about them crumble today’’ she thought.

Shortly after they were in the compound, Kemi gently try to opened the entrance door but it was locked
‘’Do you have a key’’ whispered kemi
‘’Yes’’ said adeola heading to the car to get the key; she remembered how she fought with segun before he finally gave her one of the key.

Kemi opened the door and before she could ask adeola for segun room; adeola was already heading there. All her mind was shouting ‘’God don’t let this be true’’ but when she opened the door it was the reverse of the case. She saw segun and a girl busy having s-x that they didn’t even noticed she opened the door
‘’Segun’’ shouted adeola.

He quickly covered his unclothedness with the wrapper on the bed
‘’How could you segun’’ said adeola crying and sbbing. Kemi was beside her consoling her and looking at the girl on the bed
‘’After all have done for you; how could you do’’……..

‘’What have you done for me that you won’t allow me hear word with your crocodile tears’’ said segun. Adeola couldn’t believe what she just heard him say; she looked at kemi; to be sure she wasn’t hearing something else but kemi too was shocked
‘’Are you shocked; don’t be baby girl’’ said segun smiling.

‘’What did you do for me; is it the house you bought for me or the car’’ said segun laughing

Kemi thought segun will be on his kneels begging for forgiveness but with his statement; she was more than convinced he was truly a gold digger
‘’How dare you talk to her like that; you gold digger; after all she has done’’……

‘’Shut up; mrs olofofo, who put your mouth in this discussion; were you not the one poisoning her mind against me; just keep that your mouth shut unless I will make it permanently shut for you’’ said segun.

Adeola was standing there; speechless, crying and sobbing
‘’You know what, I need both of you out of my house; as you can see, i and my girl were in the middle of something before you both entered’’ said segun.

‘’We will like to continue from where we stopped’’ said segun smiling at the girl and the girl smiled back
‘’Segun you you’’ said adeola pointing her finger towards him
‘’What is you you; can’t you talk again’’ asked segun smiling
‘’But wait ooo; you are here accusing me of sleeping with another girl; what about you that spend a whole week with that a-----e; you want to tell me he never touched you throughout your stay there and you came back glowing’’ asked segun
‘’Okay if you are so sure of that; why not join me in bed; let me see if he didn’t’’……….
Before he finished his statement; adeola slapped his face

Holding his left cheek; segun closed his eyes
‘’Before I open my eyes; I want you both gone’’ shout segun in anger
‘’Ade let go’’ said kemi
‘’You don’t deserve this son of a b---h’’ said kemi pulling her away
‘’How far you catch them doing the show’’ asked mama sheri smiling on seeing kemi coming out of the house
‘’Where is your car key’’ asked kemi and adeola gave her the bag she was carrying
‘’I will drive; you can’t drive in this condition’’ said kemi
‘’Mama sheri; I will get back to you later’’ said kemi
‘’No problem, madam sorry ooo, abeg take am easy’’ said mama sheri who was feeling sorry for adeola

To be continued..... 
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