Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1Episode 8

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1Episode 8

‘’O boy, e don be for you ooooo’’ said tony laughing out loud and making people that are sitting close to them at the club to turn and look at him. Alex wondered when tony will stop his pidgin language, he can’t say five statement in which a pidgin word won’t be include.
‘’Why are you making fun of a serious issue’’
 asked alex.

‘’it’s because it is funny, but wait oooo my guy, those clowns of parent both of you have, just expect you to marry without even dating the girl and sampling her if she is sweet on….. you know now’’ smiled tony.

‘’You don’t know more than s-x tony, I pray you will be able to control your body when you marry’’ said alex.

‘’No worry my guy, I will because I go marry woman way go help me control am’’said tony and both were smiling.

‘’You see wetin I they tell you then, make you date and sample those white babes that were throwing themselves at you, now na to just marry babe way you no even toast talk less of sample’’ said tony laughing out again.

‘’Will you take me serious, or should I be on my way’’ asked alex.

‘’Guy chill jare, do you like the girl, because if it is that babe I saw in your party, she is beautiful’’ said tony. 

‘’I like her or rather am starting to like her more but I don’t love her yet and beside the girl have a boyfriend that am hundred per cent sure she loves’’
 replied alex. 

‘’That one know be your busnesss, so far you love her, the guy must move for you’’ said tony.

‘’What about the girls happiness asked alex.

‘’Don’t worry, handsome bobo like you, she will later fall in love with you in fact let me say deep in love with you’’ said tony in which both of them laughed and alex heard his phone ring. He checked the caller and discovered it was his mum.

‘’Hello mum’’ said alex.

Where are you, it’s getting dark’’ asked tonia.

‘’Mum please stop treating me like a kid; if am in my house, is this how you will asking me every of my movement’’ asked alex sounding angry.

‘’Okay, am sorry love, I want you to come home, I need to talk to you’’ said tonia calmly.

‘’I will be home in the next thirty minutes.
‘’Okay love’’
 said tonia and the call was disconnected.

‘’Tony I have to go, my mum need to talk to me, I guess on this same issue’’ said alex.

‘’Okay no problem, but alex I know you, you don’t have I problem and I know for sure you will be a good husband, hope na me go be your best man oooo unless that wedding no go hold’’ said tony laughing.

‘’Clown, you don’t take things serious’’
 said alex standing up and heading for his car and alex followed.

‘’I have to resume work tomorrow and later in the day I want to move my stuff to my house so I will be kind of busy throughout tomorrow. How are wale seyi chucks and the girls you came with yesterday? Asked alex.

‘’They are all fine, wale would have loved to be here tonight, but he has a meeting tomorrow morning’’.

‘’Okay, regards to all of them bye’’
 said alex.

On getting home, his mum followed him immediately to his room.

‘’Won’t you even allow me to change mum’’
 asked alex.

‘’You can change in front of me’’
 said is mum and both smiled. He loves is mum more than his dad, he and his dad don’t get along that much.

‘’You know that husband of yours is too strict, always want everything to be done in his own ways and also loves having his ways at all times’’
 said alex facing his mum.

‘’That is why I love him’’
 replied tonia smiling at his son. ‘’Let me tell you a short story; you remembered I told you I met your father in U.S when he came for further studies’’ asked tonia and alex nodded his head in response.

‘’Beginning from the first day we met, he told me about adetutu. When he and adetutu were in the university, your dad had a serious accident on a bike in which he broke his is left leg and left hand and sustained some serious injury in other part of his body. He told me, few of his family members came to check on him but none stayed for up to three hours. Even is dad came twice just to give him money and he never stayed for up to an hour. He claimed he had meetings to attend to and you do know he lost his mum the day he was born. He told me it was only adetutu that stayed with him in the hospital. Even when lectures and exams were going on in school, he never left him alone. When he recovered, he was given a makeup exam in school and adetutu had an extra semester in school. Ever since that day, he promised never to leave him and never to allow anything to come in between both of them. His story melted my heart, since then I hold adetutu in high esteem and I and ife became best of friend when we saw the love that existed between our husbands.

When you were a year and five month, ife discovered she was pregnant with adeola. To end my story, the day, adeola was born, ife told me in the hospital, that she knows she won’t be around to see adeola grow into a wmoman. She made me promise her to take care of adeola and love her like my own daughter and have kept to this promise.

‘’Alex I know you and I also know adeola because you both are my son and daughter and I will never misled you. I am convinced that if you marry her, your marriage will work and love, joy, peace, happiness, babies and other good things of marriage will abound’’.

‘’ I don’t need you to say anything now, but I will be happy if you can think this through and give me your respond when you are done’’
 said tonia.

She stood up from the bed and made for the door; as she opened the door, she turned back and said ‘’come to think of it, all those stares and looks you occasionally give her hmmmmm, one will think you are falling for her already, hmmm I guess a motherly thought……

To be continued...... 
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