Love Story : Careless Love, Season 5 Last Episode

Love Story : Careless Love,  Season 5 Last Episode 

“Good evening miss,the gateman said to me as soon as he opened the gate”.

“Good afternoon, is David in?
 i replied and asked him

“You mean small Oga”.
“yes ”
“Yes he is inside with small madam”.
“Oh you mean Rose is back”.
“No i mean small madam Sonia”.
“You mean Sonia is inside with David right now”.

“Yes miss,she came back yesterday”.
“Wow i am so happy,let me quickly go in and see her,” i replied and ran in happily,i got into the house and call out David name but i got no reply,i called out Sonia name and got no reply either, i quickly remembered what David mother told me about David that he may do something bad to himself if i didn’t go and see him,i became scared and ran to his room,i didn’t bother to knock on the door, i quickly opened it and saw Sonia lying down on top of David almost unclad and Dave was putting on a trouser and a singlet, they didn’t noticed me and i had to call out David name before he noticed my presence, he quickly pushed Sonia away from him and try to explain but i ran out of the apartment in tears,the gateman noticed me and try to talk to me but i opened the gate and ran out,David ran after me and caught up with me outside”.

“Cynthia please just let me explain”
,he said to me as soon as he got hold of my hands.

“Let me go”
,i shouted at him.

“Please just let me explain, its not what you think”.

“Its not what i think right”.

“Yes Cynthia, you are just seeing things differently”.

“How dare you open your mouth and tell me that what i saw right now is not true”.

“I swear Cynthia, please just give me the chance to explain”.

“There is no need to explain anything Dave, what i saw is clear to me now,you have finally chosen to do what your mother want”.

“Cynthia please its not really like that”.

“Then what is it really like, answer me Dave, what is it really like”.

“She is trying to s£duced me but i didn’t give in, please trust me even if it is for just this once please”.

“She is trying to s£duced you but you where there enjoying everything right”.

“Cynthia i am a man and it is not easy to overcome temptation but i was trying to push her away from me and i couldn’t because it looks like she drugged me”.

“Oh yes you are a man and all men are the same,oh God i should have known but i am happy because everything happens for a reason”.

“Yes everything is happening for a reason my dear”,
Sonia said as she walk toward us”.

“Sonia i can’t believe that you did this to me”,
i replied.

“Open your eyes and believe it my dear,David is no longer yours and you know it”.

“And that’s is not for you to decide”,
i replied.

“Oh yes my dear,it is not for me to decide but it is for his mother to decide,his mother want me to be with him and not you”.

“Sonia go ahead and tell her the truth”.

“What truth Dave,”
 she replied.

“Go ahead and tell her that what she saw is a plan work,you know very well that Cynthia will be coming to my apartment so you drugged me and try to s£duced me”.

“And since when can drug make someone respond to what he or she don’t want, listen my dear Cynthia what you saw today has been happening for a long time but we are keeping it a secret from you but thank God the truth is out on it’s own”.

“Sonia that’s a fat ly and you know it,Cynthia remember she told you that she will do everything in her power to tear us apart, can’t you see that DAT is exactly what she is trying to do now,please don’t give her the chance to do that”.

“Dave you have already given her the chance by having s-x with her”.

“Cynthia please believe me,i didn’t have s-x with her,why can’t you just trust me”.

“How can i trust you Dave, when you always give me reason to distrust you”.

“Cynthia please don’t listen to her,i am telling you the truth”.

“No he isn’t telling you the truth Cynthia, Sonia cut’s in,have you ask yourself the reason why he refused to tell you that i am here”.

“That is because mother asked me not to tell her”.

“That’s is a ly Cynthia,he didn’t tell you because we are having a secret affair and he don’t want you to find out about us”.

“Sonia please stop lying to her”.

“You are the one that has been lying to her and you know it”.

“Cynthia please don’t listen to her,she is just trying to tear us apart”.

“Dave what i saw is real and you know it but what baffles me the most is that you are trying to deny what i saw right before my eyes,go ahead and continue what you started and thank God that it is now out in the open so there wouldn’t be any need to hide it anymore”.

“So are you saying that you believe her more than me”.

“I don’t believe in anyone, i only believe In what i saw,i wished the two of you luck,”
 i replied and ran off.

“Cynthia where are you coming from at this time”,Dad said to me as soon as i entered the sitting room and i was surprised to see him at home so early including favour and mom sitting next to him.

“Dad i went out with my friends,i replied.
“It looks like you have been crying because your eyes are swollen”,
mom said.

“Yes that’s true,”
favour chip in”.

“No mom,something must have flown into my eyes,mom dad,I have been thinking about something and since all of you is here together, i think this is the best time to tell you about it”.

“Go ahead my child,we are listening”,
dad replied.

“Yes my daughter tell us about it because i have this feeling that it is good news”
,mom replied and try to urge me.

“I have made up my mind to marry Tony”.
,all of them replied.

To be continued............ 
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