Love Story : Careless Love, Season 5 Episode 7

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 5 Episode 7

“I asked for her full names and she told me that her full names are Sonia Akponome and i quickly remembered that the name of my best friend is Esther Akponome, i quickly asked for her mothers name and she told me that her mother names is Esther Akponome and that was when i became convinced that she is the daughter of Esther,i quickly asked her to described her mother and the description she gave fit the same description of Esther, i quickly asked her to bring her mother and she promised to bring her to me the following day,the following day she came with Esther and that was how i met a friend that i was separate from several years ago”.

“Wow what a happy ending, i am so happy for you ma”.

“And that was not all Cynthia, there is still more more to be reveal,and again i must tell you that what i am telling you now is a secret to me and even Dave and his father know nothing about it”.

“Don’t worry ma’am,i will do my best to keep your secret,” i replied.

“She recognized me as soon as she saw me but she refused to reconcile with me because she was still mad at me for leaving her without saying Goodbye,i did everything i can to apologise to her but she wouldn’t listen, she called me all sort of names and even told me that my mother destroyed her parents life because her mother died just three days after being released from station,i felt so much pity for Esther but i knew that there was nothing i could do to changed what is already done so all i could do was apologise and make up for the damaged, three days later the doctor came to my office and told me that he has found a perfect match for my kidney. I was so surprised because i know very well that it couldn’t be the kidney of my son or my husband because i told the doctor not to let them know that i had kidney problem so it couldn’t be them, i told the doctor to tell me the person that has donated his kidney to me but he refused on the ground that the person didn’t give any information about him or herself but i know that he is lying to me so i tried my best to pressure him to get the truth from him but he stood his ground, but he later agreed to tell me the truth because i told him to return the kidney to the owner because i can’t accept a kidney that i don’t know the owner, he brought the owner to me after much argument and the owner of that kidney was my best friend Esther”.

“What you mean she donated her kidney to you after all she passed through in your mother’s hand?
 I asked.

“Yes my dear and that’s why i can give up my life for her till this day,i was so shocked to see her,why did you do it ? I asked her”. ‘I know that you didn’t do what you did from your heart, i know that you love me very much and you will do more than this for me if you were in my shoes, and if you didn’t stole money from your mother just to pay my school fees then she wouldn’t have arrested my parents and my mother wouldn’t have died and all those tragedy wouldn’t have came to me but i also know you did it to help me,you stole her money for my own good so i can go to school and be somebody in life today so i can’t blame you at all because you did the best thing a good friend will do so i forgave you but i am only going to ask something from you and i want you to do it for me’.

“I will do anything for you Esther,i said to her”. ‘I want my daughter to get married to your son when they grew up’.

“What, i shouted”.

“lower your voice Cynthia,i am only telling you her exact word,i promised her right there that my son is going to marry her daughter once they both grew up and that is why i am doing everything possible to make sure David ends up with Sonia”.

“No this can’t be happening,wake me up from this dream”.

“It is happening Cynthia, i know that you will do the same thing if you were in my shoes,and the worst of all is that Sonia didn’t know who her father is because her father got her mother pregnant and ran away, so you see all this tragedy befall her because of me and i just want to help her and fulfill her wish so that her daughter wont end up like her because i knew that Sonia love Dave more than you love him and she can do something stupid if she cant be with him so please i am begging you to see me as your mother and do what i am asking you”.

“No don’t even go there ma’am, i can’t break up with Dave if that is what you want to ask me to do,forgive me but i can’t do it”.

“Please Cynthia, just put yourself in my shoes,i will give you money if you wants”.

“Stop it,i can’t give Dave up because of money,i can’t do it,go tell your friend that i refuse”.

“Then be ready to Leave him by force because i have done it before and i will do it again”.

“Ma’am what did you mean by you have done it before”.

“I am responsible for making you abort the pregnancy you aborted for David three years back that led to your break up back then”.

“What so you mean you are responsible for that,you send Ijeoma and aminat to convinced me to get rid of my child”.

“No they didn’t convinced you, you convinced yourself by listening to them”.

“I should have known, everything points to you but i have no prove,Dave must hear about this no matter what”.

“Then go ahead and tell him if you think he will believe you”.

“Of course he will believe me,i am his wife to be”.

“and i am his mother who carried him in my womb for 9months and i gave birth to him and breastfeed him”.

“What is going on here mother,David said to us as he walked into the room”.

“My son nothing is going on,we were just having a mother and daughter chat”,
his mother cuts in.

“Yes Dave nothing is going on,i should get going now became its getting late,
i replied.

“Stay right there Cynthia,now to you mother i asked a question and i need an answer.

“Are you talking to me in that manner”,
she replied.

“Yes mother i will talk to you anyhow i want,i heard everything mother and i mean everything including the promised you made to Sonia mother and how you asked some girls to convinced Cynthia to get rid of our baby,your grand child, so that’s the reason you asked me not to let Cynthia know that Sonia is here”.

“Sonia is here”,
I asked very confused turning to the both of them.

To be continued..... 
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