Love Story : Careless Love, Season 5 Episode 5

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 5 Episode 5 

Everything was just like a dream to me,why is David proposing to me now that Tony is into me and wants to do everything possible to marry me but i can’t just say no to Dave because he will surely demand answers and i love him and also we have been dating for years unlike Tony who i know nothing about except that he is my childhood friend,i turned to look at the people there and all their attention were towards me,some were telling me to say yes while some were telling me to say no so they can take him from me,some of them where telling me that i am very lucky, i look at David and i could see desperation in his eyes,i know that he won’t be able to take it should i say no and that will also be a lot of disappointment to the people present there but i shouldn’t care about what they think because this is a question that concerns me alone,whatever i decide will determine my future and i know i have a better future with Dave.

“Yes i will,yes i will marry you Dave”,i blurted out”.

“Oh my God,ladies and gentlemen do you hear that, she will marry me,”[/b] he said to them with the microphone and slide the ring into my finger,they all gave us a round of applause immediately he slide the ring into my finger,some of them came to congratulate us while some of them send us greetings from where they sat down, some of them even gave us their number and address so we can Invite them for the wedding because they want to be there to witness it as they witness the engagement,some elderly ones advise me a lot by telling me to always care and understand him because he love me a lot,David end up paying for food and drinks for everyone and there is a lot of merriment, it was more like an engagement party,David and i bade them goodbye and left after some time. 

“Thank you for making me the happiest man on earth “,
 he said to me on our way home”.

“Come on Dave,i am your girlfriend and it is my duty to be your wife as well”.

“But still i have to thank you, you know at first i was scared you would say no”.

” But why do you think that i will say no to you”.

“Is normal for a guy to be scared when asking his lady to marry her”.

“Hmmmmm but since when have you been planning this and who gave you hint to proposed to me in such a romantic way”.

“I have been thinking about this for a long time but Rose gave me some hint on how to go about it because she is a woman like you and she may know what you will like”.

“So you mean she knew that you will be proposing to me today”.

“Of course she knew,we planned everything out together”.

“Oh Dave you make me love you the more because of what you did today”.

“And you make me glad by accepting me,so when do we start preparations for the wedding?”

“I think we should wait till after my final exams which is four months from now and then you will be in your final year and that will make the preparations more easy”.

“But isn’t it too far”.

“Ha dave,we have be dating for more than four years now so how can you think four months is too much time to wait before we get married or are you afraid of losing me”.

“No i trust your loyalty to me but we can also break the goodness to our parents right”.

Immediately he said breaking the news i quickly remembered Tony. “No i said,i mean not today because its already late”.

“I didn’t mean today, i will pick you up tomorrow by five so i formally introduced you to my parents as my wife to be then after that we can fix a date to meet yours”.

“But why the hurry? i ask, we can meet them anytime”.

“No i can’t wait anymore, i just want my family to know you so please be ready”.

“Alright then,i will see yours but i will think about introducing you to my family for now”.

“Why don’t you want tell your parents about us Cynthia, is there anything you are hiding from me that I should know of?”

“No of course not Darling, you worry too much, i need to get home now before my father get home before me,i will call you and please drive carefully,i replied gave him a goodbye kiss and went home”,
i quickly take the ring off my finger and hide it before my parents figure it out because i can’t tell them for now,i got home and i saw mom in the sitting room. “Good evening mom”.

“Good evening my daughter, where are you coming from?”

“I met up with some old time friends but where is Favour? Has she slept already.

“Yes she is tired of waiting up for your father so she went to bed”.

“Alright i will talk to her tomorrow”.

“Alright your food is on the table”.

“I already have dinner with my friends mom, all i just need now is some rest”.

“Ok you can go and rest so you can have enough time to gist me about your talk with Tony and how it went because he left without saying goodbye to anyone”.

“He left because he got an urgent call but i will tell you about the rest tomorrow but for now i need to rest,see you tomorrow mom”
,i replied and went to my room. A call woke me up from sleep the following money,i saw that it was from an unknown number, i wondered who it was before answering it.

“Hello who is this please? I asked immediately i answered it.

“My Lady it is me Tony”,the caller replied.

“Oh Tony how is everything with you?” I asked.

“Everything is fine my Lady and you how is everything with you”.

“I am fine thank God, but how did you get my number? ”

“Your father gave it to me when he came to visit us yesterday”.

“Ok then”,
i replied.

“I am sorry for the way things ended between us yesterday”,he replied.

“Don’t worry about that,this things happen”,
i replied.

“Could you give me the honour of apologising by taking you out for dinner this evening”.

I quickly remembered my engagement to Dave and my promise to go with him so he can introduced me to his parents and i also remembered my deal with mom to be nice with Tony for two weeks and after that i can choose who i really want and mom will be very furious at me if she finds out that i refuse Tony offer for lunch because that will mean that i am not keeping to the deal i had with her and that will only make things worst but who do i go for,dinner with Tony or meeting Dave parents as i promised him.

To be continued... . .
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