Love Story : Careless Love, Season 5 Episode 6

Love Story : Careless Love,  Season 5 Episode 6

Alright Tony i will go with you”,i replied.

“Thank you so much,you don’t know how happy you made me, i will pick you up by 6:30”.

“No why don’t you make it 7:30”.
“But why postpone it”.

“I have to help mom prepare dinner and i will only be free by 7:30pm”.

“Alright then 7:30 it is,see you later”.

“You too bye”,I replied and hung up,thank God he is picking up by 7:30,I will meet Dave by 5pm and after that i will go out with Tony by 7:30,what a perfect day,I said to myself,dropped my phone and left for the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

David called me by 7:30 to inform me that he is on his way to my junction, i quickly dressed up and left my room,i got to the sitting room and i met mom watching TV.

“Mom i am going out”.

‘Where are you going to by this time,i tought you told me that you are going out with tony by 7:30 pm”.

“Ha mom you worry too much,i am just meeting with some old time friends of mine”.

“I tought you told me you met with them yesterday evening”.

“Yes i met with them yesterday evening but you know we have not seen each other for long so we want to make the most of the little time we had with each other now before we all travelled to our various school”.

“And you want to end the date you had with Tony because of that”.

“Don’t worry mom i will be be back before then trust me”.

“Ok oh please keep to your word”.

“Yes mom i promised”
i replied and left”. 

I met Dave already waiting at the junction in his fathers car,i quickly hop in because i want to return on time so i can go out to dinner with Tony. We got to his apartment and his family welcomed me warmly,especially Rose his younger sister and his Mom. We all had a delicious meal of jollof rice and chicken and after that his mom ask me to accompany her to her room because she wants to show me the decoration, we got to her room and she started acting weird.

“I know that you must be wandering why i asked you to accompany me to my room,she said to me after asking me to sit”.

“No ma,i mean you already told me that you want me to see the decoration you chooses for your room and i must say that it is very nice and beautiful”,
i replied.

“It is nice but that is not the main reason i invited you to my room”.I became scared as soon as she said that. “The main reason i invited you to my room is that i have a very deep secret to share with you and i will need you to do something for me after i must have shared my secret with you for you and my son good so can i trust you to do it”.

“Alright ma i will do everything you asked me to do”.

“But first you have to swear it to me that you will do what i ask you to do”.

“Ma how can i swear to do something i don’t know”.

“Alright i will tell you about it but you must do everything i will ask you to do”.

“Alright ma i will be happy to listen and i will do my best not to disappoint you”.

“i understand that you and Sonia have been best Friends since secondary school”.

“Yes ma we have been closed but its been long i saw her”.

“Then you know of a time that i was seriously Ill and was admitted at the hospital”.

“Yes ma,I remembered that time very well,i just got to know Sonia and David at that time and please don’t be angry because i didn’t visit you at that time because Sonia told me that it is nothing serious”.

“I have kidney problem at that time”.

i shouted. “I am so sorry ma,i didn’t know that it was that serious”.

“Is ok and i give thanks to God for saving me by my long lost best friend”.

“How do you mean ma”.

“When i was still at the hospital, God used somebody very closed to my son to save my life and i can’t stop being grateful to God and my wonderful helper,you know Cynthia, back then when i was young i have a friend named Esther Akponome,she is a very good friend to me and we are so inseparable but you know that there must be an obstacle to any thing in this life and the obstacle i had with Esther was my mother, she hate Esther so much and always warned me against associating with her because she is poor and i was rich, there was a time i stole my mothers money and gave it to Esther to pay her school fees because her parents couldn’t pay her fees for that term and my mother find out about what i did,do you know what she did?”

“No i have no idea ma”.

“She arrested her parents and told them that she will only set them free if they returned the money and Esther has already gave the money to her teacher for her school fees, it was only the intervention of my father that could released them. My mother agree to released them on the condition that we will all relocate to Abuja without letting me say goodbye to my best friend who i put in so much pain, as soon as we packed our luggage she called the dpo and asked him to released them and by the time they were released we were already on our way to Abuja and that was how i lose contact with my best friend and her family until i was sick at the hospital and God used my son to bring my long lost friend to me”.

“But how did she know that you were admitted at the hospital”.

“That day David came with a young girl to the hospital,immediately i saw her i remembered my long lost friend because she look a lot like her and i also remembered that the doctor told me that i had just three months to live and all i could wish for at that moment was to see my long lost friend before i die and God made it possible through that young girl”.

To be continued. ..... .
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