Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 6

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 6

How dare you investigate my husband to be”.

“Why shouldn’t i investigate him,aren’t we investigating Dave your ex”

“You just said it all,Dave is my else and Tony is my husband to be, can you see the difference and we are only investigating Dave because he cheated on me”.

“Still i know nothing about this Tony you are marrying, i only want the best for you”.

“The best for me isn’t going behind my back to investigate my fiancée”.

“Your fiancée right? what about Dave? Who is he to you”

“You just said it few minutes ago,he is my else boyfriend”.

“And you still have his engagement ring with you”.

“I will return it to him when i had the Chance”.

“Girls please stop quarrelling because of this little issue, Cynthia you have to understand that Tracy is doing all this because she want the best for you”, Linda cuts in.

“I want the best for myself as well and what i am doing is the best”.

“Alright then, Tracy let’s stop investigating Tony and let her do what she want”.

“No i won’t stop investigating him,we have started it and we must finish it”.

“Why are you so bent on stopping me from marrying Tony”.

“Because i want you to marry the right guy for you and Dave is the right guy for you”.

“Dave is not the right guy for me”.

“Ladies please just stop this madness, two of you are suppose to be one,don’t let this issue be a hindrance to your friendship please”,
 Linda cuts in. 

“Alright fine just tell us what you have found out”, i replied.

“I have investigate the three of them but let me start with Dave, Dave is very clean,in my years of experience in this job i have never seen a guy like Dave,i followed him for four good days and i could describe him as the ideal type of man,on the last day of my investigation he caught me,he told me that he has been observing me from the very start and he know very well that i have been following him for four good days, he is very smart and so i had to open up to him to save my face because i have already gotten enough information so i told him someone ask me to investigate him but i didn’t told him that you were you one”. ‘Who could have been investigating me and what could i have done’. “That was his reply and we get to know our selves more from there,he even told me about you and i tried to use that way to get information about you from him and he told me the exact word Tracy told me that he told you the day you caught him,he was drugged and he didn’t do things intentionally, Cynthia Dave need you more then ever now, he is really depressed and if something is not done to bring both of you back together then i afraid something bad might happen to him, forget his family because what matters is what you both fell for each other, the family will adopt later, please just this few days i have see true love in him for you”.

“So Dave has finally brainwashed you and you are asking me to call of my wedding and go back to him right”.

“No Cynthia, all i am saying is that the guy is clean, he is not cheating on you like you think not with Sonia and not with any other Lady, he truly loves you and what you are doing is causing him a lot of pain,please do this if you truly love him,this is not just about my investigation, it is about what he told me about the both of you, he is heartbroken right now and needs you by his side,he didn’t even knew that i am working for you before telling me everything about the both of you”.

“Cynthia please listen to Linda, forget about Tony and go back to Dave,he truly loves you and my mind won’t be at rest if you should marrying somebody else”,
Tracy cuts in.

“I can’t believe you girls are asking me to call off my wedding because of Dave”.

“What do you see in this Tony that makes you think he is better then Dave?”
Linda ask.

“Let me tell you something Cynthia, you think Dave will always fall for you forever right, no my dear,a time will come and Dave will no longer fill anything for you because of all this things you are doing for him,there will always be someone by his side now and he will fall for that person for being there for him and that is why we are asking you to stay by his side now because i don’t want you to come crying to my shoulder later when everything is complicated because of all this things you are doing to him”,
Tracy replied.

“That’s true Cynthia,he can’t keep pleading with you everytime, time will come and he will take the decision to forget about you and seek happiness somewhere else”
,Linda said.

“Enough of all this,i will not call off my wedding with Tony and that is it,let him go ahead and seek happiness somewhere else because i am already doing mine with Tony”.

“Fine but i Can tell you that this Tony guy is not who he seems he is,”
 said Linda.

“What do you mean by he is not who he seem he is?” I asked.

“Yes Linda, have you found out anything about him?”
 Tracy asked.

“I don’t want to tell you this yet because i haven’t gotten enough proof but i just have to say it because it seems you have fallen head over hills with him”.

“Please just say it out”,
i replied.

“That guy Tony is not a medical doctor as he said, he is a drug dealer”.

Tracy and i said at the same time looking at each other.

To be, continued....... 
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