Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 7

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 7

“Enough of all this,i will not call off my wedding with Tony and that is it”.

“Fine but i can’t tell you that this Tony guy is not who you seem he is,”
 said Linda.

“What do you mean by he is not who he seem he is?”
 I asked.

“Yes Linda, have you found out anything about him?”
 Tracy asked.

“I don’t want to tell you this yet because i haven’t gotten enough proof but i just have to say it because it seems you have fallen head over hills with him”.

“Please just say it out”,
i replied.

“That guy Tony is not a medical doctor as he said, he is a drug dealer”.

,Tracy and i said at the same time looking at each other.

“Yes girls your so called Tony is a drug dealer”,Linda replied.

“But how are you so sure of that,you may be mistaken about him, Tracy said.

“I am very sure about it and i can’t be mistaken about him,”
 Linda said. 
“few days back I followed him just like you said and he stopped at a bush part, he looked around to make sure nobody noticed him and brought out a box from his car and walked into the bush,i followed him carefully so he won’t noticed me and he stopped after a while and said BOSS THE COAST IS CLEAR, just then a heavily built guy and two other guys walked out of an hidden corner behind the bush,he opened the box and it is filled with cocaine, immediately i saw the cocaine i reached for my handbag to bring out my camera but couldn’t find it and it was then i remembered that i left it in my car,he quickly gave the box to the guy in exchanged for another box the guy gave to him, he didn’t opened the box the guy gave to him but i am sure it is money,i quickly hurried to my car and drove off before they noticed me”.

“Enough of this rubbish Linda, how can you even say that Tony is a drug dealer when you don’t even have proof”,
i replied.

“Are you calling me a liar,”
she asked.

“Yes, i knew very well that you and tracy planned this all because you don’t want me to marry Tony but it is not going to work”
,i replied.

“How dare you Cynthia, how dare you call me a liar simply because i am trying to open your eyes”,Linda shouted.

“Cynthia how can you even think that we both planned this?”
,Tracy asked.

“Yes you both planned this because you have never approved of me marrying Tony for once so you planned this with Linda to make me call off the wedding but let me tell you this,your planned has failed because i will never call off my wedding with Tony no matter what,
 i replied.

“Enough of the rubbish”,Linda cuts in. ”how dare you call me a liar just because i am trying to help you, now i am more than convinced that you don’t deserve David and i promised to do everything possible to make him forget about you because you don’t deserve the love and care he has shown you and you don’t deserve any man,a woman like you should remain single for life,David may be depressed right now because of you but i promised to bring him out of that depression very soon and do everything possible to make him forget everything about you and as for Tony, i will make sure i do everything within my power to make sure i proof that he is a drug dealer but i am not doing this for you, i am doing this to proof you wrong about me lying about him because i have my image to protect”, she replied and walked away angrily.

“I can’t believe this Cynthia, i can’t believe that after all my effort to make you happy you still have the guts to insult me,just like linda said you don’t deserve David and i will do my best to help Linda in making him forget about you, Tracy said to me with complete seriousness and i know that she is serious about what she said but i don’t care about what she said because all that is in my mind is to talk to Tony about what Linda said even tough i don’t believe them.

“Listen Tracy,i don’t care about what you and Linda said or try to do but let me tell you this,i will never call off my wedding with Tony no matter how many proof you guys said and as for Dave, you can do anything you want with him because after all he is my left over and i can’t go back to my left over, i said to her and walked out of her apartment”.

To be continued... ... 
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