Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 4

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 4

Answer it then”,she said to me but i refused to answer it and he kept calling.

“Cynthia please answer his call and hear him out”.

“For what Tracy, so i can listen to his lies right”.

“At least just hear what he has to say first”.

“No i don’t want to hear his voice”.

“And why don’t you want to hear his voice?”.

“You know Dave,he may pressure me to go back to him and i don’t want that”.

“That means you still love him right”.

“Of course i love Dave,you of all people should know that”.

“Then why are you getting married to Tony”.

“I told you that i am tired of the obstacles trying to separate us”.

“What obstacles are you talking about now”.

“Tracy can’t you see,my parents want me to marry Tony, in fact all my family want me to marry Tony and his parents want him to marry Sonia,can’t you see that we just can’t be together, i just want us to follow our parents wish,because they want the best for us”.

“The best thing that can ever happen to you is marrying the guy that you truly love and now you are throwing it away because of your family,your family is not the one marrying him,you are the one”.

“I know Tracy but i have made up my mind to do this for David and I”.

“How can you say that you are doing this for David when all you are doing is hurting him”.

“Tracy do you think that i am not hurt by all this,i am hurt as well”.

“No you are not Cynthia,if you are hurt then you won’t take joy in throwing away your happiness”.

“My happiness for now is with Tony and no one else”.

“Do you honestly think that you will be happy with Tony”.

“I KNOW i Will”.

“So you think you will be happy with a man you don’t love,a man you don’t even know”.

“What do you mean by i don’t know him,i know him and i will get to know more of him when we get married”.

“And by then it will be too late if you were to found out that he is not who you think he is”.

“Tracy why are you so Keen on making me fill bad about this”.

“I am not trying to make you feel bad,you know within yourself that what you are doing is bad and you just wouldn’t admit it”.

“Tracy i am doing the right thing and i know it”.

“What if you marry Tony and get to know after that dat he is not who you think he is”.

“Tracy please not today,let just go home and send those things to Linda”.

“Alright i have tried my best so let me be still
,she replied and we said nothing until we get to her apartment.

“The following day i got a call from Tony and answered it”.

“Hello my sweet beautiful lady,how are you doing today”.

“I am fine,Tony you have your own way of making me smile”.

“Hmmm,i am glad i made you of all people smile and that is an achievement today”.
“Of course you are trying to do it again”.

“You know that your happiness is my priority so i can give out all my assets just to see you smile”.

“And why would you do that”.

“Because i love you more than anything in the world”.

“Alright so how is everything”.

“Everything is fine,i called you because i want you to do me a favour”.

“And what could that be”.

“I want you to go out to dinner with me tonight”.

“Wow that’s lovely”.

“Does that mean you have accepted”.

“Of course i have accepted”.

“Alright i will pick you up by 7pm if that’s OK with you”.

“Yes of course,i will be waiting for you”

“Alright then just keep smiling for me till then, i love you OK”.

“Alright i will,take care bye,”
 I replied and hung up.

Later in the evening Tony took me to a bar instead of a restaurant.

“What are we doing here Tony”
,just relax my lady.

“What do you mean by relax,you took me to a bar instead of a fast food and you are asking me to relax,Tony please take me out of—— , before i could finish what i want to say the light went off and i couldn’t see his face any longer. “Tony”, i called out and called no reply and i became more scared than ever. “Tony Tony where are you please talk to me is everything okay”,and i got no reply either, I have this feeling that something amiss is going on and i tried to locate my way out in the dark, i quickly put my right hand into my bag to bring out my phone but before i could do that someone got hold of my hand”.

To be continued ... . ..
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