Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 2

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 2

“What”,all of them said almost at the same time.

“Yes,we have gotten to know ourselves more better and i think he is the right guy for me so i have decided to accept him”.

“Are you sure about this Cynthia”?
 Dad asked.

“Yes dad,i am very sure about this”.

“But isn’t it too soon”.
“Mom i don’t think there is any need denying what i want”.

“Mom there is nothing soon about this,remember i told you that sister Cynthia has already fallen for Tony and you told me that you don’t believe me?” Favour asked.

“Yes my daughter you told me but i didn’t think that she will fall for him so soon”.

“You just don’t want to see this things mom”,
she replied.

“Ok my daughter i will put a call to my friend first thing tomorrow morning, so we can start planning for the wedding because he will soon travelled back and you will soon go back to school so its better we take advantage of the little time that the two of you have”.

“Yes you are right dad but i don’t want you to tell your friend just yet”.

“But why my child”.

“Because i want to break the news to Tony myself”.

“So you haven’t tell him about this yet”
,mom cuts in.

“No mom,i wanted to tell you first to get your opinion before telling him”.

“Well if that is the case,you have our full support”,
dad replied.

“Thank you very much dad”,
i replied and Peck him.

“I am so happy for you big sist”,favour said to me. 

“Thank you favour, I have to go and rest now,i will see you guys later”.

“Alright bye”
,mom said to me and i left for my room.

Few minute later i put a call to Tracy and she answered it.

“Hello babe,how is everything”,
i said to her as soon as she answered”.

“Hey Cynthia, longest time”,she replied.

“Why won’t you say so when you no longer call me”.

“I an sorry Cynthia, i lost my phone and i just retrieved the line about three days back so i don’t have your contact, i have been praying for you to call since then so i can get yours and thank God now that you have called, so how is Dave”.

“Hmmmmmmm Dave”.

“What happened, is everything not alright with him”.

“Dave is the worst nightmare that has ever happened to me”.

“You mean Dave, i can’t believe you are talking about the same Dave you told me proposed to you the other day”.

“Those things are just show face Tracy, i caught that same Dave in bed with my else roommate Sonia”.

“That’s a ly Cynthia”.

“I know that you won’t believe it but it is the truth”.

“My goodness, so you mean Dave is having an affair with Sonia”.

“Yes my dear,i caught them red handed”.

“But have you talk to him about this”.

“He tried to deny it off course,you know he won’t say the truth”.

“No Cynthia the same Dave i know will never do that to you”.

“But he just did”.

“Cynthia please i will text you an address just now so we can see and talk about this”.

“Ok dear,i will be expecting your address, see you soon, i replied and hung up. Few minutes later the address came into my phone and i left for the address”.

“So you are leaving Dave for Tony now?”

Tracy asked after i have narrated everything to her”.

“Yes my dear,when one way closed another will open”.

“But you should have investigate Dave very well first,just to be sure”,
 she replied.

“Don’t tell me that you are taking sides with him?”

“I am not taking sides with him but all i ask is that you should investigate this issue”.

“How do you mean by investigate this issue”.

“For all you know this may be planned by Sonia and David mom just to get you out of the way that’s why i want you to hire someone who can investigate the both of them for you so you can be sure”.

“Listen Tracy, even tough we investigate Dave and he comes out clean,i will still go ahead and marry Tony because there has been a lot of obstacles trying to separate Dave and i and i think i will be better off with Tony”.

“That is to say that you are already in love with Tony”.

“I don’t know but i won’t go back to Dave anymore so there is no need to investigate them,so they can go ahead and do whatever they want”.

“But you are leaving him with a bad name and that is what i don’t like”.

“Dont tell me that you are saying that i am lying to you”.

“Cynthia don’t get me wrong,all I am saying is that even tough you wouldn’t go back to him,at least can you break up with him with a good name,you are leaving him with a bad name and he may be innocent”.

“So you think investigating him will prove him innocent right”

“I don’t know but i just want to know the real truth that is if he is innocent or not”.

“Alright you can go ahead and investigate him but let me repeat myself again, even tough he comes out clean i will still push through with my wedding with Tony”.

“All i see here is that you don’t want David anymore and it is not because you caught him cheating, you are just covering up with this cheating”.

“No matter what you say my mind is made up and i won’t go back to him so just go ahead with your investigation while i plan for my wedding”.

“I can’t go ahead and investigate them because they know me but i know of a lady who can do that for us,her name is Linda and she is good at all this investigating things”.

“Alright call her and set up a date with her so she can start”.

“Ok let me call her to see if she is around”
,she brought out her phone and dialled her number, they spoke for a while and she ended the call and told me that she is waiting for us at home, we quickly took a cab and left for her apartment.

To be continued.. ... .
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