Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 8

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 8

I got to the compound and i saw that the gate isn’t locked, i walked into the compound and heard straight to the main house,i was about knocking at the door when i start hearing m0an, i knew instantly that some people are having s---x in the sitting room,i look around the compound and the only car i saw is David father two cars but who could be having s----x in the sitting room? I asked myself, or is it Dave and Sonia, i tried to looked if i could see them trough the window and i saw nothing, i tried to turned around and go back home but i couldn’t because i knew that if it is Dave then this will be a better opportunity for me to prove Linda and Tracy wrong, i tried to figure them out through their voices but i couldn’t and out of curiosity i opened the door and walked in and behold i saw David father making out with a woman on the couch,i was so shocked because i didn’t think that David father is that type of man who will cheat on his wife or even dare to bring a woman to their home,i looked at them and I saw that they haven’t noticed my presence. 

David must hear about this,i said to myself but what if he didn’t believed me? I asked myself again,i looked at them again and i saw that they were still very busy doing what they are doing,i decided to take advantage of the fact that they haven’t noticed me to get a prove because nobody might believed me,i quickly took out my phone from my handbag very carefully and start videoing them,after videoing them for two minutes,i quickly saved it and take some pictures of them as well,i quickly returned the phone to my handbag and crack my throat so they can noticed me,immediately i did that David dad looked up and saw me,i could see the shocked in his eyes as he jumped up from the woman and start staring at me with guilt in his eyes. 

“Please don’t tell my son about this please”.

“Don’t you dare asked me not to tell your son about this”
,i shouted at him.

“Who is she and what does she want”
,the woman asked standing up.

“Look at yourself, a mature woman like you making out with a married man”,
i said turning to the woman.

“How dare you talk to me in such manner”
,she replied.

“Please i will give you anything you ask of but please don’t tell my son about this”
.his dad said almost kneeling down.

“Look at you, if someone have told me that you can involved yourself in such act,i would have slapped the person,you have a perfect family, i mean you have Dave and Rose and you have a very lovely wife,what else could you have been looking for that has make you turn yourself into this”.

“Please my daughter, i am begging you, just see me as your father”.

“God forbid, you can never be my father because he can’t involved himself in such act,look at you, putting on just boxer and trying to bribe a girl of your daughters age because of such obnoxious act”

“Will you shut up”,
the woman cuts in. “Who do you think you are to lecture us,even tough we engaged is such act what business if yours is it,let me tell you, you can go ahead and report to whoever you want to report to but they won’t believe you”.

“And who said that they won’t believed me”.

“I said so my dear”,
she replied
“And why won’t they believed me”.

“Do you have proof of what you just witnessed and still witnessing”.

“So because you think i don’t have proof that’s why you don’t want to plead with me to cover up your sinful act”.

“You don’t have proof my dear so there is nothing you can do,honey please don’t mind her,there is nothing she can do so let’s just go inside and continue what we are doing before this stupid girl barge in on us”,
she said turning to Dave father and tried to hold him but he pushed her away from himself.

“Get out of here,we haven’t been able to settle the issue at hand and you want us to inside and do more,sometimes i wonder if you have any sense”,
he said.

“Honey can’t you see that she don’t have any proof”.

“And what makes you think i don’t have any proof?”
 I said to her.

“So where is your proof then?”,
 she asked and i brought out my phone from my handbag and played the recorded video for them to here, and immediately they heard their voices they pounced at me to forcefully take the phone from me and just then Dave,Rose and their mother walked into the apartment.

“What is going on here,all of them said at the same time and Dave father and the woman quickly released me after hearing their voices”.

To be continued. ... 
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