Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 9

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 9

“What is going on here,all of them said at the same time and Dave father and the woman quickly released me after hearing their voices”.

“Jesus Christ, Esther what are you doing in my house almost unclad with my husband”,
Dave mother asked in shocked.

“Dad what is going on here and you Cynthia what are you doing here with my Dad and aunty Esther and why are they almost naked”
Dave asked looking at us.

“Why are you all quiet”,we need an explanation as to what is going on here”,
Rose said looking at her Dad.

“Dad i am asking a question,why are the two of you almost unclad and why are you having a fight with Cynthia when we all came in”,Dave asked very angrily looking at his father”.

“Is nothing my son”
,his father replied in shame.

“What do you mean by it is nothing,” his mother cuts in. We came in here and we saw the both of you fighting with Cynthia here and not just that alone,the both of you are almost naked and you have the audacity to tell me that it is nothing.

“Wait dad,i hope this is not what i am thinking”
,Dave said.

“Calm down mom,I think we should ask aunty Cynthia about what is going on here because it seems dad doesn’t want to talk to us and so is aunty Esther so let’s asked aunty Cynthia because she will be in a better position to talk to us about what dad and aunty Esther is doing in our house almost unclad”.

“And why would i be in a better position to answer that,why don’t you just go ahead and ask them yourself”,
i blurted out. 

Cynthia please,we know you have a canal knowledge of what is going on here but you just don’t want to tell us about it,please this is my father we are talking about here and we need to know what happened here,please talked to us”.Dave said in a very calm toon and i felt pity for him,I looked at his dad and he told me with his eyes not to say anything”.

“Yes aunty Cynthia, please talk to us about what is happening since dad and aunty Esther have refused to tell us anything”,
Rose said to me as well.

“Esther what is going on here,i am asking you”,Dave mother blurted out in a very angry toon turning to the woman and just then Sonia walked into the apartment”.

“Mom what are you doing here and why are you like this”
,she said in shock turning to the woman”.

“Is she your mother?”,i asked turning to her”.

“Of course she is my mother,” she said turning to me. “And you what are you even doing here? She asked me in a very angry toon, immediately she replied me that the woman is her mother, i made up my mind to tell them everything that happened because Sonia and her mother may be planning to take over the family and throw David, Rose and their mother out of the house.

“Since they won’t say anything then i will have to tell you guys what i witness here today”,i blurted out and they all turned to me”,i looked at Dave father and i saw him telling me with his eyes not to say anything but i decided to ignore him and tell all of them what i witnessed. “Favour told me you came to my apartment when i got home so i decided to come and see you, i came here and i heard m0ans from the sitting room,” I said and immediately i said that they all turned to looked at Dave father and Sonia mom but they have buried their head in shame.

“Wait ,don’t tell me this is happening”
,Dave mother cuts in almost in tears.

“Mom please just let her finish”,maybe the m0ans she heard is not from them”
, Rose replied trying to calm his mother”.

“What else do i want to hear,she has said it already”,Dave mom replied.

“Cynthia don’t tell me you caught them having s-x”,Dave said to me and i said nothing, i quickly picked up my phone from the floor and played the video for them to see.

“Jesus, Esther I can’t believe you did this to me after all i done for you”
,Dave mother said turning to Sonia mother”.

“Don’t you dare say after all you have done for me,if not for me you won’t have not be living today and you know it”,Esther replied.

“Then why did you saved me only for you to do this to me”.

“For your information, i have only come to take what is rightfully mine”,
Esther said and immediately she said that Dave who has been sitting down trying to control his anger walked up to her and hold her neck very tight that if not for the intervention of us including his dad he would have strangled her to death.

“How dare you open your mouth and say what is rightfully yours after betraying my mother without thinking of what she has done for you, she took your daughter in and she has been training her to school and you have the guts to betray her”.

“For your information i am taking what is rightfully mine because my daughter have a right in this house as well”, 
she replied.

“What do you mean by your daughter have a right in this house as well”
,Dave mother asked in a very harsh toon.

“Yes tell us what you meant by that word”,Dave blurted out harshly

“Yes she has the same right as all of you because she is your sister, your father flesh and blood”,
she replied turning to Dave and Rose and we all turned to look at Dave Father.

To be continued.... 
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