Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 5

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 5

“Who are you”, i shouted and just then the light went on and i saw Dave holding my hand and saw our family on the other side. “What is going on here?”i asked, he said nothing and knelt down on the flowers sprinkled on the floor and that was when i noticed flowers has been sprinkled on the floor around the both of us,i looked at him and tried to say something but he stopped me.

“Today i will be taking the step any man will want to take with a woman like you”,he replied dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a golden ring,I looked at the ring and tried to compare it with the one David gave me but i couldn’t because his ring is far more beautiful and expensive than the one David gave me.“Cynthia David, i have search the whole world just to found the one and i am very happy that i have found it in you, you are the one for me and from the very first day i set my eyes on you i know at that moment that you are the one and that is why i have decided to take this bold step with you today,Cynthia David will you spend the rest of your life with me,will you be the mother of my children, will you make me the happiest man on earth,will you marry me?”

I looked at my parents and i saw the nervousness in mom eyes and favour is urging me with her eyes to say yes including his dad my dad and his younger sister, i remembered Dave at that moment,what is he going to do if he finds out about this but i know that i am doing it for him and our happiness, i looked at Tony and i could see desperation in his eyes as he looked at me. ” yes i blurted out,i will marry you Tony,you don’t need all these scenes to ask me to marry you, i will gladly marry you”,i replied and he slide the ring into my fingers, stood up and give me a kiss. 

“Thank you so much Cynthia, you have made me the happiest man on earth and i will cherish this day,he replied and kissed me again,”
 all our family are very happy, they gave us a round of applause and came to congratulate us including the rest of the uninvited guest,we have a lot of merriment before leaving for his apartment.

“So when do we start planning for the wedding?”,
 David father ask after we have settled down at his apartment”.

“I think we should start planning as soon as possible before your son travelled back”,
 dad replied”.

“Yes dad he is right because i only have one month left and i want to make sure we are married before leaving so that my mind will be at rest when i am there,”Tony replied.

“Yes dad but i think we should plan something small because i don’t want something big and also i want the wedding to be in two weeks time so the both of us can have a wonderful time before Tony leaves so i won’t miss him that much”,
 i replied.

“Don’t worry Cynthia once you are done with your studies i will make the necessary arrangement for you to come join me there but what matters is that the necessary things have been done and that is what we are talking about here now”,
 Tony replied.

“But sweedy why are you in a rush for the wedding?” 
Mom asked.

“You worry too much,she is just happy and that is the reason she is rushing everything”
, dad replied.

“Yes mom”, favour cuts in or didn’t you hear her say that she want to spend time with him before he leaves so don’t worry”.

“Alright then if that is what you want then we will work towards that”,
 mom replied.

“Thank you so much mom”, 
i replied.

“I guess we have to start going now,we will see you tomorrow to talk more because we have just two weeks to plan this wedding”
, dad replied and stood up and we all stood up.

“Yes that’s true”,
 his father replied. “I will personally visit you first thing in the morning with my son to fix a date for the bride price”

“Alright i will be waiting for you,”
 dad replied and we all went out,we bade them goodbye, hop into dad car and left for our apartment. The following day Tony came with his father and some of his father brothers, dad also called two of his brothers to join us and the date of the traditional pride price was fixed in one week time and the wedding was fixed for two weeks time, i was so happy that i am getting married and i quickly went to Tracy apartment to invite her and to ask her to me my maid of honour”.

“So you are really going trough with your wedding with Tony”.

“Yes of course i told you about it some days back”

“And now you are asking me to be your Maid of honour”.

“Yes i can’t think of anyone else,you are my best friend and you have always been there for me even when times are hard you stood by me”.

“And now that same best friend is asking you to call off this wedding”.

“And why should i do that”,
i blurted out and just then Linda walked into the apartment”.

“Hi Linda you are here”,i said to her.

“Yes and i am glad the two of you are here so this is the right time for me to tell you both all what i have discovered including investigating the guy you are marrying Tony”.

“You are investigating Tony”,
i asked looking at Tracy confusingly.

“Yes we are”,she replied looking at me.

To be continued.... 
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