Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 3

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 6 Episode 3

We got to apartment and she offered us drinks and we started discussing after Tracy introduce me to her.

“so miss Cynthia, what exactly do you want me to do for you”?
 she asked me.

“I need you to investigate somebody for me”,
i replied.

“Actually we need you to investigate her boyfriend for us because she caught him cheating with a girl and we want to be clear because he is denying it and saying that she saw something else”,Tracy cuts in.

“Why do you have to tell her everything”,
i said to Tracy almost in a whisper.

“Please excuse us Linda”,
Tracy said to her and dragged me outside.

“What is wrong with you Cynthia? “
She said to me outside.

“What do you mean by what is wrong with you, how can you tell her everything just like that,must you tell her that he is my boyfriend?” i replied.

“Don’t tell me that you are already ashamed of calling David your fiancĂ©e”.

“That is not it but i don’t want her to know that he is my boyfriend and by the way we are no longer together, let’s just tell him that he is somebody we know and that’s it”.

“Cynthia what is even wrong with you,don’t you know that she wouldn’t be able to investigate the case if we did not open up to her, for us to get the truth we have to explain every details to her or don’t you want the truth?”

“I already knew the truth but you are the one that is insisting on this”.

“Yes and that is because i want to prove you wrong”.

“David is my else,you don’t know him well more than me”.

“If you know him well then you should have trusted him”.

“Tracy please don’t start now,this is my relationship not yours”.

“It is not mine but all i want is the best for you because i don’t want you to end up with the wrong guy”.

“Tony is not the wrong guy,we are getting married and that’s it”.

“Fine but all i want is this investigation just go true with it and after that you can go on and get married to your Tony or whatever his name is”.

“Alright then let’s continue with it but during her investigation i will be planning my wedding because i can’t wait for her and you know very well that Tony will soon travel back so we have to get married as soon as possible”.

“So you value your marriage more than anything in the world right”.

“Don’t even start now Tracy, let’s just go inside and talk to her,you will go on with the investigation with her while i go on with my wedding plans with Tony”.

“I just hope you won’t regret this later”.

“Let just go inside please”,
i replied and we went back inside.

“So as we were saying you are to investigate her boyfriend and the girl she caught her with, his name is Dave and the girl name is Sonia”,Tracy told her.

“And not only that,”
 i cuts in. “You have to investigate if he is sleeping with other women apart from the girl i cuts her with”.

“Alright i can do that for you but i need his details and the details of the girl in question especially his pictures, the place he visits,his house address and the girls as well”
,Linda replied.

“Ok we will get you that tomorrow because we are not here with those”,Tracy replied.

“No there is no need for that Tracy,i will collect your number from Tracy and text his details to you and i will send his pictures to you through Whatsap,”
 i replied.

“Perfect then my job will start tomorrow and i will give you reply in two to three days”.

“Isn’t three days too short to catch a cheat?”
 I asked.

“No miss Cynthia, i will follow him to anywhere he goes for that three days and to catch a cheat or anybody doesn’t need much time and besides this is my job and i will also give you proof if i should find out that he is cheating on you so you don’t have to worry but i can increased the days if you want”.

“No need for that just made do with the three days for now”.

“Alright then my bill is thirty thousand naira minus my cost of fuel to follow him”.

“So how much is your cost of fuel?”
 I asked.

“That will be after the deal because i don’t know how many days it will be for now”.

“Alright then i will send you the details when i get home and i will send you part of the money to your bank account”,
i replied.

“Don’t worry let me pay,you know that this is all my idea”
 Tracy replied.

“No Tracy this is your idea but you are doing this for me so let me pay”,
i replied.

“Alright then you will pay but on the condition that i will pay for the fuel and other expenses”.

“Alright i agreed so let’s get going because i have a date with Tony tonight”.

“I have nothing to say to you for now, Linda please text her your account number as soon as she send you the pictures and details on Whatsap”.

“Alright i will,please take good care of yourself and you miss Cynthia just relax your mind because all the information i will bring to you will be nothing but the truth so just relax your mind and leave the rest to me because i have been doing this for years”.

“Alright miss Linda i believe in you, see you tomorrow then bye”,
i replied.

“Alright bye dear,see you tomorrow and please bring goodnews for us”,Tracy replied

“Just trust me to give you the truth”,Linda replied.

“I trust you dear bye,”Tracy replied.

“Alright bye”,
i replied.

“Alright see you bye”,
she replied and we left.

“I hope she brings us goodnews”,Tracy said on our way home.

“As in how do you mean by Goodnews?”
I asked

“I mean that David should come out clean”.

“That is not my business,i already caught him and that’s it”.

“Cynthia has something come over you or don’t you want him to come out clean”.

“Oh please that is what you want not me,i caught him red handed and that’s it to me”.

“I will say this again,i just pray you don’t regret this”.

“I will not regret anything my dear”,
i replied and just then my phone started ringing, i look at the caller and found out its Dave. “Is Dave”,i said to Tracy.

“Answer it then”,
she said to me but i refused to answer it and he kept calling.

To be contin... 
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