Love Story : Unplanned Love Love, Season 4 Episode 6

Love Story : Unplanned Love Love, Season 4 Episode 6 

‘’What just happened between you and your husband?’’ asked adetutu
‘’Nothing dad’’ replied adeola
‘’Ade; having cancer hasn’t made me blind or senseless to know something is wrong between you both’’ okoh said staring at her
‘’It’s nothing dad; just forget it’’ said adeola
‘’Forget it; is that the way to talk to your father adeola tomilayo adetutu’’ shouted adetutu

‘’You just hurt your husband feelings and to you that is nothing? Asked adetutu sounding angry
‘’Dad we had a slight misunderstanding before coming here and we were just resolving it; that’s all’’ said adeola
‘’You call that resolving your issues; by shouting at him’’ asked adetutu
‘’Dad; I never shouted at him; I only told him to stop stalking me’’ replied adeola

‘’Stalking; how’’ asked adetutu confused
‘’He was here on Monday, yesterday and today again; cant he just allow us spend time together’’ said adeola
‘’Can you hear yourself right now’’ asked adetutu
‘’Are you alright or are you stoned’’ asked adetutu
‘’For Christ sake; this young man comes to visit me virtually every day ade ever since he came back from U.S. he comes a times during his lunch hours or after work and also during the weekends’’. Adeola was shocked to hear what her father just said.

‘’So you telling me he is stalking you confuse me; Is he not your husband or is it bad for him check on you every day’’ asked adetutu 

‘’How many hours or days have you spent with me adeola, ever since you came in on Monday morning, dropping your box and heading to work not coming back until past nine’’.

‘’On Tuesday you left the house early in the morning and still came back late at night; It is only today I can say you spent just few minutes with me’’ said adetutu
‘’So tell me; how has alex prevented us from spending time together as you claim’’ asked adetutu.

There was few seconds silence between them
‘’You were just trying to avoid the issues you have with your husband; you both had misunderstanding and the next thing you did was to pack out; right’’ asked adetutu staring at adeola who was crying and sobbing
‘’You just used me; you used my house as your hiding place and stupid of me I never suspected’’ adetutu said
‘’Am sorry dad; I never meant to’’ said adeola sobbing
‘’O yes; you did’’ responded adetutu breathing heavily
‘’You know what; I will like you to do something for me and please do it immediately because I don’t have any more strength in me’’ said adetutu inhaling the oxygen
‘’I want you to go to your room; pack all your stuff and I don’t want to see you here till you have resolved your differences with him’’ said adetutu
‘’Please leave my house’’ said adetutu closing his eyes

As she got to her room; she threw herself on the bed and continued crying;
‘’What have I done’’ she said loudly to herself.

She stood up, picked her box and started packing her things. Minutes later she was done and ready to leave; she went to her father’s room. She saw him still inhaling the oxygen; she hated herself at that moment for causing him pain.

‘’Dad am sorry for what have done; I will take my leave now’’ she said. Adetutu heard her but pretended he didn’t. she closed the door quietly and headed to her car
As she drove the car; she was crying and sobbing.

She missed her mum and grandma; they would have been helpful in times like this she thought

She felt bad with the way she has being treating alex; he has being so nice and supportive of every action she took and she always ends up hurting his feelings. She never knew he cared so much about her dad to the extent of checking on him on daily basis which she never did.

Minutes later; she entered the compound and sat inside the car contemplating on what to do when she enters the house.

‘’Welcome ma’’ said onyema bringing her back from her thought
‘’Thank you; is alex home’’ asked adeola
‘’Yes ma; he is in the second sitting room’’ replied onyema
‘’Thank you’’ responded adeola
‘’Any load ma’’ asked onyema
‘’Yes; my box is in the booth’’ replied adeola
She came down from the car and headed to the entrance door
‘’Alex I am sorry for all have done; for all the pains have caused you’’ said adeola crying and sobbing. Alex stood up for his seat; walked towards her and hugged her
‘’I am sorry; I never meant to hurt’’……..she said sobbing.

‘’Shhh; it’s okay; stop crying he’’ said softly into her right ear. She closed her eyes and inhaled the cologne from his shirt; it melted her heart; she never wanted to leave his warm embrace but that was cut short when they both heard the maid make a sound
‘’Sir the food is ready’’ said the maid
‘’Okay; you can serve it’’ said alex staring at adeola and wiping her tears away.

‘’Can you do me a favour’’ asked adeola
‘’Sure; what is it’’ asked alex
‘’Will you follow me to see dad tomorrow and apologise; he was upset after you left and am not happy with the way I left him’’ said adeola
‘’No problem; we will both go there tomorrow to apologise to him; I too owed him and apology’’ said alex. He adjusted her hair that was covering her eye
Gosh she looks so beautiful; he felt the urge of kissing her, confessing his feelings for her and telling her everything will be alright he thought
‘’Thank you’’ she said looking up to him
‘’You welcome; have you eaten’’ asked alex
‘’No’’ she said softly
‘’Then join me’’ he said holding her left hand

Alex dished her food; he couldn’t help but watched her as she ate. He was amazed at the way she was eating; the adeola he knew wouldn’t have finished half of the plate of meal he served her
‘’Are you alright’’ asked alex staring at her
‘’Yes’’ she said softly
‘’Why do you ask’’ she asked
‘’Your appetite for food have doubled if not tripped compare to the last time I watched you ate’’ he said smiling
There was silence between them
‘’Maybe because we were in another country’’ said alex smiling and adeola smiled back. He knew her smile was fake; he could see from her eyes that she wasn’t happy and she hasn’t been for so long. He stretched his right hand and held her left hand
‘’Adeola I know you have been through a lot and I understand what you are going through; I never wanted to cause you any pain or hurt your feelings and if I have in anyway; am sorry’’. ‘’I need you to hear me out and not assume things or conclude issues; it pains me whenever you do that’’ he said staring at her eyes
‘’Am sorry’’ said adeola
‘’Apology accepted; is mine also accepted’’ asked alex smiling
‘’Yes’’ she said smiling back at him
‘’Can we go and see my dad tomorrow morning; around seven or eight’’ asked adeola

‘’Perfect; I and dad planned on visiting the site I supervised tomorrow and am yet to know the time we will leave’’ said adeola
‘’You supervised a project’’ asked adeola
‘’Yes I did’’ said alex smiling
‘’Congrats’’ she said smiling at him
‘’Thanks; I came up with the design; the owner told us he needed the completed project within five weeks and I and the workers were able to meet up; dad and I will be going to the site for final supervision tomorrow’’said alex smiling
‘’Wow congrats; so happy for you’’’ said adeola smiling
‘’It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of God and your dad’’ said alex

‘’That is good; was is the same design you talked about the day we were both drunk’’ said adeola
‘’No; but for that project I told you about; I later came up with a much better design and we have being awarded the contract’’ said alex.
‘’Congratulations; happy for you; small dad must be proud of you’’ said adeola smiling
‘’You can say that again’’ he said smiling
‘’So what has being going on with you’’ asked alex
‘’I don’t understand’’ replied adeola
‘’I mean what have you being up to with regards to your business’’ alex asked

‘’Nothing much; just order for goods; mainly baby wears and ladies wear and sell them, that’s all’’ said adeola
‘’Do you plan on expanding’’ asked alex
‘’How’’ asked adeola
‘’Have being there couple of time when we were preparing for the wedding remember’’ asked alex
‘Yes’’ responded adeola
‘’Any time I visit; I couldn’t help but notice the ground floor was always locked’’ said alex
‘’I use it as the warehouse’’ said adeola
‘’Don’t you think it is too big for a ware house; you can demarcate a section on the second floor for that’’ said alex
‘’And what will I do with the ground floor’’ asked adeola
‘’You can turn it into a mini super market or a provision store and am absolutely sure the clothing store will open market for it’’ said alex
‘’Take for instance; a nursing mother comes to buy wears for her baby; on her way out; she can also pick up a diaper and other things she needed from the new store’’. ‘’And as time goes on; the new store will also open more market for the clothing store’’ said alex
‘’Wow; I never thought of that; I will have to consider this your business idea’’ said adeola smiling and yarning
‘’Please do; and when you are ready to venture into it; let me know’’ said alex
‘’Let me allow you to go and rest; its past twelve already’’ said alex standing up and adeola did the same

As she was about entering her room; she turned and faced him
‘’Alex thank you for today and for the past days’’ said adeola smiling
‘’You are welcome and thank you too’’ responded alex
‘’Am glad we finally resolved our differences’’ said alex
‘’Me too’’ she said………………………

To be continued.. . ..
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