Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 1

Love Story : Unplanned Love,  Season 4 Episode 1

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Alex woke up around 4:30 am with a slight headache, he concluded it must have being due to the drinks he took yesterday. He turned and saw adeola sleeping beside him peacefully; he remembered all that happened yesterday. 

The day could have been the worst day of his existence but later turned out to be the happiest day which he would forever cherish. He stood up and headed to the bathroom and as the water splashed on his face, an idea about the design came to his mind.

 he said aloud.
Minutes later, he was all dressed and was ready to go to the office; he picked a piece of paper and wrote “I would be back shortly”…………….
9:16 am, adeola woke up with a severe headache. She noticed she didn’t sleep in her room, she raised the duvet covering her body and she discovered she was stack Unclad.
‘what is happening, what did she do yesterday” she thought
she saw her clothes and under wears on the chair with alex wears. She was feeling pains all over her body and manage to get out of bed. She picked her cloth but she was too tired to wear them, all she wanted was to have her bath.
‘’What if Alex is at home’’ She taught.
She picked up the duvet and wrapped it around her body. On getting to her room she headed straight to the bathroom, as the water splashed on her body, memories of yesterday began to run through her mind as tears roll down her cheeks.
‘’What have I done, I just lost my pride as a woman; why are all the worst things of life befallen me’’ she said loudly! 

The memory of yesterday of segun sleeping with the girl flashed through her mind and she started sobbing
‘’Segun d--n you, may you also experience the pain you have caused me’’ she loudly said and sobbed
She raised her head and allowed the water to splash on her face, washing away the tears. She remembered telling alex to take her to his room and him asking her if she was sure. She recollected him wanting to stop after they were both Unclad on the bed and how she begged him to continue. . ‘’How stupid of her to sleep with a guy who is in love with another girl’’.

All she wanted was to get over the anger and pains she was feeling yesterday but now she just compounded it. She has useless herself and given her virginity to man that doesn’t love her.
She wondered where he went to, today being Saturday. Maybe to moji she thought and tears flowed down her cheeks.

How is she going to face him with this shameful act and they would both being seeing each other everyday she thought.

‘’The best thing to do is to avoid him’’ she thought loudly……
Alex was on his way to adetutu’s house, he was so excited and happy with the design he produced. He wanted to show it to adetutu, because he was convinced if he approves it; his father would do the same.
‘’It seems God is so happy with me yesterday and today’’ he thought loudly and smiled.
He recollected what happened between him and adeola yesterday. How beautiful, soft and tender her body was while they were making love; he never knew she was a virgin. He was going to cherish last night memory for the rest of his life and he would love her like never before and make her happy.
If not for the design, he had planned on kissing those soft lips of her as she wakes up and serve her breakfast. Immediately he is done in discussing and explaining the new design to adetutu; he is heading home to meet is wife and spend time with her.

Minutes later he was in adetutu compound and one of the maids approached him.

‘’Good morning sir’’ said the maid
‘’Morning; his uncle at home’’ asked alex
‘’Yes sir ‘’replied the maid collecting the document alex was carrying
‘’My son; how are you’’ asked adetutu
‘’Am fine sir; good morning’’ said alex
‘’Morning; is that the design’’ asked adetutu pointing at the table were the maid dropped it
‘’Yes sir’’ replied alex standing up to show him
Minutes later; adetutu was done in checking the design and made some corrections and alex noted them
‘’This is a beautiful design’’ said adetutu
‘’thank you sir’’ replied alex
‘’Remember I told you; you would be greater than me as time goes on; see it has started already’’ said adetutu smiling
‘’I wouldn’t have being possible without God, your encouraging words and your old designs’’ said alex smiling
‘’With time; I believe you will get there and even pass it’’ said adetutu
‘’I pray so’’ said alex
‘’My friend might be hot tempered a times and say hurtful words; but he doesn’t mean it’’ adetutu said looking at alex and reading his mind

‘’He just take the business too personal and that is one thing that have held NICON together and increased its achievement’’ said adetutu
‘’Do you know, in the early years that we started the company; we fought a lot but the workers don’t know because we don’t discuss our misunderstanding with third party including our wives’’ said adetutu smiling
‘’Wow’’ alex sounded
‘’Yes; so anything you might be going through now, I passed through the same thing but as time goes on, you will discover he is the best father you could ever have prayed for’’ adetutu said smiling
‘’Okay sir’’ said alex
‘’How is your wife; I hardly see her nowadays’’ said adetutu
‘’She is fine; I guess she has being kind of busy but I will tell her you asked of her’’ said alex

‘’Don’t bother; its shows she is happy and enjoying her marriage and I wouldn’t want to come in between that’’said adetutu smiling
‘’Uncle I need to be on my way’’ said alex
‘’Okay; make sure you do those corrections and after you can present it to him; I bet he would be happy with it’’ said adetutu
‘’Okay sir; thank you uncle’’ said alex
‘’You are always welcome’’ said adetutu………………….

To be continued.. .....
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