Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 2

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 2

Its two weeks since alex last saw adeola. He was worried and confused because when he calls her line she wouldn’t pick his calls ‘’could he have done something wrong’’ he thought. He recollected how the weeks went without them seeing each other. When he is ready to leave for work; she is still asleep and when he comes back, she is already asleep.

 The contract the company is currently handling has being taking lots of his time; He leaves home very early in the morning and comes back home late at night. He is always on site because he is the supervisor. He was the one that came up with the design and the owner of the contract wants the building to be ready within five weeks. It was the first project his father has given him to supervise in other for him to hasten the workers to finish the project within the short time given to them. He doesn’t even have lunch breaks that allows him to visit adetutu but he always brief him on the phone. Even tony and his other friends were angry with him because he hasn’t seen them since two weeks. He was gradually getting used to the workers on site and even knows some of their names. He recollected adetutu telling him how fun and exciting site work is; but he is yet to be convinced he thought.

He needed to see adeola; he needed to be with her he thought. Today being Friday, he would release the workers by four pm to allow the Muslims among them to pray to God and enjoy there Friday with their families and it will also allow him to see adeola since they would still be on site Saturday and Sunday………………. 

Adeola and her sales girls were busy sorting the new wears that just arrived from U.S. she was checking and admiring some of the baby wears she ordered for. She loves babies and can’t wait for to have hers, when she finally finds the right man she thought. The thought of segun came to her mind and she immediately erased it; she was done with him and she will never go back; despite all his calls and messages, apologising for his action and blaming it on the devil. Adeola couldn’t help but smiled at that statement of his; she knew he wanted financial help from her that was the reason for his apology. ‘’She must have been a fool to fall for him’’ she thought but now, she is smarter, wiser and ready to face life with the help of God.
The thought of alex ran through her mind; she was grateful to God because ever since the incident that occurred between them; both of them have not seen each other. Surprisingly, he comes home late at night and leaves early in the morning even during the weekends. Most times she would still be awake when he is back but when he knocks her door, she pretends to be asleep. Her dad informed her about the project he was handling the last time she went to see him.

‘’That contract couldn’t have come at a better time’’ she said loudly smiling
Although a part of her wanted to see him, hold him and melt at his touch. She could remember how her body melted when he touched her, even though she was drunk but all the memory of that day were in her head.

‘’Ronke’’ said adeola trying to focus her mind on another thing apart from alex
‘’Yes ma’’ replied ronke
‘’Call others to come and pack these to the store’’ said adeola
‘’Okay ma’’ said ronke
‘’These are the ones that will be on sale for now and the price tags are on each one’’ adeola said
‘’Alright ma’’ replied ronke
‘’Those ones are the goods ordered by some customers of which have written the names of each of the pack and the prices’’ said adeola
‘’Okay ma’’ replied ronke
‘’Be fast in packing them because it’s getting late’’ said adeola leaving the warehouse

An hour and few minutes later, adeola was home; she was surprised to see alex car in the compound
‘’What is he doing at home; the project is five weeks; it’s just two weeks; why couldn’t he wait for her to get home first’’ these were the questions going through her mind and her heart beat increased. She calmed her nerves down and said a little prayer before heading to the entrance door
‘’Hey dear welcome’’ said alex
‘’Thanks’’ replied adeola
‘’How was your day’’ asked alex
‘’Fine’’ replied adeola sounding nervous
‘’I have………..

‘’You know what, I am tired and I need to freshen up; can we do this later’’ said adeola
Alex was hurt with what she does did, not allowing him to finish his statement
‘’Alright; no problem; but I need to talk to you tonight’’ said alex
‘’When am done, will let you know’’ said adeola leaving
‘’Thank you’’ alex said

As she entered her room, she said few words of prayers and headed to the bathroom
Minutes later she was done with her bath and on the bed checking some lady suits pictures she ordered for on her tab. She heard her door being knocked.

‘’Adeola I know you are in there and still awake; please open the door’’ said alex calmly
‘’I need to talk to you this night; i might not have the chance to do this till next week’’ alex said
‘’It’s just few minute after seven and am sure you are still awake; please open the door’’ alex said knocking on the door again
‘’I won’t leave until’’…………..

‘’Thank you; should I come in or should we go to the sitting room to talk’’ asked alex. The looks on adeola face made him to retrace his steps back to the sitting room
‘’Adeola, have being wanting to discuss with you about what happened between us two weeks back but due to the pro………………

‘’You know what alex; don’t let go there; let just forget it’’ said adeola standing up
‘’We were both drunk and we had s-x simple; no need to feel sorry or apologise to each other’’. ‘’Let just move on; its two weeks already; have moved on and you should do the same’’. ‘’We are not kids; we are two matured people that had meaningless s---x, so please get over it’’ said adeola
‘’Am tired; my goods came in today; and I was busy sorting them out; I need to sleep now, good night’’ said adeola leaving alex speechless.

On entering her room, she la!d and the floor and wept

To be continued ... . 
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