Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 9

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 9

‘’What will you like to drink with it’’ asked alex
‘’Help me bring the remaining chocolate ice cream; it’s in the smaller section of the deep freezer’’ said adeola
‘’Alright; coming shortly’’ replied alex
He came back carrying a a tray containing a glass of juice, two plates of cake and a cup of ice cream
‘’Thank you’’ she said collecting the plate from him
‘’Thank too you for teaching me’’ said alex
‘’You are welcome’’ she replied
‘’So tell me; what is the second task; remember you promised telling me while eating’’ she asked
‘’Its not a task, it’s a game; a game I used to play back then in U.S with my cousins’’ he said
‘’Okay; what is the game all about’’ asked adeola
‘’It’s a game you tell the truth when asked question and we……

‘’Wait; truth and dare; is that the name of the game’’ asked adeola
‘’Don’t tell me you guys also pay that game’’ asked alex sounding funny
‘’You are not serious; are you sure it wasn’t in Nigeria you learnt it’’ she said smiling
‘’Nope; my cousins taught me over there’’ replied alex
‘’So can we play it’’ asked alex
‘’Sure; or do I have a choice; remember I made a promise and I have to fulfil it’’ said adeola smiling
‘’Before we start; let me brief you on the rules of the game’’ said alex moving closer to her

‘’The rule state that the person being questioned have the right to choose between truth and dare; all question must be answered truthfully; no have answers or lies and when you are dare to do something, no matter how difficult; you have to’’ said alex 

‘’Do you understand’’ asked alex
‘’The same rule applies here’’ replied adeola
‘’Okay; can we start’’ asked alex
‘’Sure’’ responded adeola
‘’Should I start or do you want to’’ asked alex
‘’You initiated the game; so commence it’’ said adeola smiling
‘’Okay; truth or dare’’ asked alex
‘’Truth’’ responded adeola
‘’What do you wish for in the next ten years’’ asked alex
‘’Hmmm; to be more successful than I am right now, expand my business by having three outlet; have a beautiful family with two kids, two cute girls; visit Vegas and Hawaii like four times; keeping good relationship with all my friends and family and lastly being happy with myself’’ said adeola
‘’That is all; hope I answered quietly’’ asked adeola
‘’Yes; and I pray all your wishes come to pass’’ said alex
‘’Amen thanks’’ she said smiling
‘’Your turn’’ said alex
‘’Truth or dare’’ asked adeola
‘’Truth’’ replied alex

‘’What are your desires in life’’ asked adeola
‘’Firstly to be great and successful in all I do; to receive more wisdom knowledge and understanding you dad has that made him successful; for NICON to become greater than it is right now and to be well recognized outside the Nigeria; to have a wonderful family; my parent should be proud of me especially my dad; for you and I not to have misunderstanding and when we do will settle it immediately; for both of us to be happy with each other and remain as friend and lastly to leave at peace with God and man’’ he said smiling
‘’My your desires also come to pass’’ said adeola
‘’Amen; truth or dare’’ asked alex
‘’Truth’’ replied adeola
‘’Hmmm; what happened between you and Segun the day kemi called me’’ asked alex
‘’I thought I told you’’ asked adeola
‘’You did’’ asked alex
‘’Yes; over there’’ she said pointing to the cellar
‘’Really; I can’t remember; we were drunk that day; remember’’ asked alex
‘’I can’t; just ask me another question’’ said adeola
‘’No no; you can’t do that; remember the rules of the game; no backing out’’ said alex
‘’Okay’’ she said
‘’And remember also; no half truth or lies’’ said alex
‘’Okay; kemi have once told me he was cheating on me; but I never believed her because right from when I started the relationship; she was always antagonizing him and also because I was blindly in love with me; so I ignore some of the warning signals’’ she said smiling
‘’So that fateful day; she called me to meet her in the hospital that was in the same street with his house; I never suspected anything because kemi also leave in the next street.

All my mind was; anjola; kemi’s baby was admitted in the hospital. To my greatest surprised; when I got there; she told me to drive to segun house and I obeyed because I called segun earlier that morning and he told me he was not in lagos. When we entered the house; I saw my ex boyfriend in bed with another lady; that is all’’.

‘’Your turn’’ she said smiling
‘’Alright; ask’’ said alex staring at her. He felt sorry for her with the way segun treated her
‘’Truth or dare’’ asked adeola
‘’Dare’’ replied alex
‘’Hmmm; wait; can I ask for anything’’ asked adeola
Sure and I have to do it for just two minutes replied alex
‘’Hmmm; I dare you to dance; the same way you danced at our wedding’’ she said smiling. She remembered how funny his dance steps were and how it always makes her to smile whenever she remembers
‘’There is no music’’ said alex
‘’Don’t worry; I will use my phone’’ she said. She opend her phone and played wedding day by Kay q; one of the song played on there wedding
Alex started to dance and as he did; she laughed uncontrollably at his dance steps.

‘’Wait who taught you this dance steps; don’t tell me its tony’’ asked adeola
‘’You guessed right’’ he said and she laughed again
‘’What is funny; is it that bad’’ asked alex
‘’Its not bad; it is terrible and kind of funny’’ she said smiling
‘’Don’t worry; with time; I will improve’’ he said smiling
‘’Truth or dare’’ asked alex
‘’Truth’’ she replied
‘’Are you still in love with Segun’’ asked alex
‘’No no; am done with him; although he still calls me and message; apologising and blaming what he did on the devil’’ she said smiling
‘’Am done and I am never going back’’ she replied smiling
‘’Okay; your turn’’ said alex
‘’Truth or dare’’ asked adeola
‘’Truth’’ he replied
‘’How many girls did you date back then in U.S’’ asked adeola
‘’Hmmm; I can’t answer that; please ask another question’’ he said laughing
‘’No; sweetheart, remember; there is no backing out; you just have to answer it’’ she said smiling at him
‘’Okay; non’’ he rpelied
‘’Why’’ she asked
‘’Just a question we are permitted to ask; anyway I will answer’’ he said smiling
‘’I was focused on my studies; was so determine to finish with a good grade that your dad and my dad will be proud of.

Even when the girls were flocking around me; I never noticed because I was so buried in the book and after some times; when they notice I wasn’t given them attention; they just leave’’ he said
‘’My turn; truth or dare’’ asked alex
‘’Truth’’ she replied
‘’I will also ask two in one question’’ he said
‘’No problem’’ she replied
‘’Do you recollect all that happened between us the day we were both drunk; I mean the talk, kiss and s-x’’ asked alex
‘’Yes’’ she said softly
‘’What happened the following morning that made you to avoid me for a whole week and when I tried to ask you; you silenced me’’ said alex looking at her
She was shocked and shy at his question; she never expected it. She chuckled and coved her face with her hand. Alex removed her hands rom her face
‘’Talk to me; tell me; I want to know’’ he said
‘’Okay; I was ashamed of myself; of what we did; giving myself to you despite you kept asking me if I was sure and I wanted to’’. ‘’I guess I was mad at myself; something I preserved and I promised God I won’t do until my wedding night; just give freely under the influence of alcohol and anger I was feeling’’. ‘’Its only a woman that could understand how I felt that day’’ she said.

‘’You calling me that day trying to ask; was like you telling me to face my shame that have being trying to put behind me’’ she said smiling
‘’Okay’’ he said
‘’And let me say; some of my anger towards you was transfer of aggression and I am sorry’’ she said
‘’Alright; forgiven; your turn’’ he said
‘’Truth or dare’’ she asked
‘’Truth’’ he replied

‘’Sorry to cut you short; are you enjoying the game; if you are not, we can stop’’ he said
‘’Sure I am; let continue’’ she said
‘’What is going on between you and moji’’ she asked
‘’I knew it; I knew that question will come up’’ he said laughing
‘’Okay; moji and I are friends; just friends’’. ‘’Although she wanted more; but I told her I couldn’t; satisfied’’ he asked
‘’Yes; sure turn’’ she said
‘’Truth or dare’’ he asked
‘’Truth’’ she said
‘’What do you think of me’’ he asked
‘’Hmmm; I think you are a good guy; sorry let me rephrase that statement’’ she said smiling
‘’I know you are a good guy, caring, loving, supportive, quiet when you are in those mood of yours, supportive; gentle, hardworking and a terrible dancer’’ she said laughing
‘’Wow; that’s good he’’ said smiling
‘’Truth or dare’’ she asked
‘’Truth’’ replied alex
‘’Where did you sleep the day we had misunderstanding then in Vegas; were you with moji’’ asked adeola
‘’No; I and moji met on plane on our way back to Nigeria’’. ‘’I was in the hotel that day; was at the pool; I met a Ghanaian man; we got talking and lost count of time. 

He was discussing with me some issues he was facing in his country’’ he said
‘’Are you satisfied’’ he asked smiling
‘’Yes’ and quit asking me that’’ she said smiling
‘’Truth or dare’’ he asked
‘’Let me go with dare this time around’’ she said smiling
‘’Hmmm; I dare you adeola adetutu’’…..
‘’Yes’’ she said smiling
‘’I dare you to give me a deep kiss’’ he said
‘’What’’ shouted adeola
‘’Sweetheart remember there is no going back’’ he said smiling
There was silence between them; he was staring at her but she wasn’t looking at him. He suspected she didn’t want him to read her face
He moved closer to her
‘’I can help you; do you want me tto’’ he asked and has she turned her face towards him; he kissed her. They kissed and kissed; she adjusted and leaned her back at the chair and alex was on top of her. He kissed her lowers lips and she kissed him back. Hse moved her hands over his braod shoulder nd at a point she wanted to remove the polo shirt he was wearing
‘’Stop adeola’’ he whispered
‘’Why; I am not drunk this time around’’ she whispered back
‘’I can’t’’ he said raising his body from on top of her and sitting beside her
‘’Its okay’’; she managed to say
‘’Let me pack the plates to the kitchen’’ she said and as she was about standing, alex stopped her and faced her. He knew he had hurt her with what he said
‘’Ade; am in love with you; deeply in love with you; both the good and the bad’’. ‘’I want you to feel the same way for me before we have s-x again’’. ‘’I don’t want to take advantage of you but rather I want you to love me back. I want to spend the rest of my life with you; have beautiful kids with you; achieve great things with you and lastly grow old with you’’. He said staring at her

‘’I promise not to hurt you or leave you even when things are tensed between us; I will still hold on to you’’. ‘’Just tell me anything you want; I will do; if you want us to date; I am ready for it; if it is to travel to Vegas and Hawaii every year, we can do that during my vacation’’ he said smiling and tears were coming out of adeola eyes
‘’I like you a lot alex and I know very soon; I will feel the same way. Just be patient with me’’. ‘’As for doing anything for me; will you escort me to see the doctor tomorrow’’ she asked
‘’Yes; anything for you love’’ he said smiling and he kissed her
‘’Will you do me a favour’’ he asked
‘’Sure what is it’’ she asked
‘’Will you move in to my room; it’s lonely without you’’ he said smiling
‘’No problem; I will’’ she said and both kissed……………….

To be continued.... .
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