Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 3

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 3

Two weeks later; alex was on site. It was his final day of supervising the project; he was glad and satisfied with the building and proud of himself and the workers. He was happy they finished the project within the short time given to them. He now understood adetutu statement
‘’Oga we are done packing the site equipment’’ said akin
‘’Alright; the electrician and painters will commence work tomorrow and by Tuesday; they should be done’’ said alex. 

‘’Okay sir; we will be on our way now; it was awesome working with you; I look forward to more of this sir’’ said akin
‘’Same here’’ alex said with a smile
‘’Are you not ready to leave’’ asked akin
‘’Not yet; the boss called informing me he is on his way’’ said alex
‘’Okay sir; I will take my leave now with others’’ said akin
‘’My regards to the other workers and to your family’’ said alex
‘’I will sir; see you on Monday’’ said akin
‘’Okay’’ replied alex
Alex walked around the building; it was like a dream to him and surprised by what he and the workers came up with. He was relieved it was finally over; and he now has time for his friends and visit adetutu. He planned on resting at home tomorrow and in the evening club with his friends whom he haven’t seen for a month. 

He also planned on seeing adetutu on Sunday and discuss in details with him all his experiences on site. He heard the sound of a car horn and he was sure it was his father’s car 

‘’Hello dad’’ alex said bowing a little
‘’Hello son; let see what you and your crews have done within a month’’ said okoh looking at the building
Minutes later, they both came out of the building
‘’I must commend your effort; you have done a wonderful work’’ said okoh smiling and walking around the building
‘’I never knew you will meet up with the little time given to us and I never planned on giving you the project to supervise at first but adetutu forced me to give you’’ said okoh
‘’I must admit he was right; he knows you better than I do’’ said okoh looking at his son
‘’Weldon son; am impressed’’ said okoh stretching his hands to shake alex

‘’Thanks dad’’ said alex extending his hands
‘’The electricians and the painters will commence work tomorrow right’’ asked okoh
‘’Yes sir’’ replied alex
‘’Then I guess your work is done here but we will both back here on Thursday for final supervision and on Friday; we will both handover the completed project to the owner’’ said okoh
‘’Alright dad’’ said alex smiling
‘’We are done; let be on our way’’ said okoh heading to his car
‘’How is your wife’’ asked okoh
‘’She is fine’’ replied alex
‘’I hope you are taking good care of her’’ asked okoh
‘’Yes sir’’ replied alex
‘’Regards to her’’ said okoh
‘’I will dad’’ replied alex
‘’Alex’’ said okoh
‘’Sir’’ replied alex
‘’Am proud of you son and am convinced you will attain greater height than us’’ said okoh and entered his car
‘’Thanks dad’’ said alex
‘’See you on Monday’’ said okoh
‘’Bye; regards to mum’’ said alex……………………

Alex woke up the following morning hearing his phone vibrate. He looked up and was shocked at the time. He checked the caller and dialled the number
‘’Hello moji, good morning’’ said alex
‘’Don’t tell me I woke you up; gosh it’s past nine’’ said moji sounding surprised
‘’I told you about the project I have being handling for a month’’ said alex
‘’Yes I know’’ said moji
‘’It doesn’t allow me much rest; I just finished it yesterday’’ said alex
‘’Alright; I thought you were angry with me’’ said moji
‘’Why would I’’ asked alex
‘’Because you don’t call me; and even when I did; you don’t pick; you abandon your friend alex’’ said moji sounding hurt
‘’Am so sorry dear; never meant to hurt you’’ said alex
‘’Okay ooo apology accepted’’ said moji
‘’How are you and how is work’’ asked alex
‘’Good; so will I see you today’’ asked moji
‘’I am not sure dear; I don’t plan on leaving the house till evening to hang out with my friends’’ alex said.

There was silence on the phone; alex knew he just hurt her feelings by what he juust said
‘’We can see next weekend’’ said alex
‘’Next weekend is too far alex; am not doing anything today and am bored’’ replied moji
‘’Why don’t I come over to your place; just text me the address and I will be with you in minutes’’ said moji

Alex was silent for few seconds; he needed to rest and be alone but he didn’t want to hurt her feelings again because she has being a good friend to him even since he met her
‘’Alright; will text you the address’’ replied alex
‘’Okay; see you soon and make sure you prepare pounded yam and vegetable soup for me’’ said moji
‘’No problem; will do just that bye’’ said alex…………………….

Adeola woke up few minutes after twelve; she was shocked at the time; maybe she truly needs rest as suggested by kemi the last time she came to her shop. She easily get tired, lazy to leave bed in the morning and her hunger for food have increased; this are the signs she feels when she has malaria she thought. As she headed to the bathroom, she hungered for semolina and peppered vegetable soup garnished with pomo and stock fish; She smiled at that thought.

Minutes later; she was dressed in a red bum short with a cream fitted top and headed down the stairs. She heard alex voice and another voice which sounded like a female voice she wanted to check but the hunger she was feeling needed to be attended to first she thought
‘’Good afternoon ma’’ said onyema
‘’Afternoon onyema’’ replied adeola
‘’What can i do for you ma’’ asked onyema
‘’Where is your partner’’ asked adeola
‘’She is outside; busy with the laundry’’ replied onyema
‘’Alright; I want you to prepare me semolina and vegetable soup; I will assist in preparing the vegetable’’ said adeola
‘’Do we have pomo and stock…………. She heard alex laughing so loud. What could be so funny she though
‘’And what ma’’ asked onyema bring adeola attention back
‘’Stock Fish at home’’ asked adeola
‘’Yes ma’’ replied onyeme
‘’Bring them out with other ingredient; am coming’’ said adeola leaving the kitchen and heading to the second sitting were alex was with his guest

‘’She peeped at them and saw moji sitting next to alex and both were discussing and laughing. She felt hurt seeing them together; ‘’why will he bring a woman to their house; he doesn’t even have respect for her; he is robbing the girl on her face; something she never did while dating segun; how could he she thought. I part of her wanted to go inside there and order the girl to leave but she couldn’t. The appetite she had was gone and she went back to the kitchen
‘’Dear don’t bother about the food’’ said adeola calmly to onyema
‘’Are you okay am’’ said onyema
‘’Yes I am; maybe another day’’ said adeola forcing a fake smile. She went to the refrigerator and picked a cup of ice cream and headed back to her room

To becontinued..... n
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