Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 5

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 5

Wednesday morning

Adeola woke up that morning tired and weak; she needed to see Dr oni she thought. After having her bath; she decided she wasn’t going to the store; she needed rest. She picked her phone and dialled kemi number
‘’Kemi good morning’’ said adeola
‘’Iyawo how you dey’’ asked kemi
‘’Am not that strong’’ replied adeola
‘’It shows from your voice; what happened’’ asked kemi
‘’I guess its stress coupled with malaria’’ replied adeola
‘’Have you gone to see the doctor’’ asked kemi
‘’Not yet; i will call Dr oni later in the day’’ replied adeola
‘’Please do and if you are still scared of injection; will follow you there’’ said kemi laughing

‘’That’s what is scaring me ooo’’ adeola said smiling
‘’Are you going to the store’’ asked kemi
‘’No am not’’ replied adeola
‘’Alright; are you still in daddy house’’ asked kemi
‘’Yes’’ replied adeola
‘’My regards; maybe will try and come and see you tomorrow’’ said kemi
‘’Okay will be expecting you’’ replied adeola
‘’How is alex’’ asked kemi
‘’He is fine and how is anjola’’ adeola quickly added. Anytime kemi asked of alex; she was always jumping because she never told her about the incident that occurred between her and alex
‘’She is sleeping’’ said kemi
‘’Kisses to her and talk to you soon’’ said adeola
‘’Take good care of yourself and regards to daddy’’ said kemi 

‘’I will; bye’’ said adeola disconnecting the call
She headed to the kitchen; her hunger for foods has increased and she was getting scared of adding weight.

As she was having her breakfast; her thought went to her father. She was still surprised at her father’s understanding of her spending time with him; she suspected alex must have informed him about her coming and alex have being visiting them every day ever since she arrived. She wondered what he always discussed with her father; she concluded his day to day visit was because she was there.
‘’Why can’t he just leave her and let her be; he should just continue s------g his s--t and leave he and her dad alone’’ she thought. Minutes later she was done with her meal and headed to her father’s room
‘’Dad good morning’’ said adeola sitting close to him on the bed. She noticed he was drastically aging

‘’Morning princess how was your night’’ asked adetutu
‘’It was fine dad and yours’’ asked adeola staring at her father’s face
‘’Fine; we give God glory; are you not going to work’’ asked adetutu
‘’I need rest dad plus I want to spend time with you; remember that is the reason am here’’ said adeola smiling
‘’Alright’’ replied adetutu smiling
‘’So what will you like me to do for you; call it anything’’ said adeola
‘’Hmmm I think I still have little appetite for your chocolate cake; can you bake one for me’’ asked adetutu
‘’Yes dad; no problem’’ said adeola smiling. She stood up from the bed and as she was about leaving the room she turned
‘’If you need anything; let me know; remember am at your service throughout today’’ said adeola smiling and adetutu smiled back……………

Hours later; alex entered adetutu house
‘’Hello uncle good evening’’ said alex
‘’Evening son; how was work today’’ asked adetutu
‘’It was good; we were all busy with the budget for the new contract plus another contract came in today’’ said alex smiling
‘’Wonderful; from where’’ asked adetutu
‘’It is a private university; they needed us to produce an architectural design for their library; a glass structure. They needed four flours of which it must covered a total area of 42,000 sq. ft, deign to accommodate 250,000 volumes and 1000 sits for readers’’ said alex
‘’Wow that is wonderful’’ said adetutu smiling
‘’Am planning to make use of your old design; the one for covenant university. I showed them and they were shocked it was designed by NICON and the man decided we will handle the construction’’ said alex
‘’Wonderful; who is the owner of the university’’ asked adetutu
‘’It is owned by a church; United Missionary Church of Africa’’ said alex
‘’Where will the project take place’’ asked adetutu
‘’Kwara state’’ said alex

‘’That is good; I think you won’t have problem with it; just design it and let me see before giving Okoh’’ said adetutu
‘’I will’’ said alex
‘’O my God; what should they offer you’’ asked adetutu
‘’I ate on my way here’’ replied alex
‘’What about snack’’ asked adetutu
‘’I won’t mind’’ alex replied
‘’Guess what; your wife baked me a delicious chocolate cake today’’ said adetutu
‘’Let me call the maid to bring you some’’ said adetutu smiling
‘’Tayo’’ shouted adetutu
‘’Has she ever baked for you’’ asked adetutu
‘’No; I guess due to the pressure of work on us’’ said alex
The maid entered the room
‘’Cut alex the chocolate cake baked by adeola and call her for me; tell her alex his around’’ said adetutu to the maid
‘Adeola heard her door being knocked. She sat up; she never knew when she dozed off. She was shocked to see the time was just few minutes after seven
‘’Who is that’’ asked adeola
‘’It’s me ma tayo; oga says I should tell you that Mr alex is around’’ said tayo

‘’Tell him I will join them soon’’ said adeola
What was he doing here again; he was here on Monday, Tuesday and today again she said loudly sounding angry
She picked her phone and dialled Dr oni number
‘’Hello sir; good evening’’ said adeola
‘’Evening ade; to what do I owe this call; are you alright’’ asked oni
‘’Am fine sir’’ replied adeola
‘’How is alex’’ asked oni
‘’He is fine sir; sir please what time will you be at the office tomorrow’’ asked adeola
‘’Why do you ask’’ said oni
‘’I haven’t being feeling too well; and I guess its early signs of malaria’’ said adeola
‘’I travelled for a conference in Ghana and I won’t be back until Sunday morning’’ said oni
‘’You can go to the hospital tomorrow and see Dr adetoro; I will call him and he will attend to you’’ said oni
‘’I think I will wait till you come back’’ said adeola
‘’Are you still scared of injection’’ asked oni smiling
‘’Not that sir; have never being treated by another doctor and my body is use to your treatment; I won’t mind waiting for four days’’ said adeola
‘’I guess the malaria is not that intense; if not you won’t be talking this way’’ said oni
‘’Try and eat lots of fruit; but if you are feeling worse; I will advise you to go and see the man’’ said oni
‘’I will’’ said adeola
‘’As soon as I am back on Sunday morning; I will give you a call’’ said oni
‘’Thank you sir and have a safe flight back home’’ said adeola
‘’Thank you and regards to alex’’ said oni
‘’I will sir’’ said adeola disconnecting the call
‘As she was on her way to her father’s room, she heard alex laughing; she grew annoyed; that was the same laughter she heard on Saturday when he was with the girl she thougt. As she entered the room, her eyes and alex locked up
‘’Alex can I see you for a minute’’ she said
‘’Sure’’ replied alex standing up
‘’Dad good evening’’ said adeola
‘’Evening princess’’ replied adetutu
On reaching the sitting room, adeola turned and faced him
‘’What are you doing here’’ asked adeola
‘’I don’t understand’’ replied alex
‘’I mean why are you here; you came on Monday, yesterday and today again; what do you want from you; are you stalking me’’ asked adeola sounding angry. Alex laughed at her statement
‘’Trust me sweetheart everything is not about you plis I have lots of things on my mind; stalking is not one of them’’ said alex
‘’Then I command you not to come here again’’ said adeola
‘’Ade you don’t have that right’’ said alex
‘’Why can’t you just leave me alone and let me be; haven’t you caused caused me enough pains; just leave my life alone’’ said adeola raising and voice and sheding tears
‘’From unwanted marriage to losing my virginity to you and you robbing that s--t to my face; just leave me alex and go and continue s------g super head’’ said adeola crying
‘’Just leave’’ said adeola
Alex was very angry and hurt; he went back to adetutu room
‘’Son has I was saying, the man took’’…………..

‘’Uncle; I need to take my leave now; I will see you some other time good night’’ said alex
‘’Son are you alright; is everything okay’’ asked adetutu seeing alex eyes were red. He know he was hurt
‘’Good night’’ sir alex said closing the door
‘’Adeola Adeola’’ shouted adetutu
‘’Tayo’’ shouted adetutu
‘’Sir’’ replied the maid
‘’Call me adeola’’ shouted adetutu……………………..

Guys I made this update longer to make up for yesterday and today…….thanks for reading .

To be continued.... .... 
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