Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 4

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 4

Adeola woke up Monday morning angry and sad.
‘’Is this how frustrating twenty two months of staying in alex house be; with him robbing that s--t on her face’’ she thought.

She recollected how both of them spent the whole Saturday together, how they left few minutes to seven and alex not coming back until minutes after ten at night. She concluded he spent his Sunday with her because she never saw him throughout yesterday.
‘’I will rather go back home than suffer humiliation from both of them’’ she said loudly.

She stood up from the bed and brought down one of her boxes and started packing some of her wears. Thank God he must have gone to work; that have saved her from explaining herself to him; she would send him message later in the day and if her dad questioned her coming; she would tell him she missed him and wants to spend few days with him. She concluded her plans and headed to the bathroom.
Few minutes later; she was all dressed and ready to leave; she drew the curtains and off the light. As she descended on the steps; she heard the sound of the door being opened and she knew who it was; the last person she wanted to see
‘’Are you travelling’’ asked alex confused to see her with a box
‘’No; am going to spend few days with my dad’’ adeola replied turning to face him but refusing to meet his graze
‘’What happened; is he alright’’ asked alex
‘’Yes, he his fine; just want to spend time with him’’ said adeola sounding angry. She was starting to get pissed with his questions 

‘’So for how long; a week two weeks or months’’ asked alex
‘’Why all the questions; why do you want to know’’ asked adeola angrily
‘’So that I will know how long I will cover up for you; common ade, the marriage is not even up to three months and you have started packing out’’ said alex raising his voice and walking closer to her
‘’Don’t you think it will arouse suspicion from our parents and the accusing fingers will be pointed at me; maybe am treating you badly or maltreating you’’ said alex sounding angry
‘’I will just spend a week’’ said adeola
‘’Thank you for that response and enjoy you stay over there’’ said alex and walked away.
Adeola felt hurt with the way he raised his voice at her; he was no longer the gentle and sweet alex she knew. She wanted to cry but held back………………….

Alex felt bad raising his voice at her; he never meant to but the girl kept pushing him to the wall and forcing him to do things he didn’t wanted to do. He wished she can stop hurting him because he was deeply in love with her and it pained him she wasn’t feeling the same way. His love for her made him hurt the only female friend he has moji; who tried to kiss him when he went to drop her home on Saturday but he stopped her and confessed to her his feeling for adeola and her response kept ringing in his head; ‘’I hope she feels the same way for you and she doesn’t end up hurting you’’ her response kept hunting him; ‘’is she not hurting him and pushing him away’’ he thought

Minutes later; he was in the office
‘’Good morning sir’’ said his secretary
‘’Morning Chindima’’ alex replied and looked at the girl
‘’How was the weekend’’ asked alex
‘’Same old story, boring and board’’ said chidinma looking at alex seductively
Alex smiled and noticed the way she was looking at him; he knew that look and he concluded that tony was right in telling him that the girl was tripping for him
‘’I hope everything is alright’’ asked alex
‘’Yes sir’’ she replied seductively
‘’Hey; you see this; it’s not there for decoration; am married and taken’’ alex said raising his left hand
But still the girl seems not bothered.

‘’And if you don’t stop this act; am afraid I will have to report you to the boss’’ alex added and suddenly she changed her face
‘’Thank you for getting the message’’ said alex smiling at her
‘’Do I have any message’’ asked alex
‘’The boss wants to see you in his office’’ said chidinma
‘’Thank you’’ alex said heading to his father’s office
‘’Good morning dad’’ alex greeted
‘’Morning son’’ replied okoh
‘’Have your seat’’ said okoh
‘’I have good news for you’’ said okh
‘’What is it dad’’ asked alex
‘’I received a call early this morning from one of the American man the one I told you gave us the grace to come up with another design; remember’’ asked okoh
‘’Yes dad’’ replied alex
‘’The contract have being awarded to us’’ said okoh smiling
‘’Wow that is good’’ dad replied alex
‘’Do you know the best part; they have decided to have two branches; one here in Lagos and the other in Abuja; insisting on the same architectural design you come up with for the two project’’ said okoh laughing
‘’Dad; that is great; this is the best news have received this week’’ said alex smiling
‘’You did it son and I am proud of you’’ said okoh smiling
‘’They want us to start the project in a six weeks’ time; so we were told to prepare a budget and they will want us to submit the budget in person’’ said okoh
‘’He wants us to meet with other board members; so therefore you and I will be going there two weeks’ time’’ said okoh
‘’That is great dad; have you informed uncle’’ asked alex
‘’He was the first I called; he wasn’t that surprised we got it; he told me right from time that the contract was ours’’ said okoh smiling
‘’I have schedule a meeting by twelve to break the news to other departmental heads and I want each and every one of us to discuss on the budget and how we will go about the two projects’’ said okoh
‘’Dad am so happy’’ said alex smiling
‘’Am more than happy son; it looks as if you marry adeola, have brought lots of good lucks and success into this company’’ said okoh smiling
‘’No doubt about that dad’’ said alex smiling………………..

Tobe continued .. 
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