Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 7

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 4 Episode 7

Thursday morning

On their way to adetutu house; alex was glad they have both mended things and have resolved their differences. He remembered praying to God yesterday to always make them happy and any misunderstanding they might have later in life; to be settled immediately. He turned and smiled at her
‘’What’’ asked adeola smiling back
‘’Nothing; just glad to have her royal majesty in my car’’ alex responded sounding funny
‘’Her royal majesty indeed’’ said adeola laughing
‘’How are your friends; kemi, bukky, amina and peace’’ asked alex
‘’They are great; you must have heard about tony and bukky’’ asked adeola. 

‘’Sure; tony is planning on spending his next vacation in Abuja and I suspect with her’’ he said smiling
‘’Are you serious; bukky never told me’’ said adeola smiling
‘’Am happy our so called wedding brought two wonderful friends of ours together’’ said alex smiling
‘’Same here’’ she said smiling
Minutes later; they entered adetutu compound
‘’You should lead the way; he will prefer seeing you first’’ whispered adeola
‘’Good morning uncle’’ said alex
‘’Morning son; how are you’’ asked adetutu
‘’I am fine sir’’ responded alex
‘’Come and have your seat; don’t stand’’………

‘’Good morning dad’’ adeola said softly holding alex right hand
Adetutu looked at her suspiciously
‘’Dad am sorry for what happened yesterday; the way I acted towards you and alex’’ she said 

‘’Alex and I have resolved our differences just as you suggested and everything between us is good; right honey’’ asked adeola turning to alex
‘’Yes uncle; we are both sorry for the little drama that occurred yesterday; we never meant to hurt your feelings’’ alex said
Adetutu laughed staring at both of them
‘’Am happy you have both resolved your differences and am sorry for sending you out yesterday’’ said adetutu
‘’Anytime you both have issues; please always settle it at that moment, before going to bed’’. ‘’There will always be misunderstanding; but don’t ignore it or wait because it can destroy the love you both shared and if not checked it can destroy your home’’. ‘’Don’t leave your husband house and come running to your dad and alex don’t cover up, instead call her and settle it instantly’’ said adetutu smiling
‘’That is what makes a good marriage; do you both understand’’ asked adetutu
‘’Yes sir ‘’they both chorused
‘’Come and give me a hug’’ said adetutu extending his hands to them
‘’I love you both more than anything I this world’’ he said smiling
Minutes later; alex phone started to ring and he discovered it was his dad calling
‘’Hello dad good morning’’ said alex
‘’Moring son; where are you’’ asked okoh
‘’Am in uncle’s house’’ alex replied
‘’Is everything alright’’ asked okoh
‘’Yes; my wife and I came to check on him’’ said alex looking at adeola who was folding adetutu cloths; she pretended she did not here what he just said
‘’I just remember I will be having meeting with some client later today; so I want us visit the site now’’ said okoh
‘’Alright dad; will join you shortly’’ said alex
‘’Regards to your wife and adetutu; tell him I will check on him this evening’’ said okoh
‘’I will sir’’ said alex disconnecting the call
‘’Uncle that was dad; he extend his greeting and he told me to inform you of his coming this evening’’ said alex
‘’Alright’’ said adetutu
‘’I need to take me leave; he wants us to go to the site this morning’’ said alex
‘’Alright; but will you come over later in the day; we never finished our story yesterday’’ adetutu said
‘’Yes I will’’ said alex smiling
‘’Dear how will you get home’’ asked alex looking at adeola
‘’Don’t worry about me; dad’s driver will drop me at home’’ said adeola
‘’Alright then; see you all later’’ said alex…………………..

Hours later; adeola was in her office and all her thought was on alex. She was starting to like him again; ‘’he is now the gentle, caring, loving and supportive alex’’ she thought smiling. He enjoyed their conversation last night. She remembered how fun it was discussing with him back then in Vegas. She wanted to hear his voice again but she was too shy to call; what will she say she thought. She decided to send him a message
‘’Thank you once again for restoring the relationship between a father and a daughter’’ she typed and sent it to him…….

Alex got the message on his way back from the site with his dad. He wanted to reply immediately but decided to wait till he reached the office.

Minutes later; they were in the office
‘’Tomorrow by two; we will be meeting the man’’ said okoh
‘’Alright dad’’ said alex
On getting to his office; he pcked his phone and dialled adeola number
‘’Hi dear how are you’’ asked alex
‘’Am fine and you’’ asked adeola
‘’Am good; just came back from the site with dad; are you at the store’’ asked alex
‘’Yes’’ replied adeola
There was few seconds’ silence
‘’I got your message; your thank you is not accepted this time around’’ said alex
‘’Sorry I don’t understand’’ adeola said sounding confused
‘’I have done lots of things for you; I need you to do just two things for me’’ said alex
‘’Okay; what are they’’ asked adeola
‘’Promise you will do it’’ said alex
‘’I can’t just promise something I know nothing about’’ said adeola
‘’It’s not something difficult or bad; just……

‘’I promise; what is it’’ adeola quickly asked
‘’I want you to bake me the same flavour of cake you baked uncle, that you did not allowed me to enjoyed or finished’’ said alex
‘’Okay’’ said adeola smiling
‘’I want to be there when you are baking it; so preferably on Saturday’’ said alex
‘’Alright; what is the second request’’ asked adeola
‘’You will have to wait till Saturday; while eating cake; will tell you’’ said alex
‘’No problem’’ said adeola smiling
‘’Thank you; let me get back to work’’ said alex
‘’Wait; you will be going to see my dad later in the day right’’ asked adeola
‘’Yes’’ replied alex
‘’I also have a request’’ said adeola
‘’What is that’’ asked alex
‘’All my baking utensils are there; I want you to bring them; just ask tayo; she knows where I keep them’’ said adeola
‘’Alright; will that be all’’ asked alex
‘’Yes’’ responded adeola
‘’See you soon; work is calling’’ said alex
‘’Bye’’ said adeola disconnecting the call…………………..

To be continued... .. 

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