Short Love Story : Lost but found Love, Episode 2

Short Love Story : Lost but found Love, Episode 2 

Episode 2

Nita mother yelled..I could hear her voice even if she were at the gate.I needed no one to tell me Pere had reported me again! I was sick and tired of this arranged relationship.It was something I had to do to save the relationship I had with my mother. But Pere couldn’t keep to himself,it’s like mother herself is involved with whatever goes on between us.

Why didn’t you accept pere’s propisal? she yelled bringing me back from my thoughts.


How was I going to explain to her how I was beaten by pere because I refused to sleep with him.Only for him to come back minutes later with a ring to propose.

You better start talking. .before I do something I might regret

Am not ready’..I said trying to calm her down but unfortunately it only worsen the situation at hand.

you are not ready? Your mates are getting married yet you say you are not ready at 25?jovita married last year,Eddy’s wedding is on Saturday. Even Mercy that spoilt brat is engaged. Have you forgotten I married your father at 19? This house will no longer contain the both of us if you don’t accept that propasal before the week runs out.

yes mother’ I breathed out even though I meant nothing have said.

Go and cook dinner’

I turned away before she could notice the unshed tears in my eyes’..I wasn’t going to marry pere,not when I still have my breath’

Before 8pm,mother told me Pere was in the living room waiting for me.My heart missed a bit at that statement.what will I do if he had come to propose in front of mother,I didn’t know what to do as I stood motionles in the kitchen while mother smiled triumphantly.

David point of view

I never expected my coming back to Nigeria would be this way..after been away for 8years.So much had changed,I could remember how I imagined this day to be..”perfect” with Nita hugging me just like the way she had done while I was going away’…it took might to pull her off me.Have missed her so much,just 2months after I left,her number was never reachable again. Her brother had told me she had started seeing someone else when I called him to ask what going on…how things change? just two months and she choose to throw away the love we once shared.

Have moved on,or maybe am lieng to myself. Have come back to Nigeria for an award…I wouldn’t spend more than 2months before going back to Ukraine. I also intend asking Chimal to be my girlfriend the moment I get back,though I can’t call what I feel for her as love,but people say time changes everything

To be continued ...... 
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