Short Love Story : Lost but found Love, Last Eposode

Short Love Story : Lost but found Love, Last Eposode

Last Episode 

Just as I had expected, the auditorium was filled with different categories of people that mattered in the society’.Pere introduced me to almost everyone in the building, I could see him smile from the praises he got from his friends.

I want to use the restroom I said just to have a breathing space.

okay baby, please don’t be long.

Instead of going to the restroom like have said, I went out of the auditorium to the parking lot.I needed fresh air and space from pere.

I rested my back on pere’s car as I thought of the possible way to escape from pere and my mum.I felt a musculine touch on my arm,frightened I turned to see David!

I was suprised,so many thoughts ran through my mind like when I saw him off at the airport, what was he doing here? how did he find me? when did he get back.

Benita…he said almost in a whisper.

David! I felt tears stream down stream down my eyes’,maybe the joy of seeing him again!

I didn’t know who made the first move, but we were soon in each others arms.

I missed you so much I said resting my head on his shoulder’

maybe I was carried away seeing my first love after so many years that I didn’t notice pere’s presence!.Before I could say jack’, pere had pulled me from Dav giving me two thunderous slap in a twinkle of an eye’.David was all over him pouncing and kicking him with full vigor.All I could do was scream at the top of my voice..

Dav please stop I beg of you’

Many people had gathered,creating a scene. Dav was pulled away from pere, shamelessly he stood up dragging me to follow him home.

She’s going nowhere with you….Dav said making me shiver’

And who the hell are you to tell me how to handle my girlfriend?

A thug like you don’t deserve Nita, I will see to it you don’t end up with her.

My head banged, I was confused seeing them exchange words.But I was happy for the first time someone stood up for me.

I will go home myself, I said to them and ran off.

I stood at the road waiting for a taxi but known came after about 10moninutes waiting’, a car pulled up beside me.

Get in,let me take you home please’..Dav begged.

I went in reluctantly..beside I was cold.The dinner gown I wore was sleeveless making the breeze have access to my body’

here you should wear this..Dav said putting his jacket over my shoulders.

No thanks. ..I said trying to hand it over’

Don’t be stubborn. .you will catch a cold, I don’t want you sick.I took it back from him,too tired to argue.

Few minutes later, we got to my gate…

Have a good night and take care of yourself’ he said and drove off sending fear to my spine if that would be the last time I set my eyes on him.

Not until I got inside, I noticed I was still on his jacket’…

I was expecting an angry mother…but I was surprised when she pulled me into her arms.

Am sorry’ sorry my child for putting you in danger, you should have told me he was hitting you…I’v found out everything.

I tried to tell you mum, you never gave me listening ears’

Am sorry’…she said wiping my tears.

How did you find out? I asked when I had compised myself’

it was all over the the event turned out bad.

Just then the door flew open and Pere walked in.

Mother…did you know what Nita did?

Stay away from my daughter’…

What? pere asked suprised.

I mean my every word,stay away from her..unless you will regret knowing me.

few minutes after pere left she turned to me apologetically’

Am sorry dear,from now on I would not interfere in your decisions again.

Thank you mother’..I said as I clung to her’

The End.... 
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