Short Love Story : Quality Of Love Episode 1

Short Love Story : Quality Of Love Episode 1


Episode 1

10 years back;
A man was found in one old man train; He has wounded and his bodies were full of blood with the two points of bullets in his back. The old man carried him to his house and helps him remove all the bullets in his body, and keep him cool.
Suddenly, the man wake up and the old man greet him and ask him to leave since he has relieved. The man is struggling to force his self’s to walk, as he is working, he fell down and trying to continue again with the drops and flows of bitter water in his face.

 As he is going, he crosses across a rail track and he began to remember what has happen to him days back. The man remember that his phone was dropped when bright his wife trying to carry and keep himself in one train in order to defend him from enemy that are pursuing them. He looked for the phone around and later seen it. Inclusively, the man saw a text message which bright has sent to him that,
Baby lets me sacrifice myself upon this issue
I want gonna die
Please forget me
I love you, bye…

     The man busted to cry and he fell down, shouting bright my love! Bright my love!! Bright my love!!!. He remember some years back; when he was a dancer one girl name joy hide in the man door, as the man enter the girl said kay honey, where are you since, have being wanting for you, she sit down on his mattress and trying to attract the man.

      The man was very surprised because he did not know the girl, he was so confused, He wondered who this beautiful light sexy girl in my room is. The girl was trying to drawn the man’s hand but the man denied. Suddenly, the girl was very angry and she step out to the street, kay went to meet her and said oh my dear am very sorry.

The girl answered
Am doing all this because I love you
I want you in my life
But I can see you don’t love me
So, am not going to stress myself again
  I will marry another person and she’s crying.
Kay said
 No I did but it just the way you scared me
 And he said let me carry you to your house with my bike
But the girl insist, and she said
 Am waiting for a car, so don’t worry Mr kay
 Leave me alone.
 As the argument is going on a black jeep car packed beside them and joy enter the car, wined up the glass and the car moves.

To be continued...... 

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