Short Love Story : Quality Of Love, Episode 2

Short Love Story : Quality Of Love,  Episode 2

Episode 2

On the second day, These is where kay is doing dancing practice Joy enter and sit down in front of kay watching his dancing steps. Kay close to her, drawn her hands and hug her joy was very happy because she know definitely that kay has fell in love with her.

 Joy said kay I love you, the man also replied joy I love you too they were both happy and kay teach joy how to dance. Fortunately joy said I want you to come and dance in my daddy’s PLAZA. He said I kay and you joy will both participated.
The following day, It was night kay and joy make a visit to joy daddy’s PLAZA to dance. This PLAZA was a very big and popular hotel in the country and it is a big hotel which comprises of every department and at is known as a standard 5 star hotel. On kay and joy visitation to PLAZA, everybody are welcoming them, including joy parent are also present they are all rejoicing together.

As soon as the music is being sound, KAY and joy started dancing and making everybody feels happy. Audience is clapping for them they were happy, rejoicing together. They are shaking hugging KAY and joy as the music and dancing came into end.

 Verily, joy introduce KAY to his parent as her boyfriend and her father invite KAY to their house in order to celebrate together his birthday. The following day, kay made visitation to their house, kay was in white joy also were in white too.
  As soon as KAY entered, he is looking the beautifulness of their house, seeing many attractive things and was very surprise of the structure of the environment. There are many people attend the joy daddy birthday celebration too. KAY jumped into the swimming pool go down deeply and found a beautiful girl inside the water, her name is bright. As KAY saw her he fell in love and he did not get his self again.

 Everybody was called up to rejoice with the celebrant of the day and all of them were present including bright. Bright was a wife to Joy’s brother whose name is Dickson. Affectionally, KAY was in love with bright but it very difficult for him to tell her since she is a joy brother’s wife.

 He gives no chance to joy again, only what he want to see is bright immediately as the cake is being cut, everybody are clapping for joy’s father. Dickson made announcement to everybody that we all invite you to our wedding  ceremony I and Bright my love in 3 days coming, everybody say Hurray!!! Kay was very sad when he heard of this, he want to have a relationship with bright and He also realized that Bright also were in love with him.

To be continued.. ......

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