Short Love Story : Quality Of Love, Episode 6

Short Love Story : Quality Of Love,  Episode 6

Episode 6

As soon as they reach her apartment back, both of them feel so sad, Bright enter the room and say Good bye to KAY after his escorted. KAY cannot leave, he keep aside of the door and bright also were at other side of the door.
Bright were thinking
What life is these my lord
 I late to find my Love
But he came to my life with expiry date.
All my body was striving for him
I want to be with Him forever
But the end of our love is these night.
She thinked
KAY also thinked that
O my great God where is your eyes
Let all my aims archived
I don’t think nobody can replace bright seat
In my Heart because I love her so much.

Suddenly, bright open the door, drawn KAY inside and they started kissing, romancing, and hugging. In these act, bright look up and saw her picture with Dickson beside her, she feel sad and run to her bedroom. She was thinking, suddenly, Dickson enter her bedroom and he has been getting drunk.
   Bright was so scared because she thought Dickson has went back home immediately he dropped her but Dickson have being in the apartment back immediately when bright and KAY left.  Dickson enter with a bottle of alcohol and said
O my love where are you since
I have comes here more than 5 times
I could not see you.

Bright cannot reply and Dickson was upset and started bearing her. As he is beating her KAY enter and he pointed a gun on Dickson and ask him to stop.
  Dickson was wondered that how came did he enter the apartment, KAY drawn bright hand closer and Dickson want to shoot KAY but he dugged it and bright instantly smash the alcohol bottle on Dickson head while Dickson fainted. Bright and KAY enter the car and they run away.

The following day, it was Dickson and bright wedding day many people were at church waiting for the couples without knowing that the bride of the day has copy an here Dickson went to police station and reported the case and made it compulsory for the police to get them.

The police patrol team started to patrol and the case is also being reported to other required agent. Dickson also went on medias, the likes of televisions, news, radio stated that anyone find those two unwanted picture should please reported immediately to the close police station. verity, KAY and bright picture were post to every medias and on posters.

 After all these, the (ICT) information and computer technology of police station department later tracked the destination where the KAY car is. These agent find it easy to located with the use of Google map of every cars in the country.

 As soon as the destination is been tracked, the patrol station went on journey, and they were pursuing them. Immediately KAY saw police car behind, he was very scared and he move fast while police later missed their way.

KAY and bright parked the car and they went to another quality car limited around them. Bright remove all her gold, silver together with her bag to exchange another car which it cannot be track by anyone, they get the car and they were happy, singing while moving.

To be continued ..... 

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